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15 FreeNAS Alternatives 2024 | Best Storage Operating System

FreeNAS Alternatives

In this article, we will discuss the best FreeNAS alternatives to help you choose the right one as per your needs. These storage operating system tools are safe to use. Start storing and sharing your files today.

What Is FreeNAS?

FreeNAS is a free operating system, an open-source Network-Attached Storage based on FreeBSD and OpenZFS file system. Taken as a standard, we can find numerous FreeNAS alternatives in the market today. The OS can be installed on any hardware like a virtual system to share data over any record-based sharing conventions viz. AFP for macOS X clients, CIFS for Windows clients, and NFS for Unix-like frameworks. It also helps in file replication, plugins, and for snapshot purposes.

The system is used by large enterprises that own a centralized database to share and access information. It allows sharing data on multiple platforms such as Apple, Linux, and Windows with ease, efficiency, and feasibility. Alongside ZFS, users can share, protect, and back up all their data. There are different hard drives for system files and storage. However, FreeNAS too has demerits. So, you may need a FreeNAS alternative that fits your needs.

Check Out the 15 Best FreeNAS Alternatives (Best Storage Operating System) in 2024:

1. TrueNAS

Based on the system of FreeNAS, TrueNAS is a commercial alternative to FreeNAS sharing like attributes- CIFS, NFS, SMB, iSCSI for block storage. The flash storage solution is quite a popular user-friendly management system, file & block system. Also, it reduces the cost of flash performance and hybrid storage almost at the expense of disk.

The highly advanced modular system makes TrueNAS the number one open-source OS and the industry’s best storage operating system. TrueNAS, too, when used with OpenZFS, offers a robust data management service on terabytes and petabytes of data. Download and give it a try today!

2. OpenMediaVault

Known as the best alternatives to FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault is a free next-generation NAS solution based on Debian Linux. It contains administrations such as NFS (v3/v4), DAAP, SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS media servers, RSync, BitTorrent clients, etc. OpenMediaVault is simple, stable, comprehensive, and does not necessitate expertise to install and administrate.

With easy-to-use-install feature and multi-language support, OpenMediaVault is the best file servers for small businesses and large entrerprises. Thanks to its web-based administration and modular framework, additional services can be added via plugins and updated through Debian package management. You can check the dashboard screenshots here that will help you make the decision.

3. XigmaNAS

Based on FreeBSD, XigmaNAS, formerly known as NAS4Free, is a free, open-source, FreeNAS alternative and a continuation of the FreeNAS 7 series sharing several similar attributes. Like the former, XigmaNAS allows data to be shared and accessed over a vast network system supporting Unix-like, Windows, and Apple.

ZFS v28 compatibility is one of its notable features. It constitutes CIFS/SMB, active directory domain controller, FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, RSYNC, Unison, iSCSI, HAST, CARP, Bridge, UPnP, and BitTorrent. With inclusions like Software RAID (0,1,5), disk encryption, S.M.A.R.T / email reports, etc. XigmaNAS is the best enterprise file server software to download and use in 2024.


A simple, scalable, flexible, and modular FreeNAS alternative is UnRAID which breaks the boundaries defined by a single framework. The software has a unique partition system for resources, storing, backing up, and protecting the data, and offers ultimate control over data and applications.

Moreover, there is the automation of backup, transcoding media, and many other features. The three major constituents are the UnRAID NAS system, the UnRAID application server, and the UnRAID Virtualization host.

UnRAID handles 38TB of memory. The unregistered version can take three hard drives. For more, users need to buy a registration key. With features of disk tuning, dashboard views, network control, and Array operation, UnRAID is one of the best enterprise file server software in 2024.

5. Rockstor

Rockstor is a free NAS management system and the best alternative to FreeNAS in 2024. It is an open-source, CentOS-based program and you can install it on any community hardware without advanced system requirements. The private cloud-based server system has a user-friendly, web-based UI that provides a secure shelter for information, online sharing provision, and snapshot management.

Furthermore, directory services of Rockstor include NIS, AD, and LDAP. It provides the best features such as online disk management and pool management, Bitrot protection, GUI Installer, API availability, and apps for developers at an affordable price, making it the best file server software.

6. Acronis File Connect

A popular alternative to FreeNAS for 2024 is Acronis File Connect which connects Macs to Windows file servers and NAS via Apple Finding Protocol (AFP). It enables speedy file sharing, content searching, previewing & editing, file opening, browsing facilities, and offline synchronization. The use of AFP comes with the new modified Mac Client application that addresses file naming issues, content Spotlight searches, etc. through the same instead of SMB.

Acronis File Connect also provides seamless file access to iOS and Android tablets and phones. This NAS Software for Windows has SMB Protocol bug detection and correction, and management of compatibility and performance issues caused by file corruption.

7. Barracuda Drive

If you are looking for a personal cloud server, Barracuda Drive is a FreeNAS alternative that offers you the best of both personal and private cloud storage systems. Anyone can build and operate his uniquely designed, safe & secure personal cloud server that supports all popular OS.

Install any program or software on the online Virtual Private Server (VPS) and access them whenever and wherever you want. The distinctive features of transforming any computing device into a safe, powerful, and online cloud storage system make Barracuda Drive the best storage operating system in 2024.

8. SnapRAID

A top-rated FreeNAS alternative, SnapRAID, is known for its backup and recovery management, is an excellent reinforcement program that stores partial information and can recover data up to six failures. Other corresponding features include recovering data from accidentally deleted disk files, data integrity, avoiding silent corruption, and the ability to multiple, any sized-disks at any given time.

You should know that SnapRAID is an excellent file server system for small businesses enabling users for effective data management without affecting the internal structures. We highly recommend SnapRAID to SMBs owners.

9. Amahi Home Server

Amahi Home Server is one of the most trending alternatives to FreeNAS. It is an easy-to-use, open-source, Linux-based tool that helps store all your data in a core computer from where it’s quickly and safely accessible through its VPN. Additional features include media sharing, disk pooling, backup, file sharing, one-click apps, disk monitoring, dynamic DNS, iCal integration, etc.

Nevertheless, Amahi Home Server is the best file server software for small businesses and home environments. It offers cross-platform compatibility across PCs, Mac, PS, BBox, etc. Download it today.

10. FuguHub

An easy-to-use server, FuguHub is a one-in-a-kind FreeNAS alternative that helps create your personal, secure, multi-user file-storage system. You get the freedom to build it on your device or your cloud or VPS server. Thus, with the help of its uniquely addressed attributes, you can run your blog and other forums, a record-piling framework without paying any outsider. It includes a dynamic DNS along with a set of instructions.

More importantly, FuguHub is a reliable platform and the best file server software that automatically enables users to access stored documents and configure routers. It works well on all popular operating systems and VPS. You can download its suitable version from here.

11. PetaSAN

PetaSAN is a Ceph-based iSCSI cluster, an open-source FreeNAS alternative, known widely for its end-to-end integrated solution and scale-out SAN arrangement that offers impressive adaptability and execution. Its latest cloud storage technology makes it corporate-efficient to manage large data storage in one unit; run on the Linux operating system, the program has many nodes joined systematically.

The tool is highly reliable due to its self-healing and self-adapting capability, making it one of the best enterprise file server software of 2024. Download PetaSAN from its official website today.

12. Openfiler

Created by Xinit Systems, Openfiler is an open-source storage management system that works as the best FreeNAS alternative in 2024. It has got recognition for its excellent attached storage and blocked-based storage area network. Openfiler also provides the accounts management system, block-based virtualization, industry-standard protocol, resource allocation system, etc.

Moreover, you can modify and deploy the software as per your needs. Its intuitive features of a new web-based management system, and cost-free storage capacity expansion make it the best storage operating system. Openfiler requires at least 10GB hard disk space, 256MB of Ram, and 500 MHz CPU space. Make sure you meet these requirements before downloading it.

13. ZFSguru

A storage management system and true alternative to FreeNAS, ZFSguru is the best choice if you are looking for managing a vast amount of data. Its intuitive UI allows users to navigate freely and offers straightforward user setup and installation.

Furthermore, ZFSguru offers better attributes than any traditional NAS in terms of the web-based storage system, add-on packages, and other advanced storing experiences. The multifunctional server ZFSguru is the best storage operating system in the industry.

14. FlexRAID (Support Inactive)

A network storage management system, FlexRAID falls under the category of good FreeNAS alternatives for its efficiency in a single unified data storage management, compilation, data protection, and recovery feature known popularly as RAID.

Other fascinating features include scanning through your drive and sending an SMS or e-mail to alert in any malware detection. It is one of the best file servers for small businesses as well as big corporates.

15. Ceph

A unified storage management system based on Linux and FreeBSD, Ceph is an excellent FreeNAS alternative that offers data safety to IT enterprises. The open-source software stores on a single-distributed cluster, rebalancing the data in groups that ensure high-performance functionality and reliability. It provides a 3-in-1 interface for each object, block, and file-level retention.

Ceph platform is based on Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store, offers app developers objects storage systems all in one place, making it the best enterprise file server software. Its object storage is further compatible with Amazon S3 RESTful API.

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Final Words

FreeNAS is an excellent open-source program. However, the above enlisted 15 alternatives to FreeNAS have their own merits for file storing and sharing files. Some are perfect for small offices, while some are fit for large enterprises. So, if you have plans to expand your business in the future, you should go for the FreeNAS alternatives like OpenMediaVault with advanced features for all business types. With your preferred framework, modular design, interactive UI, and data size, you can choose the best NAS software for your Windows PC.

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