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Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile

Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile

A social network is your personal news service, the main and permanent hero of which is you, your projects, your dreams, and your achievements. It is an effective way to place ads, attract attention, look for friends, partners, like-minded people, employees. We tell you about the rules for handling pages in social networks for those who care about the result.

How to make your social network page popular and turn it into a source of attracting customers? Does an appealing avatar affect your success?

Follow These Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile:

1. Avatar, Status, Contacts

Start by selecting a photo. Remember: this is your business card. The avatar should be an attractive open portrait or picture that reflects your profession, your brand. You can create amazing avatars using free apps listed in the FreeAppsForMe article.

The status should reflect either your primary profession or the project you are currently working on. Be sure to post your contacts so that communication with you is prompt.

2. Target Audience

Determine who you are accessing from your page. Who is your client? If the social network is a daily newspaper or an advertising brochure, then you must determine who you are handing it to.

Different social networks have different audiences, and this is important to understand. If you want to be more specific about who your social network ads will target, use targeting.

3. Specialist Advice

Talk to your page’s users. Be a consultant on your page, but not a salesperson.

Talk about yourself as a professional, about the features of your work, its difficulties. Talk about your capabilities, give advice to the client, post memos. Advisory pages on the web are the most popular.

4. Fill the Space

Networks do not tolerate emptiness. Try to update your feed regularly. Ideally, it is good to upload new information on your page at least once a day. This may include notes about your work or what inspires you in your profession, or other useful information for users.

Let your “palette” of techniques be as rich as possible. There are a lot of tools for filling the page, study them, and choose the most exciting and suitable for you. Don’t turn your page into a primitive list of events.

Infographics work well in social networks. The presence of content in the feed with a visual representation of data significantly increases the popularity of the page. The infographic should be aimed at your target audience and contain useful information for them. For example, tell them how to prepare for shooting a family portrait or how to protect your Luggage from non-return. Do not overload the infographic; it should contain no more than ten points. The title and texts should be easy to read and understand.

Ratings are another excellent tool. All kinds of tops work perfectly. For example, the top 10 gifts in the “scrapbooking” technique, ten family portraits of famous people, or ten best movies about love. Besides, list your theses on points: 10 reasons to order your service, 10 ways to avoid this and that, etc.

In order not to forget anyone, it is good to make a list of partners, friends, and personalities whose pages are popular. Try to send each of them your posts.

Look for stars. If you create something interesting for a trendy person on the web and prepare a post for posting on their page, the number of visitors and subscribers to your page will increase significantly.

Create your brand hashtag. This is a convenient tool for searching and organizing information about you and your projects in ad networks. You can also create hashtags for any project or event, and invite participants to specify it when posting photos online. This way, you can easily collect all users ‘ publications in one category.

5. More Process and Details

Tell stories from your life or work. Whatever genre you work in, try to find an opportunity to demonstrate the result of your work in comparison with the original data.

Readers are interested in seeing the progress and plot of the story. The difficulties you overcome make us respect you and your profession.

Another nuance is speed. In the course of any project, you can post a few photos or posts about how it moves. The more up-to-date information you have on your page, the more popular you become.

6. Provoke Communication

Motivate visitors to your page to write reviews under posts about projects. Write yourself an enthusiastic letter about how great it was for you to work on a project or with a specific person. Most often, you will get a response and a positive reaction.

Do not neglect such a move as telling about colleagues. This is the right way of promotion that builds trust in you as a true professional who is not afraid of competition. Also, it helps build good relationships with other market participants. If you post a photo of your creation, be sure to sign the names of the participants in the process. This demonstrates your professionalism, and the mentioned characters will surely make repostings. In short, be friendly and sincere in your thanks!

If you want users to mark what they like on your page, ask them to do so in plain text. When there is no specific call to action, not everyone understands what is being asked of them.

When communicating with readers, raise relevant topics and ask questions. Speak the plain language. Come up with an attractive title for each post. If users like, repost, and comment on your posts, it is your account that will first appear in their news feed.

The person who subscribed to your page stays with you, but once they leave, they usually leave forever.

7. Mobile Tricks

Many people today access social networks from mobile phones. So pay attention to how your page looks on the screen of your mobile device.

In addition, users of mobile devices, scrolling through the feed, pay more attention to posts with images that are bright and attract attention. Long posts containing only text are read much less often.

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