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5 Tips to Start/Build a Successful Shopify Store

How to Start a Successful Shopify Store

Are you planning to build an eCommerce store for the first time?

If yes, then, you might be worried that this would be the right decision or not.

The first and foremost thing to consider while creating an online store is choosing the right platform.

These days, Shopify is one of the most renowned platforms when it comes to creating and handling an online store. But, If you also wish to make a successful Shopify store, then knowing the right tactics is a must. Because many beginners make mistakes by over-optimizing the least important things and neglecting the essential factors.

According to some recent statistics, Shopify is now used by over 1.75 million sellers all around the globe. Total platform sales are evaluated at $100 billion to date. In 2020, there were more than $5.1 billion in sales, up 76% in 2019.

The above facts assure that Shopify performs all the crucial essential tasks effectively. Also, it promises the right user experience and improved ROI.

In this write-up, we are going to share the key strategies to consider while creating your eCommerce website. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Here Are 5 Tips to Start/Build a Successful Shopify Store:

1. Create a User-Friendly Website

Creating a mobile version of a website along with a desktop version is the most prime step while heading to create a website. Many beginners go wrong & prefer to go with making desktop versions of websites only. The best part of Shopify is it provides a great tool for website designing. You simply have to set up a URL structure and drag & drop elements.  

It is essentially important because it is observed that 8 out of 10 people won’t continue to stick to your website if it’s not working properly on a customer’s device. And this simple mistake may cost you a lot. It may contribute majorly to losing an enormous amount of traffic.

A profitable online store can be achieved by either paying a pretty penny to a web designer or learning code on your own. One can also get a ready-made template & personalize it according to your needs. There are countless e-commerce templates on the web that help a lot in creating a successful e-commerce website. 

The best practices you should implement:

  • Make the header fixed
  • Make CTA buttons big
  • Make images eye-catchy
  • Show little text
  • Minimize pop-ups
  • Optimize for different screen ratios.

2. Don’t Forget to Add “About Us” Page

It’s a page that reflects your business information or your brand identity. That means the “About Us” webpage should be clear, accurate & real that should compel the customers to continue with your website. It should essentially express what you are, what you do, all achievements & testimonials.

It’s important to keep in mind that a well-expressed “About Us” may assist you a lot in gaining customers. It should also involve your contact details which should be reachable as well.

And don’t forget to mention your:

  • Email
  • Address
  • Social media channels

3. Learn the Basic Tactics of SEO

It’s time-consuming to get to link developing & content marketing but it’s worth investing a few hours to learn the basics. Shopify provides you with all the required instruments, you only need to use them skillfully. 

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Submit a sitemap
  • Optimize images for website speed
  • Add relevant keywords to corresponding pages
  • Add unique title
  • Add meta tags to every page

Following these steps along with building links & prompting the same will surely help you. Moreover, you should start doing on-site SEO early on. Otherwise, you may badly end up with a website that requires a bulk of hours to make it goggle friendly before promoting it.

4. Provide Excellent Online Support

To provide online support to your valuable customers is the most important aspect that should not be neglected at any cost. Your customers must be aware that they will get support after purchasing if needed. 

Assuring your customers of any troublesome after the purchase helps a lot in maintaining healthy customer-owner relations. In such cases, the “Live chat” feature proves to be the most helpful support as it offers 24/7 services.

5. Customer Retention

Progress of any business can be uplifted by nurturing & retaining their existing customers. It is more cost-effective than gaining new customers. So this aspect in itself demands attention, neglecting this may lead to bad results. Because if you are losing your current customers then you need to compensate it by working harder on generating new, to maintain your current revenue. 

To get rid of this issue you need to take some essential steps:

a) Consistent Email Communication

There are several reasons you should opt for this tip:

  • Delivering them a birthday message to make them feel special
  • Declaring sales or special offers
  • Pop-ups for a new product in stock
  • Seasonal emails for summer, winter, spring & autumn

b) Surprise Customers

Make efforts to bring a smile to your customers. This may bring happiness to them & will help a lot in customer retention as well. 

One amazing way to do this is to send handmade notes to each other.

c) Fascinating Packaging

This can be achieved by performing these tasks:

  • Approach good youtube channels for unboxing of your products in a unique way
  • Keep handwritten cards in your boxes
  • Keep coupons or vouchers for discounts on your next order
  • Put refer a friend vouchers
  • Don’t forget to keep manuals that assist your consumers with their purchase

d) Birthday Mails

Who does not love surprises & that too especially on their born days? Delight your customers with a surprise to make them feel special. Offer them a coupon code or a lovely message to bring a smile to their face. 

This will build customer-owner relations healthy & will contribute a lot to customer retention as well. 

e) Be Responsive on Social Media 

To respond to your customers affirmatively is a great way to boost & enhance customer engagements. It gives your customers a sense of reliability in your business. 

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Final Words  

Though creating your own eCommerce business (Shopify store) sounds interesting but on the contrary, it’s challenging too. You need to consistently work for its progress & for that, every beginner should be well versed with all the tactics.

Hopefully, the above expressed 5 tips will assist you incredibly in creating and running a successful Shopify store. You simply need to learn comprehensively regarding the same on your own. And do not forget to make full efforts for the implementation of these key strategies for excellent results.

We have made full attempts to make this write up beneficial for our readers. Do let us know if this writing piece has helped you. Share your valuable feedback so that we can improve where we are lacking. Thank you for your precious time.

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