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16 Best Moodle Alternatives 2024 | Free Learning Management Systems

Moodle Alternatives
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In the present era, where almost everything is digitalized, e-learning is fast approaching, in-trending, and spreading like wildfire among educational organizations and the corporate world. The online Learning Management System, also known as LMS, is a fast-growing concept among administrators, executives, learners, and enterprises. Video learning is a core part of digital learning programs. Moodle and Moodle alternatives are a group of such LMS application programs that serve your e-learning needs.

What Is Moodle?

Moodle is one of the widely popular open-source learning management systems that provides a free, simple, robust learning platform. This LMS is mostly used for K12 (aka kindergarten to 12th grade), higher education, and employee training worldwide. Nevertheless, Moodle runs on highly secured encrypted servers and has become the most used learning management system in the world.

Moodle Pricing:

  1. Install Moodle on your device and run it for free. But, you can donate to support their work through their official website.
  2. Try the Moodle Cloud and subscribe to one of the most suitable packages-
    • Starter Plan: Ideal for a single class, the plan is available at $80/year.
    • Mini Plan: Up to a maximum of 100 users, you can buy maximum file storage of 200MB along with other features at $250/year.
    • Small Plan: Buy it at $500/year and take multiple classes for up to 200 users.
    • Medium Plan: Available at $1000/year, you can take numerous courses up to 500 users at a time with a file storage capacity of up to 1GB.
  3. Find a suitable Moodle Partner and set up your e-learning platform.

Why Do You Need Alternatives to Moodle?

One of the primary reasons you would require exploring the Moodle alternatives is Moodle’s lack of customizing GUI features. Also, the program is not the best-fit measure to navigate for newbies. Keeping an open mind, let us learn about Moodle alternatives and choose the one that fits your unique needs.

16 Moodle Alternatives (Free) in 2024:

1. Google Classroom

The best Moodle alternative, Google Classroom, is an excellent learning app for educators by Google. The app acts as a dedicated education tool for learners and organizations to impart education through assignments, classes, interactive communication, and feedback. You can try this Moodle alternative today without a second thought.

Classroom by Google - Moodle Alternatives

Google Classroom Features:

  • Simplified teaching and learning by sharing a code and setting up a class in minutes.
  • Integrated tools, such as original reports, consistent grading, and updated FAQs based on recently answered feedback.
  • Face-to-face connection using Meet is built into the classrooms.
  • Stringent security measures to restrict classroom activity to class members only.
  • Integrated with other educator-approved applications.
  • Also has a mobile interface, compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Google Classroom Pricing:

It is free for all its users.

2. Canvas

Another alternative to Moodle in 2024, Canvas is an LMS with flexible and customizable architecture and design. The app allows users, i.e., both the learners and educators, to collaborate and communicate efficiently, thus, enhancing the whole learning process.

Canvas LMS - Moodle Alternatives

Canvas Features:

  • Collaborative workspace
  • Allows students to record audio and videos
  • Canvas also offers web conferencing tools
  • It encourages VET (Vocational Education & Training) organizations to adopt e-learning.
  • Canvas integrates all the K-12 apps for better scalability and an intuitive learning experience.
  • You can also try the free version create a free account, and enjoy a free live demo to understand how Canvas works.

Canvas Pricing:

Pay an annual subscription fee along with a one-time implementation fee based on the number of users. You can fetch a quote by contacting Canvas Support.

3. Docebo

Known as the Moodle competitor in the online LMS industry, Docebo is the top cloud-based e-learning service provider to achieve operational efficiency with AI superpowers. It is designed to help businesses improve the learning experience of their partners, customers, and employees.

Docebo - Moodle Alternatives

Docebo Features:

  • Fully integrated, scalable, and mobile-compatible interface
  • Extendable and robust LMS
  • Docebo also allows you to activate an ECS, i.e., an Enterprise Cloud Solution app.
  • Docebo also provides asynchronous and blending learning.
  • Provides classroom and certification management.

Docebo Pricing:

Get a custom quote and set up your learning platform in three months with Docebo.

4. Bridge

Among the fifteen Moodle alternatives, Bridge is the one cloud-based LMS software that offers plenty of authoring tools, career planning options, and assessment tools—looking for a platform that helps you create training materials for several job positions? Bridge LMS is one of the best solutions.

Bridge Learning Management Software - Moodle Alternatives

Bridge Features:

  • It has a mobile-compatible interface, as well.
  • Bridge offers quite a few extensive features, including custom learning paths, evaluating participants’ progress, and measuring the different courses’ effectiveness.
  • It includes more comprehensive language support.

Bridge Pricing:

You can subscribe to the best of learning and performance at $9/month per user. You get all of the Learning Plan’s features and additional features, such as Performance Analytics, Organizational Chart and Directory, etc.

5. Mindflash

One of the end-to-end Moodle alternatives, Mindflash, is famous as an enterprise solution for international organizations for employee training programs. The app offers instructor-led live course support, offering an enriching experience of organizing real-time seminars and training sessions. 

Mindflash LMS - Moodle Alternatives

Mindflash Features:

  • Mobile-responsive, flexible, and customizable.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Mindflash offers options for White-labeling and user management.
  • It also supports editing during live classes.

Mindflash Pricing:

There is a Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plan with extensive ranges of facilities at quoted prices.

6. SAP Litmos

One of the most reliable Moodle competitors in 2020, SAP Litmos, is a corporate LMS, in partnership with Salesforce, for secure data exchange and service training of employees.

SAP Litmos Features:

  • Simple and easy-to-use platform
  • No expensive installations or training are required for use.
  • Hassle-free system admin dashboard.
  • It offers white labeling and custom branding.
  • Multi-language and localization support.
  • Embedded content creation feature 
  • Enjoy the 14 days free trial.

SAP Litmos Pricing:

You can request a quote depending on whether you are looking forward to a simple LMS feature or LMS plus training courses. You can explore the pricing options here.

7. Absorb LMS

With thousands of in-built, pre-configured courses, Absorb LMS is an easy, learner-friendly LMS wherein you can customize the learning platform according to the learners’ requirements.

Absorb LMS Features:

  • You have access to more than 1,500 courses and message templates.
  • You can manipulate the dashboard, i.e., FAQs, Featured Courses, News Articles, etc., along with the whole learning experience.
  • The software allows learners to view the content as they want.
  • Absorb LMS has several exciting features, such as analytics and reporting, machine learning, Learner Engagement, Smart Engagement, eCommerce, Content library, e-signature, etc.
  • It is mobile-responsive as well.

Absorb LMS Pricing:

Try the demo. If satisfied, get a quote by contacting them through the website.

8. Edmodo

Among the listed alternatives to Moodle, Edmodo is a global education network application with advanced features. Being an educational technology-oriented LMS, Edmodo offers an integrated, user-friendly platform that allows collaboration and effective communication.

Edmodo Features:

  • You can sign up for free and explore the application on your own.
  • Edmodo provides integration of classroom management, LMS management, and message synchronization.
  • It also offers the advanced functions of white-labeling, file sharing, collaborative learning, and gamification.
  • Mobility
  • Additional features include visualization, analytics, and dashboard.

Edmodo Pricing:

It is free to use. Create a free account now.

9. Coassemble

Coassemble, is a popular Moodle alternative in 2024. Nevertheless, it is a learner-based online learning management system that offers in-built templates along with drag-and-drop elements. Its mobile adaptability allows users to create and update courses on the go, anywhere and anytime. It only requires a stable internet connection.

Coassemble Features:

  • The UX-driven platform is easy to handle for all types of learners- novices or experts.
  • Coassemble also offers accurate data and granular reports to help you filter and refine your courses.
  • Highly scalable
  • Frequently updated software and price-efficient with online content creation.

Coassemble Pricing:

As a growing business, you can buy an unlimited plan at $299/month and enjoy the advanced features of capturing business knowledge and sharing it in real-time with your team members.

10. Schoology

Schoology supports all types of blended learning and 100% course learning. The Moodle alternative offers 200+ educational tools and comes pre-integrated with learning platforms and databases that you need for distance learning.

Schoology Features:

  • It is focused on K-12 learning and excellence.
  • Integrated learning platform for teachers, students, parents, administrators, and coaches.
  • Schoology offers the primary facilities of cloud learning and mobile compatibility.
  • 200+ integrated educational online apps.
  • The platform is well-equipped for collaborative learning, gamification, video conferencing, grading, white-labeling, and file-sharing.
  • Unique dashboard with analytics and reporting management.

Schoology Pricing:

It has a free plan for individual teachers and a paid Enterprise plan for educational organizations. Get your custom quote today.

11. Tovuti LMS

A next-generation LMS application, Tovuti LMS, is a Moodle alternative for expiring online learning.

Tovuti LMS Features:

  • Coaching support for all new clients and tutorial library.
  • Tovuti LMS offers admin-supportive facilities for creating a report, tracking learners’ progress, and using a KPI dashboard to glance at the summarized on-goings of your business.
  • Open API and Single Sign-On (SAML & OAuth 2.0) capabilities.
  • Gamification, eCommerce, White labeling, automated event management, interactive content management, and notification alerts.

Tovuti LMS Pricing:

Enjoy the premium Pro plan, which contains all Core plan features and additional functionalities of virtual meetings, Zapier & API, Single Sign-On, and many more. You can also opt for the optional plan.

12. NEO

NEO LMS is an award-winning LMS relied upon by many universities and schools in 2024. It offers classroom management along with the essential tools required for collaborative student-teacher interaction.

NEO LMS Features:

  • It has an intuitive UI with a responsive design, smart dashboard, real-time widgets, and a simple-to-use navigator platform.
  • 24×7 online helpline center.
  • The application supports different kinds of teaching styles- blended, self-paced, micro, and instructor-led.
  • It also offers 15 assignment types, viz. essays, discussions, attendance, SCORM, etc.
  • Advanced features of tracking student performance, bidirectional email integration, and many more.

NEO LMS Pricing

It has a free plan as well as a Premium plan for schools and universities.

13. SkyPrep

A comprehensive, cost-effective alternative to Moodle, SkyPrep is another award-winning LMS program that offers robust authoring, distribution, grading, and learner progress-tracking, all with an intuitive UI.

SkyPrep Features:

  • Flexible course distribution option
  • Automated grading
  • Real-time reporting
  • PCI-DSS-compliant
  • SkyPrep offers domain and IP restrictions with stringent security controls.

SkyPrep Pricing:

Enjoy the 14-day free trial or buy the Premium plan at $499/month with enhanced gamification features, multi-platform hierarchy, and many more, including all Core features.

14. Blackboard Learn

An advanced, responsive, reliable platform for offering a rich e-learning experience, Blackboard Learn is a genuine Moodle alternative. You should give it a try.

Blackboard Learn Features:

  • Scalable, flexible, modern, intuitive, and responsive interface
  • Blackboard Learn offers the learning management functionalities of authoring, assessments, collaborative learning, content library, grading, and white-labeling.
  • It also provides a content delivery and tracking mechanism.

Blackboard Learn Pricing:

You have to contact them to get your quoted price.

15. TalentLMS

A customizable, cloud-based LMS, TalentLMS is an e-learning alternative to Moodle. You can create courses easily with its in-built, pre-configured templates, or use old videos, presentations, or online materials directly from the integrated online apps.

TalentLMS Features:

  • It supports SCORM, TinCan (xAPI), notifications, extensible user profiles, etc.
  • The software offers exam engines that feature assessment and evaluation.
  • The program is best suitable for employee orientation.

TalentLMS Pricing:

The most popular plan for up to 500 users is the Plus plan, available at $249/month, which includes all the Basic plan features and advanced options for automation, custom reports, SSL for your custom domain, and many more.

16. ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS is the best Moodle alternative of 2024. It is the world’s easiest cloud LMS. Like Moodle, it is trusted by millions of people worldwide, and you can use it for both employee training and educational purposes.

ProProfs LMS Features:

  • Premium library of ready-to-use courses
  • Virtual classroom
  • Quizzes for assessment
  • 70+ interface languages
  • Discussion & collaboration forum
  • Powerful software integrations
  • Learning record store
  • White-label
  • AI-powered reporting & analytics
  • Course certification
  • eCommerce platform

ProProfs LMS Pricing:

The starter plan starts at $2/learner/month (billed annually). ProProfs offers 50% off on an unlimited learners plan. No per-user fee. Try any plan for 15 days for FREE.

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If not Moodle, you can try any of the 16 alternatives to Moodle listed above. Experience all-new, comfortable learning from your home. Some offer a free trial or a lifetime free version. The rest offer a free live demo to make you understand how the app works. So, now you can choose the best Moodle LMS alternative in 2024 that fits your needs with ease.

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