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15 Best Ways to Organize Your Home Desk

Best Ways to Organize Your Home Desk

Monday blues are nothing exaggerated, they are real when you get back to work after the weekend or holidays. Usually, you would feel less motivated for the job that you have to accomplish on your home desk. Additionally, if you find that the desk is nothing less than clutter, then all your excitement would wipe out. Science has already supported the fact that people feel free and productive when their surroundings are tidy enough.

On the other hand, organizational home desks would provoke creativity inside you. You can easily concentrate on your job and to-do list. Organizing your home desk might demand some time and effort from you, but it’s worth the consequences. Make your home office desk the power station with the following organizational ideas.

Here Are the 15 Best Ways to Organize Your Home Desk:

1. Clean the Desk before You Organize

Overlooked home desk surfaces can turn into a hotbed for microorganisms. Home maintenance service experts suggest cleaning such desks at least once a week to prevent dirt and germ build-up. It would be better if you can carry on the cleaning regime every day, as soon as you complete your work.

However, if you want to start the home desk organization from scratch, then remove everything from the desk. And, do a wipe cleaning with a desk-friendly cleaning agent. Give your home desk arrangement a fresh start with this tip.

2. Avail of Personal Space

Let us guess, your desk is overflowing with gadgets, such as laptops, accessories, your wallet, phone, keys of the desk drawers, and mobile phones. These would simply escalate your stress levels and offer you panic now and then. Keep aside your personal belongings to a dedicated nook of the desk, advises a home maintenance service professional.

For instance, you can reduce distraction from your mind by placing your phone somewhere out of the desk. Such electronic devices and your wallets, keys are just promoting the clutter on your desk. And, your objective is to reduce them. Hence, plan a space to keep all your belongings safe and out of your sight for a healthier workspace.

3. Make Space for Simple Accessories

Apart from your laptop or a desktop on the desk, you have to deal with other accessories while working on current projects. It can be the medical files, tax return documents, a bunch of pens, pieces of paper, and so on. If they lie scattered here and there on the desk, then it would annoy your mood and reduce your productivity.

Well, you can use simple accessories to take care of these things on your home desk. For example, a classic or fancy mug is the perfect inexpensive place for all your pens, pencils, markers. In addition to this, you can buy a small-sized stacking drawer for storing paper, paper-clips, etc. This trick would effectively reduce the amount of clutter on your desk.

4. Mitigate Paper Junks

Possibilities are endless that papers have occupied most of the space available on your home desk. And, we indicate scraps of paper, files (both updated and outdated), notebooks, and others. You can easily scan all your files and documents and store them on your computer. If you think that you’re running out of storage space, then you can rely on cloud storage technology.

Moreover, you can switch to note-taking applications to preserve your documents. You can use Dropbox, Google Keep, and similar applications to start your venture on going paperless. It would reduce paper waste, too.

5. Open Shelves can Add both Storage and Liveliness

Instances might hit when you can’t avail enough storage space from your home desk. Add a style statement with open shelves beside your home office desk. Depending upon the free space around your desk, you can place a single or dual array of shelves.

There you can position your lamps, books, artworks. In addition to this, you can keep baskets at the base of the shelves. The basket would contain those work supplies or accessories that appear messier on the desk.

6. Commit to a Thorough Clean-up

Tossing out things might get you panic-stricken. Thus, it’s for your good. Take a minute and think whether those fifty pens are of any use. Or, have a review of your file system, and we are sure you would find documents that went invalid decades back. So, take the toughest decision and say goodbye to all those unnecessary files, documents, and accessories across your desk.

Go through the documents and paperwork sincerely while sorting between the important and non-significant ones. You can keep financial documents such as credit, tax return, income-related paperwork that are a maximum 7-year-old. However, don’t throw away property papers, retirement documents, stock purchases, insurance papers.

7. Have a Look at your Computer Desktop

Besides making your home desk reliable for day-to-day working, a well-managed computer desktop is a must-have for employees. If your computer desktop is full of clutter, then there’s no point in turning your desk spotless. Digital chaos might divert your attention, too.

Therefore, keep your files and folders in check when you are dealing with a computer desktop. Monitor the stray files on your system at least once a month. Arrange them according to your preference and style. This would keep your hustle and bustle away and you can efficiently concentrate on your work.

8. Craft a Mailing Corner

Apart from handling office hours, you have to deal with utility bills, important official posts, and emails. Undoubtedly, you have to take care of them while you are working on the desk or keep them on the home desk. Placing them on the free space of the desk would unnecessarily indulge in the mess and nothing else!

We have got a smart idea for tackling your emails and bills. You can keep them at a specific mail station. Utilize a hard file cover to craft a mail station. Furthermore, you can actually make two: one for the incoming ones and the other for outgoing. Don’t forget to sneak into the mail stations every week, as well.

9. Try a DIY Box-cum-Organizer

Your home probably has some kind of wooden boxes or shoe boxes. Well, you can turn them into a desk organizer. There you can put your notebooks, pens, sticky notes and much more. Additionally, you can place a cork-board to clip on important and upcoming events.

The fun thing about this DIY project is that you merely require any specialized tools such as a hammer, drill, or nails. And, you might customize it your way. Just make some space for the organizer on your desk and it would be better if you push it to a definite side.

10. Welcome Desk Drawers

Spending for a spacious drawer would justify your space-optimization planning. So, lookout for a desk that has drawers when you can’t find open shelves for placing your personal items or accessories. Go for vintage-style or streamlined simple home desks as per your surroundings or interior design.

However, the drawers are for the perfect management of the items needed for daily work. Don’t use the drawers to just hide the mess. It would just increase the load on drawers and you would find them in a nasty and unmanageable state after a few days.

11. Drawer Dividers: The Savior

If you are a neat-freak then you would love this trick. Save your desk drawers from turning into chaos with drawer organizers. You can find your preferable drawer organizers and dividers in the e-commerce stores. Store pens, markers, paper-clips, USB drives, sticky notes, cables, and almost anything in the dedicated drawer organizers.

In case, you can’t locate them, don’t worry. Use any transparent container that can fit into your desk. They are ready to serve you as a drawer organizer. And, you can easily pick up the item that you require at the right time.

12. Assign Strips to Power Plugs

Imagine, you’re at an important virtual meeting and suddenly your laptop goes totally blank. Maybe, you have plugged out the plug of the monitor instead of the plug that connects to your printer or any other device. To stop such irritating instances from happening, you can try labeling the power cords of your monitor, printer, mobile phone, tablet, and so on.

Use color papers to indicate different cords. Additionally, you can write the name of the device on the colorful strip. Now, you are safe from all those mysterious black-outs that might ruin your day.

13. Defeat the Jungle of Wires

Besides the power cords, you might be using tonnes of connecting cables that have created a network among your laptop, mobile, mouse, printer, internet system. To cope with the cables and their troubles, you can switch to wireless technology. You can connect the keyboard, mouse to your main computer with the help of Bluetooth technology.

Additionally, relying upon the router system is better than using the Ethernet cable. However, some cables can’t be eliminated from your desk. You can arrange some paper-binding clips and tuck those cables to a particular side of the desk. It would definitely reduce the cable clutter.

14. Utilize the Light Resources Efficiently

Arrange your home desk in such a way that it can avail the maximum light. Make sure that you can render as much daylight as possible. According to neuroscience journals and evidence, daylight can positively improve your productivity levels.

By the way, if you’re working on a night schedule, then you might have to place a desk lamp. And, it would consume the space to some extent. As an alternative, you can use an adjustable floor lamp. Brighten your workspace without compromising on your desk area.

15. Maintain To-Do Lists Handy

When your home desk is a mess you can merely remember the important assignments, obligations, and meetings. Additionally, including a calendar, clock, pegboard might consume your space. Over-organization can affect the term organization, in some cases. In case you are thinking about registering your meetings and project deadlines, then you can entrust digital media.

You can set reminders, calendar events on your mobile phone or tablet. Plenty of options are available online when it comes to keeping your to-do list handy. In return, you would save paper and reduce the clutter. On an interesting note, you would never miss a single event.

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Keep Up the Organization

Your home desk is a small replica of your world. Organize and personalize your desk space with your favorable accessories and methods. Don’t forget to seek time to keep everything back in its place every weekend. Your desk should appear neat and tidy especially when you have to attend to clients on call. And, this impression shouldn’t go wrong, at any cost.

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