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7 Best Free Twitter Plugins for WordPress of 2022

Best Free Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Want to provide a great extra edge to your WordPress website? How about integrating with Twitter? After all, Twitter is an influential social media platform and provides a vast collection of posts and tweets, sounds happening now, right? And therefore, marketers are actively embedding Twitter feeds on the website.

Embedding Twitter feeds on the website adds charm and liveliness to the website and, at the same time, provides a sneak into your Twitter presence to your visitors. Thus, the strategy has multiple advantages. So if you are thinking about adapting the strategy to embed Twitter feed on the website, you are going in the right direction. And if your website is powered by WordPress, like 455 million of the websites worldwide, then you have an easy way out, and that is – WordPress Twitter Feed Plugins. These plugins provide you with a Twitter widget and embed the Twitter widget on your website.

There are over 54000 WordPress plugins available on the app stores that provide great functionality and add grace to your website. So, in this article, we have narrowed down the best Twitter Feed WordPress plugins that help you in the embedding process. You can easily find these plugins on the WordPress app store and operate them with ease.

7 Best Free Twitter Plugin for WordPress in 2022:

A good plugin can be defined as a plugin that provides great help to businesses by increasing the functionality and visuals of the website. Also, these plugins are budget-friendly, which makes them ideal for the marketing strategy. So if you are looking to provide great visuals and increase the functionality of your website without spending tons of cash, then these are the plugins you should consider.

1. Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

Tagembed is a well-known name in the market of social media aggregator tools. It is known for its easy-to-use interface and budget-friendly prices. Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin helps you collect Twitter feeds from your desired source, hashtags, mentions, handles, and more. After collecting the feed, you can curate and customize it before displaying the feed on the website. Alongside Twitter, the plugin can also collect feeds from 15+ social media platforms, hence providing you with a wide range of content to display on the website.

The tool also allows you to customize the feed as per your requirements; you can change the font size, font style, and more and match the widget as per your website’s style. The matching widget provides an appeal to your website and provides a professional look.

You can even choose from various themes and make your website pleasing to the eyes of the visitors. For example, you can choose a Polaroid theme that allows users to show images and videos attractively. With the help of this theme, your visitors can look at various posts at once.

Also, it provides you with full control over the widget, which means you can filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted posts from your feed and maintain the quality of your website. You can either opt for manually removing the post or choose auto-moderation. The tool will automatically remove the posts containing specific words and even block posts from the chosen Twitter handle. In addition, the plugin automatically updates the latest tweets related to your source on your website. Therefore, there is no need to manually refresh the feed or carry the embedding process again and again.

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2. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

Flow-Flow WordPress plugin is another amazing plugin that helps you collect a Twitter feed from your desired source and displays them on the website. It provides a responsive feed that adjusts itself according to the type of screen. With a rich design setting, you can easily add grace to your Twitter widget and enhance the beauty of your website.

It also provides social media counters like comments, likes, and views, allowing you to showcase your social media strength. And as visitors get a sneak into your Twitter presence, they also have the option to follow your Twitter handle and strengthen your Twitter existence, which eventually enhances your brand’s brand reputation.

3. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

Easy Twitter feed widget plugin is an amazing plugin that helps you display Twitter feeds on your website without any hassle. It uses the Twitter Widget without creating an API to display tweets on your WordPress website.

With the help of personalizing the link color, border color, and other useful options, you can customize the widget as per your requirements. It also provides you the option to display the Twitter feed using the sidebar. A sidebar is an effective way to display feeds, as it takes minimum space and reduces the loading screen time of the website.

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4. QR Twitter Widget

There are thousands of tweets made every second on Twitter, and it is important to keep your visitor up to date with all the latest tweets and posts. And this is where the QR Twitter Widget plugin comes to the rescue. It is a simple widget/shortcode that allows you to add all the latest posts and tweets on your website, increasing visitor engagement.

It is very easy to set up and use; with just a few clicks, you will be able to display Twitter feeds on your website. It also allows you to customize the feed as per your need, and you can even integrate multiple Twitter accounts. All these measures help you enhance the visitors’ browsing experience and eventually boost your brand reputation.

5. Twitter Widget by WPZOOM

While embedding the Twitter widgets on the website, it is also important to set up the widget at the right place on the website so visitors can have a look at it, and at the same time, it blends with the style of your website. And here, you can use Twitter Widget by WPZOOM as it provides you with a Twitter widget that you can place anywhere on your website.

It provides options such as a footer, sidebar, a sidebar with custom CSS, and more. The widget is fully customizable, and you can personalize it as per your needs and design it using CSS.

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6. AI Twitter Feeds

AI Twitter feed is a helpful WordPress plugin that helps you to embed Twitter feeds on your website using username, hashtags, or keywords. It also allows you to manage tweet limits, Twitter profile images, dates, and more from the admin panel. In simple words, you have full control of the feed, and you can choose the settings as per your need.

7. Good Old Twitter Feed Widget

The plugin helps you showcase your Twitter feed and posts on your website. In addition, it provides you with the facility to display the latest posts from your Twitter account in a sidebar widget. Moreover, with the easily customizable option, you can easily personalize your feed as per your need. It also adds more functionality to the website with some added feature that enhances the website’s visuals and helps achieve business goals.

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Twitter Widget is an exceptional marketing tool that helps businesses gain more audiences and attain business objectives. The social media aggregator tools mentioned above are the best tools available on the WordPress app store to embed Twitter feed on your website. You can find these plugins with ease and operate them like a pro. These plugins are also cost-effective and provide great ROI. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, try these plugins and enhance the performance of your website.

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