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15 igHome Alternatives in 2024

igHome alternatives

igHome has been a popular start page and personalized dashboard for many internet users since its launch in 2012. It has been a great replacement for iGoogle. And the best feature of igHome is that you can import all iGoogle data to it without any hassle.

It offers users the ability to customize their homepage with news feeds, weather updates, and other widgets. However, as technology evolves and user preferences change, some users may be looking for alternatives to igHome in 2024.

Fortunately, there are many other options available that offer similar features and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a more modern design, better mobile compatibility, or different customization options, there’s an alternative out there that will meet your needs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best igHome alternatives for 2024. We’ll cover the pros and cons of each option, as well as the features that set them apart from igHome. So, if you’re ready to switch up your start page and try something new, keep reading to find the perfect igHome alternative for you.

Here is a list of 15 igHome alternatives in 2024:

1. AllMyFaves

All My Faves Homepage - 1 of 15 igHome alternatives

AllMyFaves is the best igHome alternative in 2024 if you enjoy visual bookmarking and prefer visiting your favorite website directly from a centralized platform. With this igHome replacement, you can bookmark and organize the addresses of your favorite websites smartly and find them from anywhere easily.

It delivers unlimited and ultimate widgets and directories to its users and hence it is one of the best alternatives to igHome available.

2. YourPort

YourPort Homepage - 2 of 15 igHome alternatives

YourPort is yet another igHome alternative and it is molding the world of the Internet in a new way. By simply using its system of personalized homepages, you can use the internet the way you want. And that’s why it is one of the best igHome alternatives available.

With its online homepage, you can organize and arrange all your favorite web-based data at one centralized platform. The three main functions of this igHome and iGoogle alternative are adding sites, adding bookmarks, and sharing tabs.

3. Awesome HQ

Awesome HQ Homepage - 3 of 15 igHome alternatives
Awesome HQ

Awesome HQ is yet another homepage-based dashboard system that supports all kinds of online activities. It is one of the best igHome alternatives available in the market. It replaces the traditional way users visit websites. You can visit the dashboard of this alternative to igHome through its website or by the Chrome extension.

Moreover, Awesome HQ is a one-stop shop for custom shortcuts, widgets, applications, and other similar things. This igHome replacement delivers you the best options for customization so that you can craft your dashboard as you see fit.

4. uStart 

uStart Homepage - 4 of 15 igHome alternatives

uStart is a platform for the personalized homepage browsing experience. This igHome alternative provides you with a highly personalized start page of a new level. You can access this home page from any browser you want. With this igHome and iGoogle alternative, you won’t have to visit the RSS feed system, bookmarking, and similar systems ever again.

It is more like your own personal internet where you can tweak the settings about what you want to browse and see on the internet. That makes it one of the best alternatives to igHome.

5. My Yahoo

My Yahoo Homepage - 5 of 15 igHome alternatives
My Yahoo

My Yahoo is a good igHome alternative and it has every feature of Yahoo. The igHome replacement has many tools that you can use to customize your page. My Yahoo has some widgets, themes, sites, and layouts that make this alternative to igHome more fun to use.

These features make your page look more eye-catching and beautiful. Using My Yahoo, you can access many programs and applications on your page. This igHome replacement is extremely stable and is the fastest RSS reader. 

6. Netvibes

Netvibes Homepage - 6 of 15 igHome alternatives

Netvibes is one of the best igHome alternatives available online. It gives you full control and commands over your homepage with available widgets and other options. Netvibes has a particular dashboard that measures the performance of your social media, advertisements, and digital media campaigns.

With one click on the dashboard of this igHome replacement and you can access your favorite topics, events, markets, events, and much more. The personalized dashboard of this alternative to igHome is available for personal use, along with uses for agencies and enterprises.

7. Start page by StartMe

Start page Homepage - 7 of 15 igHome alternatives
Start page by StartMe

This alternative to igHome is one of the most popular personal Start page services. With the Start page, you can create your personal page similar to the ones that are web-based. What makes this igHome alternative stand out is that it has a user-friendly interface with a navigation system that makes surfing across Start very simple. The Start page is free and carries no advertisements. It is an igHome and iGoogle alternative that is offering its services to a diverse population.

8. Combobox

Combobox Homepage - 8 of 15 igHome alternatives

Combobox is a brand new alternative to igHome with a unique system of the homepage that is entirely different from the rest of the igHome alternatives. But it delivers the same services. To access Combobox, you must enable JavaScript.

The best part of this platform is its main interface where everything is set in order and every activity has its own section. Also, it allows you to add your own content as well. No wonder it is said to be one of the best igHome replacements. 

9. Start.io

Start.io Homepage - 9 of 15 igHome alternatives

Start.io is a web-based platform where you can store all your favorite websites at one centralized platform. This igHome alternative is very much like bookmarking and RSS feed on some grounds and yet is very different from both of them.

You can use the homepage at this alternative to igHome to store your web links at a place where you can access them easily when you want. As an igHome replacement, Start.io has many advantages.

10. Symbaloo

Symbaloo Homepage - 10 of 15 igHome alternatives

Symbaloo is a good alternative to igHome. It is a mix of RSS feeds, online homepage systems, and bookmarking. Symbaloo is free to use and you can use as many websites as you want. It has a separate widget section where you can instantly access your favorite addresses over the internet.

However, the free version of this igHome alternative comes with limited functions and features. For education and business purpose, you can go for the pro version of this igHome and iGoogle alternative.

11. Protopage

Symbaloo Homepage - 11 of 15 igHome alternatives

We knew this igHome alternative as an RSS feed-based platform but now, Protopage is a free personalized home page system. It still works based on the RSS reading and feed system. You can save the links to your favorite websites, post sticky notes, save bookmarks, and do much more with this alternative to igHome.

It has one outstanding feature where you can share your settings and data with others. What makes it different from others is that with Protopage you can either keep your homepage private or go public with it.

12. iGoogle Portal

iGoogle Portal Homepage - 12 of 15 igHome alternatives
iGoogle Portal

iGoogle Portal is a good replacement for igHome. It only carries the name of iGoogle, other than that it is a completely independent platform for personalizing the homepage. After iGoogle closed, it stepped into the market as an iGoogle alternative.

It has a highly configurable dashboard where you can add a new bar, photos, weather widget, and a lot of other stuff. Whatever you search on the internet regularly, it becomes a part of this alternative to igHome.

13. Wibki

Wibki Homepage - 13 of 15 igHome alternatives

Wibki is a different type of igHome alternative. It helps you to unlock your web presence by helping you showcase the sites that you find useful. Wibki is a fresh and new way through which you can explore the internet in speed and style.

Their visual tools revive the browsing experience. With this alternative to igHome you can have everything in just one click, be it your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. That makes it a unique igHome and iGoogle alternative.

14. Kadaza

Kadaza Homepage - 14 of 15 igHome alternatives

If you use the webmaster or a regular internet surfer, Kadaza is the perfect platform and igHome alternative for you. It shows only the most popular and absolute best websites to you, thus gaining the name of the ultimate homepage of India.

The reason why it is one of the best igHome alternatives is that it covers a lot of different topics like career, news, and social networking. Kadaza has carefully picked websites that are organized in the best possible way to make them easy, helpful, and intuitive for everyone.

No wonder it is on the list of most sought-after igHome replacements.

15. FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial Homepage - 15 of 15 igHome alternatives
FVD Speed Dial

This igHome alternative is the best tool to save and organize all the links to your favorite websites. FVD Speed Dial comes with dial customization, a classy design, and convenient backup and it is free. You can access your favorite sites from anywhere, on any computer with this igHome replacement.

It is easy to use and its cool design will surely impress even the most demanding user. The best part about this alternative to igHome is that it has full security that allows you to block inappropriate sites.


These are the 15 igHome alternatives that you can try. igHome has made its name in due course time, so have these alternatives. Each one has something new, something different to offer. Try these igHome replacements and see how they work.

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1 Comment

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    September 26, 2020 at 11:42 am

    This igHome alternative is the best tool to save and organize all the links to your favorite websites.and i like this site thankx for sharing

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