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15 TeamViewer Alternatives 2022 | Remote Desktop Software

TeamViewer Alternatives
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As a prominent remote desktop software, TeamViewer led the market for a long time. But in 2020, because of the poor feedback and customer dissatisfaction, people are looking for TeamViewer alternatives. As you can see, it has a 1.9-star rating across 1,204 reviews on the Apple App Store.

TeamViewer poor ratings on Apple App Store
As on Sep 27, 2020

So, it is time to explore and choose the right TeamViewer alternative that fits your specific needs. But first, you should know a few important things about TeamView that will make your decision easy.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a popular remote desktop solution used by millions of users worldwide. Its features include remote control, web conferencing, desktop sharing, online meetings, and data transfer between PCs over the secured network using 2048-bit RSA encryption. You can use TeamViewer on computers and smartphones running on Windows OS, macOS and Linux and Chrome OS, iOS, BlackBerry, and Android operating systems.

TeamViewer: Pricing & Free Trial

  • The Personal plan is free and allows limited remote access.
  • The other three are Single user, Multiple users, and Team user plans range from a monthly fee of $49 to $99 per user, billed annually. 
  • It also offers a 14-day free trial. 

TeamViewer: Significant Drawbacks (As per customer’s reviews on TrustRadius)

  • One of the significant drawbacks of using the TeamViewer application is its additional cost for the mobile version and the high fees involved for the upgrade. 
  • Poor customer support
  • Fine print cancellation policy
  • Shows constant popups and emails offering some discounts for next level upgrade. Even after clicking the option to never show again, the annoying popups return within a day or two
  •  Does not have a lockout option to avoid both users (local and remote) to control at the desktop at the same time. 
  • Not a reliable remote desktop software

Here are 15 Best TeamViewer Alternatives (Remote Desktop Software) in 2022:

1. AnyDesk

With a 4.8 star rating on App Store, AnyDesk is the best TeamViewer alternative for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, FreeBSD and Raspberry Pi. It is simple, intuitive, and you can use its FREE personal plan with better features than TeamViewer.

AnyDesk allows working remotely on one PC and accessing another, transferring files in between, and adding the computers in the contact list for quick remote access and support. 

Known for its usability, consistency, and anytime availability, AnyDesk is one of the topmost TeamViewer competitors. The remote desktop software also provides the fastest remote control and offers the most affordable plans in the word.

Download LinksAnyDesk WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionYes, free version for evaluation/private use4.0 Stars Rating4.8 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingLite: $10.99/m for small businessesProfessional: $20.99/m for medium-sized enterprisesPower: $52.49/m for organizations running concurrent sessions on multiple devices

2. LogMeIn

LogMeIn, is the true alternative to TeamViewer providing advanced remote access to your home and office computer. It supports quick video stream, file sharing, collaboration, storing, and accessing with a single click. You can can also mouse and screen settings. Collaborate with your colleagues either between desktop, a device to PC, or vice versa. However, it is costly and reliable.

With LogMeIn, you can take adavanges of remote printing, password management, multi-screen display, 24×7 live rep and business hours support, and many more. It has a 4.7 stars rating on the App Store and is notably a great TeamViewer competitor that has generated $1.262 billion (2019) revenue. 

Download LinksLogMeIn WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 14-day free trial3.1 Stars Rating4.7 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingPro for Individuals at $349.99/yearPro for Small Businesses at $1,539.99/yearPro 50 for Small Businesses at $6,999.99/year

3. Splashtop

Another top rated TeamViewer alternative, Splashtop is an affordable remote access application with 4.8 ratings on Apple App Store available for businesses and person use. The remote desktop software provides easiest and fastest remote access & file sharing, remote printing, and robust security – all at an incredibly affordable price.  Moreover, it allows you to use mouse, Apple pencil, external keywords, and switch users during the remote session.

You can use Splashtop to access your Mac or Windows PC from iPad, iPhone and Android devices without any trouble. The award-wining remote desktop software has over 30 million users worldwide. The only drawback is that you have to pay the bill annually.

Download LinksSplashtop WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 7-day free trial for Business Access Pro3.1 Stars Rating4.8 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingBusiness Access Solo: for individuals at $5/month per userBusiness Access Pro: for small teams at $8.25/month/userPro Volume Licenses: for enterprises starting from $4.54/month/user

4. VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a web-based TeamViewer alternative solution, recommended by IT professionals, system administrators, integrators, IoT & engineers, and hobbyists. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, iOS, Chrome and Android. You will enjoy its flexibility and secure access. 

It uses 256-bit AES session encryption and lets you connect your entire ecosystem. If you are looking for a reliable remote access solution in 2022, VNC Connect is the best TeamViewer alternative you should go for. The remote desktop software offers two types of tools:

  • install VNC® Server to the PC you want to control
  • Install VNC® Viewer to the PC or Mobile device you want to control from
Download LinksVNC Connect WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 30-day free trial4.6 Stars Rating4.8 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingProfessional: $3.34/month for individuals and businessesEnterprise: $4.59/month for large organizations

5. ConnectWise Control

One of the fastest-growing TeamViewer alternatives is ConnectWise Control having a 3.1 rating on Google Play Store and launched in March 2019. Interestingly, it has two types of tools to fit your specific requirements.

  • Choose ConnectWise Control Support if you need full remote control capabilities tailored for help-desk style services.
  • Go for ConnectWise Control Access if you need remote device management capabilities to help end-users with superior service delivery. 

ConnectWise Control is the best option for professional technicians offering services to individual clients to massive enterprises. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices for video chat, video conferencing, meeting management, and basic remote support. Plus, you get excellent customer service through live chat, a self-service portal, and timely online support. All these things make ConnectWise Control a top alternative to TeamViewer.

Download LinksConnectWise Control WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 14-day free trial3.1 Stars Rating2.8 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingOne: 1 user, 1 connection at $19/monthStandard: 1 user, 3 connections at $35/monthPremium: 1 user, 10 simultaneous connections at $45/month

6. Freshdesk

Popular TeamViewer alternative, Freshdesk is an enterprise solution for businesses of all sizes. With an impressive customer service, and a 4.5 rating, Freshdesk is one of best TeamViewer replacement. Its Remote Customer Support Software includes features like file sharing, screen sharing, session recording, real-time chat, and surveys-feedback facilities for better customers experience. 

Freshdesk has user training program and a 24×7 customer support. The various services include ticketing, automation, integration, reporting, etc. The cloud-based helps you improve customer support services.

Download LinksFreshdesk WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 21-day free trial4.5 Stars Rating4.4 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingBlossom: $15/month/agent for standard supportGarden: $35/year/agent for efficient performanceEstate: $49/year/agent for stellar performance

7. ISL Light Remote Desktop

It is the latest remote desktop software that you can use to provide and get tech support for any products or services. ISL Light Remote Desktop grants access across Mac, Windows, Linux computers from any PC or mobile device. So, it is a good TeamViewer replacement for industries like IT, healthcare, banks, and governments. 

ISL Light Remote Desktop offers rich customization options, which is why users can rebrand it with their respective corporate brand and security measures. With a 3.7-rating on App Store, this TeamViewer competitor is an interactive help desk platform along with remote desktop and remote access tools. Unlike others, ISL Light Remote Desktop follows a pay per minute concept of pricing.

Download LinksISL Light Remote Desktop WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 15-day free trial3.2 Stars Rating3.7 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingPay Per Use: for small businesses $145 per 500 minutes/year.Cloud: for growing businesses with multiple licenses at $469/license/yearSelf Hosted: for large businesses requiring installations at $990/license/lifetime

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8. GoToMyPC

True to its name, GoToMyPC is another web-based top-rated alternative to TeamViewer. You have to install it on your Mac or Windows PC you want to access remotely. It also supports multiple monitors and uses 256-bit AES encryption for security measures. 

The TeamViewer replacement allows access to computers from any remote location at great speed and maximum security. GoToMyPC has a 4.1-stars rating on the App Store. It has multiple data centers around the world and compresses data as much as possible to minimize the lag time.

Download LinksGoToMyPC WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 30-day free trial3.7 Stars Rating4.1 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingPersonal: for individuals at $35/computer/month.Pro: for small teams at $66/2 users/monthCorporate: for large firms, starts from 140/month

9. RemotePC by IDrive

Used by SMBs, consumers, and enterprises, RemotePC is a good TeamViewer alternative option available for Windows and Mac. The application is also available on mobile devices- Android as well as iOS. It allows remote support and control, including live chat, recording sessions, and remote printing. It also temporarily invites associates to work on your PC on a real-time basis, such as on documents and presentations. A brilliant TeamViewer competitor, RemotePC, has a 3.7 stars rating on the Google Play store.

Download LinksRemotePC WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 30-day free trial3.8 Stars Rating3.6 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingConsumer: access to two computers at $22.12/first yearSOHO: access to 10 computers at $52.12/first yearTeam: access to 50 computers at $187.12 for the first year

10. Remote Desktop Manager by Devolutions

Known popularly as RDM, Remote Desktop Manager is a tool that can be used instead of TeamViewer. It helps to manage remote access connections from a single, unified platform through a template. The software not only allows storing passwords and other credentials in a walnut chest but also provides security with its granular access protection control. 

The RDP software also lets you generate customized reports. RDM has a 3.8-star rating on Google Play store and is used by system administrators and IT experts from individual clientele to Fortune 500 companies. The TeamViewer competitor has over 400,000 users worldwide, including Europe, Japan, and the USA.

Download LinksRemote Desktop Manager WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 30-day free trial3.8 Stars Rating3.7 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingSingle User: $199.99/user as a one-time paymentSite: Unlimited users, single site at $4999.99Global: Unlimited sites, users & countries. Custom pricing.

11. Fixme.IT

FixMe.IT is an on-demand and unattended remote support software. The TeamViewer alternative is tailored for IT enterprises of all industry sizes. You can meet your client’s demands and there, with instant delivery by using FixMe.IT. 

The unattended remote support solution allows two-way desktop sharing, multiple monitor navigation, drag-and-drop file transfer, instant chat, 4K video session recording, branding, whiteboard drawing, etc. The only drawback is that FixMe.IT is available only for Windows PC at present.

Download LinksFixMe.IT WebsiteOnly for Windows PC
Free Trial/VersionA 15-day free trial
Plans & PricingMonthly Plan: $30 per seat/monthAnnual Plan: $ 300 per seat/year

13. Wayk Now & Wayk Den

Wayk Now is a remote support solution that qualifies as one of the TeamViewer alternatives for IT organizations, and managed service providers. Available on Mac and Windows, it is flexible and lightweight. Wayk Now is an instant remote control solution for technicians, help desks, and has 4.0 ratings on the App Store. 

  • Wayk Now: Use it to provide remote support to end-users. Best for individuals, technicians & helpdesks
  • Wayk Den: Use it to access remote computers. Best centralized system for IT professionals, small medium-sized businesses, and managed service providers.

The advanced RDP solution provides excellent security, efficiency, and control for professional and executive users and affordable investment protection rates. This well-known TeamViewer competitor has a free version for personal and business purposes, with minimal remote access.

Download LinksWayk Now & Wayk Den WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionFree Edition for individuals + A 30-day free trial for enterprises4.4 Stars Rating4.0 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingSingle User: $274 .98/year per userSite: $6,749 .98 for enterprises

14. Turbo Meeting

Turbo Meeting is a cloud-based, secure, remote access support, a market solution that can be used instead of TeamViewer. The servers are designed to ensure employees’ and customers’ satisfaction i.e., collaborative remote support, remote access, and unattended support. 

The notable features are audio, video facilities, session recording, small meetings, remote desktop sharing, in-session customer training, mobile-friendly, detailed reporting etc. Furthermore, the lack of any monthly fees makes the TeamViewer competitor even more attractive. No free versions are available. Turbo meeting 8.0 has 4.7 ratings on the Google Play store.

Download LinksTurbo Meeting WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionA 30-day free trial for enterprises4.6 Stars RatingN/A
Plans & PricingTurboSupport Remote Support Servers, $395TurboSupport Remote Access Servers, $395TurboSupport Remote Support & Access Servers, $495

15. Chrome Remote Desktop

The best FREE TeamViewer alternative is Chrome Remote Desktop, developed by Google. The Chrome extension allows you to remotely control another computer using Google’s unofficial protocol named “Chromoting”.

Chrome Remote Desktop is available on the Chrome OS, Linux (beta), OS X, iOS, Windows, Android for remote access and support. This on-demand and unattended remote access solution has 4.3 stars rating on Play Store. Chrome Remote Desktop qualifies to be the best free remote access software in 2022.

However, unlike TeamViewer and its alternatives, Chrome Remote Desktop offers no file sharing option. If you are looking for a free and trusted remote access and support solution, you can try Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop solution today. Its settings are easy to set up so that you can install and start using this lightweight remote desktop software right away.

Download LinksChrome Remote Desktop WebsiteGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
Free Trial/VersionFree forever4.2 Stars Rating3.2 Stars Rating
Plans & PricingFree forever

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good, user-friendly, reliable remote desktop software, you can choose any of these top 15 alternatives to TeamViewer that fit your needs. We have provided the in-depth information on these RDP software’s plans & pricing, trial versions and features to help you make the right decision today.

Additionally, please visit the official website to ensure the RDP software has everything you need to accomplish your desired task and achieve your goals.

  • If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for AnyDesk, FreshDesk or VNC Connect.
  • You can also choose FREE remote desktop software like Wayk Now & Wayk Den or Chrome Remote Desktop.

I hope this article will help you find the best RDP software to fulfill your business’s specific needs to achieve the goals. Using it, you and your employees can access the office computer system to make WFH even more productive. If you’re a technical service provider, you can provide full support to your end-users remotely using your PC or mobile devices. These 15 remote desktop software are handy and will increase productivity for sure.



  1. Nick

    October 3, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    Hello and thanks for good list with 15 TeamViewer Alternatives and +1 LiteManager free tool for Remote Desktop too, very great analog!

  2. Maik

    December 15, 2020 at 6:01 am

    R-HUB remote support servers is one of the best teamviewer alternatives. It works on all platforms viz Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc. and provides simple and easy to use interface.

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