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22 Best CallRail Alternatives and Competitors 2024

Best CallRail Alternatives

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, tracking and analyzing customer calls is essential to stay ahead of the competition. CallRail is a popular call tracking and analytics software that helps businesses gain insights into their customer interactions and make data-driven decisions. However, there are several other call tracking and analytics tools available in the market that offer similar features and functionalities.

In this article, we will discuss the best CallRail alternatives in 2024. Our selection includes a mix of free and paid tools that cater to different business needs and budgets. We will examine each tool’s features, pricing, and customer support to help businesses make informed decisions.

Call tracking and analytics software helps businesses track phone calls, gain insights into customer behavior, and optimize marketing campaigns. It is crucial to select a tool that integrates well with your existing systems and provides accurate and actionable insights.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, our list of CallRail alternatives will provide you with a range of options to choose from. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of which call tracking and analytics tool will best meet your business needs, helping you make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

22 CallRail Alternatives in 2024:

1. WhatConverts

Features of this CallRail alternative include call, chat, and form lead tracking. WhatConverts basically answers ‘what market converts’ so that you can optimize the campaigns accordingly to get a better ROI.

Along with optimum conversion and auto-organized leads, this call tracking software solution offers reports with actionable insights. Its real-time smart report merged with customer intelligence helps marketers identify which marketing channels and keywords are delivering the best quality leads.

You can integrate WhatConverts with 1000+ marketing tools to import and export data more effectively. So, even if your business requirements change, you don’t have to switch to a new call tracking software. It is crafted for small businesses, agencies, franchises, and marketers.

Their customer support is excellent and they have Help Center to get you started in no time. You can access their online training materials on the website anytime.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
From $30 to $200 per month per user (details)14 days trial period

Derek Gallimore of Outsource Accelerator says “WhatConverts is the best call tracking software for me, and that’s because it’s not only an excellent call tracking software, it also does form tracking, chat tracking, and e-commerce. Its call tracking features are the best out of what I’ve tried so far, and they have offerings that I haven’t seen in any other software. I especially loved its “call transcription,” where you can read the details in your calls without having to listen to the entire recording, the “call whisper,” where salespeople were given lead tracking information before they even talk to the customer, as well as its “port your numbers” feature, where you can port current phone numbers at zero charge. It’s not the cheapest option, but it definitely brings value and efficiency to our lead tracking efforts.

2. PhoneWagon

A comprehensive call tracking CallRail alternative, PhoneWagon is known for its user-friendly dashboard, easy setup, and smart tools. It offers robust communication tools.  Its advanced feature includes toll-free local, national, international, and dynamic phone records, call recording, reporting, and text messaging. 

PhoneWagon further allows the monitoring of marketing campaigns and thus, uses real-time insights. Its ease involves an overall picture of the phone tracking metrics.

Founded in 2016, this call tracking software is a great choice for businesses to up their sales and return on ad spend. 

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$45 to $299 monthly (details)14 days of free trial without credit card requirement

Bruce Harpham, Owner at says “This call tracking software has three key features to help you become more effective. First, PhoneWagon provides real-time reporting so you can see minute by minute how your results are developing. That’s important if you are spending a lot of money on Google Ads and other sources to generate calls. Second, the product includes call recording so you can double-check the quality of recordings if you design. Finally, I like that it is built to have tight integration with Google Analytics and Google Ads.

3. CallSource

Since 1991 CallSource is one of the CallRail alternatives which cater to the call tracking business needs in terms of analytics, business coaching, and enhanced performance. With a billion calls handled, it is more than a standard tracking solution that prioritizes customer service.

It provides actionable cost-per-lead analysis, sales conversion percentages, sales recapture solutions, and real-time solutions to understand marketing and sales performance data. Call tracking, recording, and reporting are its basic features with a 99.99% uptime.

The call tracking software converts data into a solution, strategizes, and optimizes them to meet business performance.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Contact CallSource for pricingDemo available

4. Ringba

Well, Ringba is a popular CallRail alternative in 2020. It provides inbound call tracking analytics for marketers. An innovative approach to changing business needs, Ringba is known for its flexibility, seamless integration, on-demand global access, real-time call management, routing, and reporting.

Ringba is customer-centric, focussing on individual customer experiences while optimizing campaigns and accessing key conversion insights. Calls are automatically monitored to enable quick responses to record behavior patterns and compliance flags.

This CallRail alternative uses a pay-per-call aspect. With real-time caller data enrichment, IVR, and an automated call tracking mechanism, the call tracking software assures to improve the ROI of any given concern.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$0 to $99 per month (details)Demo available with limitation

5. Marchex

What makes Marchex a better alternative to CallRail is that it abridges customers and companies, strengthening their connection, boosting response rate, speeding lead qualification, and yielding effective conversions.

Marchex uses smart, intelligent tactics to enable the marketing and sales team to reach valuable customers. They assure the optimization of online marketing. Every call connected is a blind spot for marketers with its ingenious analytics and marketing performances. Low pay-per-call is another attractive feature.

With its click-to-call tracking support, ad tech integration, and high-end customer support, this call tracking software guarantees a positive return on ad spend.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Contact Marchex for pricing30-day free trial available

6. Invoca

Invoca is an AI-driven call tracking, CallRail alternative that provides a real-time solution to marketers and technologists in platforms such as Google ads, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Facebook.

Its robustness provides a customized experience using real-time call analytics and actionable data from inbound calls. It optimizes campaigns with automated quick responses to calls leading to furthermore revenue-generating calls.

Invoca makes the journey from individual calls to enhanced marketing tools using such data to expand likely buyers. The call tracking software captures audiences on a high conversation percentage thus, reducing throughput and generating high revenue.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Contact Invoca for pricingDemo available

7. Channels (aka CrazyCall)

Another alternative to CallRail, Channels focuses on customer satisfaction, serving online businesses as the best medium to have a meaningful, effective conversation with customers.

They believe in providing customer support agents with relevant customer-oriented details to shorten resolution time. Its mobile app enables flexible access to customer service, regardless of time and place.

The Click-to-call widget, IVR, free incoming calls, eCommerce platform integration viz. Shopify and Magneto, the Customer Card feature makes the Channels one of the best call tracking software in 2020.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$15 to $39 (details)7-day free trial

8. Infinity

A UK-based call tracking platform, Infinity is another alternative to CallRail. Brilliant conversation analytics along with its real-time call intelligence and low operational costs makes it a suitable integral part of marketing teams.

Operation optimization, tech integration, and Google integration drive its mission to satisfy customer needs on time and on demand. Connecting digital agencies with marketing technologies, Infinity is one of the best call tracking software in 2020.

Meeting high-end business performance needs, Infinity provides fully encrypted SIP calls along with uncompromising levels of security.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Plans start at $49 per month (details)Free trial available

9. FluentStream

One of the CallRail alternatives, FluentStream is an advanced communication software for contact centers. For easy business communication with clients, web conferencing, and reporting, this platform enables a 99.99% service time, user-friendly 24×7 customer support, and real-time response rate.

FluentStream works on an integrated platform with HubSpot, Zendesk, etc. With an efficient task force, it strives to provide exceptional services through HD VoIP calling, video conferencing, and text messaging.

Features such as call recording & forwarding, web phone, auto-attendant, and intelligent analytics make it a reliable call tracking software.

What’s more? FluentStream offers special pricing plans to non-profit organizations!

PriceFree Trial/Demo
The plan starts from $20 per month (details)Offers a free trial

10. DialogTech

Another top-class CallRail alternative, DialogTech is a well-known AI-powered conversation solution. It translates digital and calls experiences into real-time actionable analytics to provide an optimum solution to omnichannel marketing. Industry leaders such as Toyota, Bridgestone, and Brookdale have placed their trust in the leading conversion intelligence.

For DialogTech, every call is a data-driven strategy having equal opportunity to yield revenue. Its SourceIQ call attribution converts online interaction to offline results. This along with the automated conversion of marketing ads, channels, keywords, and campaigns into ROI improving customers makes it the best call tracking software in 2024.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Contact DialogTech for pricingDemo available

11. ActiveDEMAND

A CallRail alternative and marketing automation platform, ActiveDEMAND helps marketers, and SMBs to get the best out of their marketing efforts. Spending on ads, campaigns, and other marketing strategies, this integrated platform uses call tracking medium, campaign management, and attribution reporting to optimize such marketing performances.

In a nutshell, ActiveDEMAND has SMB, corporate marketing, and digital marketing automation package and is a reliable call tracking software.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$0 to $199 monthly (details)Available per user

12. HubSpot Sales Call Tracking

An all-in-one sales solution, HubSpot is a user-friendly CallRail alternative available freely. It targets the betterment of both the marketing and sales team and the customers as well. Its free CRM integration and CMS hub are what make it unique and reliable.

Flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and customer-centric, HubSpot uses lead generation, email tracking, marketing automation, and powerful analytics to function without hindrance.

HubSpot has wide popularity in over 120 countries. Another significant feature is its click-to-call i.e. calling from the browser without even using the phone. The VoIP adds ingenuity to the sales call tracking software with its real-time performance optimization.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$40 to $3900 per month per user (details)Unlimited access to Hubspot’s CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service tools

13. CallTrackingMetrics

Known for its ease of doing business and quality support, this CallRail alternative has an omnichannel call and keyword tracking feature.

CallTrackingMetrics tracks all kinds of campaigns, texts, forms, and calls using keyword-level marketing attribution. With highly intelligent & customizable automated built-in software, the application provides a customer-centric channel.

With smart, compliant tools, CallTrackingMetrics has impressive scalability and open API at reasonable pricing. Real-time reporting using key metrics, this call tracking software has won many accolades over the years.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$36 to $249 per month per user (details)14-day trial period

14. Convirza

Convirza is a popular CallRail alternative to track calls and meet customers’ as well as marketing needs. Moreover, it is an AI-driven conversation analytics service that functions on lead generation, and multi-channel attribution thus, evaluating campaign effectiveness.

This call tracking software with more than 18 years of industrial experience, is trusted by thousands of agencies. Mostly known for its 640 billion call analysis records, it offers an intelligent level of reporting along with its white-label call tracking.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
From $29 to $199 per month per user (details)30-day free trial

15. CallAction

Another CallRail alternative, CallAction is a sales-automation software that automates mundane sales tasks and smartens the process of outbound calls, texts, and emails. It tracks performances using KPIs and marketing ROI with its inbuilt dashboard.

CallAction integrates with major real estate CRMs via API and has real-time online lead integrations. It captures leads from every channel, and responds instantly, therefore routing the leads to appropriate channels and improving the overall call answer rates. CallAction is one of the best call tracking software in 2020.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
From $115 to $499 per month per user (details)14-day trial

16. Agile CRM

The cloud-based CallRail alternative Agile CRM allows you to make, receive, record, and analyze calls in one place. Founded in 2012, this call center CRM software offers helpdesk features and impressive integration capabilities.

Agile CRM automates customer interaction with its business intelligence tools of tracking, scheduling, project management, and gamification.

With its affordable pricing and mobile-ready simplicity, Agile CRM is easily the best call tracking software for contact centers in 2020.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
From $0 to $47.99 per month per user (details)Free for 10 users

17. Truly

Being a good alternative to CallRail Truly offers CRM integration, call tracking features, voice recognition tools, and conversation data analysis. It uses the basic functionality of calls, SMS, and emails to understand the sales funnel.

Founded in 2013, this call tracking software is reliable and trusted by the popular sales teams of Uber and Wix.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Plans start from $55 per month per user (details)Available

18. RingDNA

AI-powered CallRail alternative, RingDNA helps sales teams with automation, efficiency, and scalability. Founded in 2012, the platform provides a unique marketing solution for marketers to streamline inbound and outbound calls.

A leading choice, RingDNA strives for AI-driven growth in ROI through its performance insight, conversation intelligence, sales engagement, cloud PBX, and sales coaching. Its intelligent analytics and AI-powered metrics are noteworthy. The world’s notorious sales teams of Amazon Web Services and Hewlett Packard Enterprise claim it to be the best call tracking software.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Contact RingDNA for pricing quotesDemo available

19. 800response

Being a good alternative to CallRail, 800response helps you generate, track, and manage call leads more effectively. This comprehensive marketing solution captures customer insights through its lead and interactive analytics and real-time tracking reports.

Assuring a positive growth in revenue, thereby ROI, buyers’ past journey reveals reduced cost-per-lead. From call tracking, routing, and monitoring to CallFinder Speech Analytics, this call tracking software has several satisfied customers.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Contact 800response for pricingA 15-minute live demo is available

20. CallFire

Providing texting and calling solutions, CallFire is a leading alternative to CallRail. Its useful features like call tracking, voice broadcast, and IVR integration help in saving valuable time while dealing with customers throughout the world. The inbuilt developer API makes it an easy tool with a 99.95% uptime.

CallFire is SSL supported and has industry-leading answering machine detection software. Known for its Auto Dialer Software, this call tracking software integrates its database with Google Analytics and several marketing tools.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
$0.06 per minute per text to $599 per month per user (details)Free trial available

21. VoiceBase

VoiceBase is a valuable alternative to call tracking software such as CallRail and provides customer-centric data to help businesses thrive. It is offering visibility into conversational data. Built with NLP (natural language processing) and proprietary speech engines, our technology empowers enterprise organizations to access, understand, and act upon the insights within their call data.

“With VoiceBase, enterprises can drive digital transformation forward by achieving real business value. We have helped 100s of Fortune 500 and SMBs around the globe understand and improve customer experience, minimize risk, increase sales, and more.” Says Alissa, a technology marketer based in Silicon Valley.

VoiceBase features include Automated PCI Detection and Redaction, Predictive Analytics and custom event alerts, Sentiment scoring, and analysis, Call Driver Tagging, Agent Scorecards, and customized solutions for enterprise businesses with inbound or outbound calls. A recent customer success story included agent scoring, call driver analysis, and agent scorecards to better track, measure, and understand what customers were calling about and how they could improve their experience.

VoiceBase is ideal for enterprise companies who want to measure and understand customer conversations from their contact centers and apply those insights across the organization to drive business results.

PriceFree Trial/Demo
Starts at .01 cents per minute of processed audioFree customized demos available for qualified customers

22. CallHippo

CallHippo is a powerful and affordable call tracking and analytics tool that has gained popularity as one of the best CallRail alternatives in 2024. Founded in November 2016 and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, CallHippo offers a wide range of features that help businesses track, analyze, and optimize their phone calls.

One of the most notable features of CallHippo is its virtual phone system that allows businesses to set up a professional phone system without the need for physical hardware. With CallHippo, businesses can set up local and toll-free numbers in over 50 countries, and manage calls from a centralized dashboard.

CallHippo’s call tracking and analytics features provide valuable insights into customer interactions, enabling businesses to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. CallHippo also offers integrations with popular CRM tools such as Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, and more, making it easy to sync call data with other business applications.

Pricing is another advantage of CallHippo, it offers three pricing plans ranging from $16 to $40. This makes it an affordable option for small businesses and startups that need a cost-effective solution for call tracking and analytics.

Overall, CallHippo’s combination of features, affordability, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent alternative to CallRail in 2024, especially for businesses looking for a virtual phone system solution that can scale with their growth.

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software

You need to pay attention to these things before choosing a call tracking solution for your business:

1. Plans & Pricing

The first and foremost to check is what the call tracking software offers; the package, features, compatibility, etc.

2. Dashboard

A simple and intuitive dashboard must show every detail. Inbound calls, trends, campaigns that are effective, patterns, etc. must be clearly and precisely visible in the dashboard of your CallRail alternative.

3. Customization

The best call-tracking software must be flexible and attuned to maximum customization at any given point in time. So, you don’t have to switch to a new CallRail alternative when your requirements change.

4. Call Recording

Recording inbound calls with precision is an utmost important feature. The CallRail alternative you choose must maintain phone lead records and allow access to such records whenever needed. These history logs will help managers review and assess any room for improvement in sales. Also, you can use it for training purposes.

5. Advanced Reporting

An out-of-the-box reporting approach analyzes callers’ behavior and demographic data. For deeper analysis, advanced reporting tools are a mandate.

6. CRM Integration

Make sure your call tracking software integrates with popular making tools like Agency Analytics, HubSpot, Stripe, Zapier, Salesforce, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Unbounce, WordPress, SharpSpring, and so on. Integrations allow you to import tracking data records to the sales, marketing, and analytics systems.

7. Real-time Call Analytics

CallRail alternative should be fast enough to get insights as and when the call is placed. Once the data enters the system, the software must be adept to work on its analytics and conversion giving a customized call experience. It will help you improve the conversion rate in the long run.

8. Demographic-Based Call Routing & IVR

A multiple-level IVR saves time. Inbuilt, interactive menus support routing schedules, customer greetings, and geo-routing too. This allows dynamic, AI-based call transfer to the right person or team at the right time as per callers’ demographics.

9. Keyword-level Tracking

This enables you to track a visitor’s full session on your website like what keyword he searched on Google, Bing, or other search engine pages to find your website, how many pages of your website he saw, when he called, call duration, etc. In other words, your CallRail alternative should show what happened before, during, and after a call is placed through your website.

10. Customer Support & Training

Choose a call tracking software that provides high-quality customer support service so that you can get help at the right time. The training materials train your team members to be user-friendly with the call tracking solution to get the most out of it to run more effective campaigns or serve customers in a better way.


Now map the journey from a customer’s call to identifying opportunities that would trigger your sales team. With all the top CallRail alternatives at your reach, compare the best features hand-in-hand with its price and choose the best call tracking software that fits your business’s requirements to improve ROI. Start with a free trial, compare details, check reviews, and then make a well-informed decision.

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