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💁‍♂️ Check the content guidelines below and send your small bio, headshot social links, and writing samples for which you are named as the author using your DOMAIN EMAIL at editor@solutionsuggest.com.

We will create the contributor profile and share the login credentials with you. So, you can submit your in-depth articles for approval.

You may be wondering why we’re doing this manually. 🤔

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Why Solution Suggest

  • SolutionSuggest.com is approved by Google News. Check here: https://news.google.com/publications/CAAqBwgKMMiJnwsw1ZO3Aw
  • We get 40,000+ organic traffic per month from the United States, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Philippines, etc.
  • We publish only in-depth articles to provide valuable insights to visitors.
  • Reputed brands and experts trust us and are collaborating with us every day.
  • Our articles appear in the Google Answer Box for highly competitive keywords.
  • We allow you to promote your products and services. But, you will have to write in-depth articles in order to get them published on solutionsuggest.com.

Accepting articles from SaaS companies, marketers, bloggers, and developers.

For example, you can write about:

  • 10 HubSpot alternatives
  • 10 CallRail alternatives
  • [Your Client’s Competitor Name] alternatives (you can list your favorite on the top but be honest)
  • FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks (in-depth comparison)
  • What’s better than QuickBooks? In-depth review

You can also submit articles to suggest solutions to a problem.

Check some examples below:

  • How MailChimp can solve email lead management issues.
  • Does Mailchimp work with Etsy?
  • How do I create a CMS site using WordPress?
  • How to create a software listing site using WordPress theme and plugins

Content Guidelines

  1. Your article must not be overly promotional. The preferred length for the article is between 1000 – 5000 words.
  2. Article content should be 100% unique, written in American English, and published nowhere before.
  3. Double-check grammar and spelling before submitting your article for approval.
  4. We like SEO-friendly articles written for humans (not the bot) having proper headings, subheadings, and a better readability score.
  5. You must link the brand name to the official website or app link (Google Play Store, Apple App Store) so that we can verify it. Spam links are not allowed.
  6. Any research reports, facts, data, and quotes included in the article content must be cited and hyperlinked to the original source.
  7. You can submit articles without images but if you want to add some, please use copyright-free images from pixabay.com, pexels.com, shutterstock.com, storyblocks.com, etc.
  8. The article featured image width and height must be 1200 x 630px. Other images (or screenshots) that you want to include in the article body must have a proportional size. Don’t use stretched images.
  9. You can naturally add 1 hyperlink to your informative blogs within the article’s body. Our editorial staff will delete the irrelevant links before publishing the article. Affiliate links are not allowed. All links will have a ‘nofollow’ attribute.
  10. Our mission is to help people find the best software, games, websites, or apps. So, you’re free to introduce your product or services as the best alternative to a popular platform along with the facts and data. It will increase the chances of your article getting approved.
  11. Please read all the guidelines when submitting the article. Submitting your articles at solutionsuggest.com means you hereby agree to the T&C of guest post submission. We will not accept your request to delete the article or links once published.

Note: We retain the copyright of every article published on solutionsuggest.com. You can not republish it elsewhere.

Last updated: November 19, 2023

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