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Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for 5X Leads

LinkedIn lead generation strategies advanced

Are you using LinkedIn automation tools to generate leads for your business? No doubt that these tools put your outreach and lead generation processes on autopilot, generating hundreds of leads while saving you a lot of time. More than 50% of the businesses are already using LinkedIn to generate leads by integrating automation tools into their business processes one way or the other. Here’s why.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Business:

1. High Accuracy and Fast Performance

If you are a B2B marketer and you prefer LinkedIn to generate leads, you’d already be familiar that it’s not a simple game. It’s such a complex, repetitive and tiring process to find the relevant leads.

The ability of the LinkedIn automation tools to find and connect with ideal leads with accuracy is what’s turning the tables for businesses.

2. Saves Time

Being a B2B marketer or a sales professional, you’d already have so much on your plate and manual prospecting takes a lot of time. With these tools, you can automate processes and save you precious time for important business tasks.

3. Integration with Previous Workflows

The best automation tools integrate with the other workflow tools such as Zapier, HubSpot, etc. that gives your marketing strategy a new approach.

4. Personalization

What these tools do is take the personalization game to the next level. They help you run personalized LinkedIn prospecting campaigns that appear more natural, less spammy, and help you get a better response rate.

Personalization is key to winning business on LinkedIn
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Personalization is the most important factor when it comes to running successful lead generation campaigns. Many advanced LinkedIn automation tools offer features to take your personalization game to the next level.

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Why Is Personalization Important for Successful LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns?

If you are using automation tools to send connect requests, messages, and generate leads, you might already be familiar with the basic level of personalization.

What is basic or traditional level personalization?

Basic or traditional level personalization means using common tags in the connect notes and messages. These common tags are:





No doubt that adding such tags in your messages would give you some decent results, but these would only be short-term.

Many users still believe a misconception that personalization drops someone’s name in the message. Well, the truth is that LinkedIn personalization has become much more advanced and creative.

Nowadays, prospects expect a more creative dynamic level of personalization. If you really want to

Use LinkedIn for sales prospecting and generate 5x more leads, you really need to put effort into creating a next-level and advanced personalization strategy.

stats show why advanced personalization strategy is important
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The personalization survey shows that marketers really find personalization highly effective when it comes to grabbing attention and fostering engagement with customers.

Now you must be thinking about why personalization has become such a big deal?

Well, the marketing landscape has changed and so is customer behavior. Today, customers have got so many brand options out there and if you really want to build a reputation, you must start with personalization to build trust and strong relationships with them.

Many people who fail to run successful LinkedIn cold outreach campaigns wonder why it happened.

don't use same old templates that prospects no longer give attention to
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And the truth is that they use the same old templates that prospects no longer give attention to. In the end, they get almost zero acceptance and response rates. And when this happens, LinkedIn might start monitoring your account and flag it as spam.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes that Marketers Make with Their LinkedIn Lead Generation Messages:

  • They were not personalized. No effort was put into making them different.
  • Connect requests not backed up with personalization. People don’t like data gathering which is essential for successful outreach campaigns.
  • Sending the same message to thousands of prospects.
  • Blind targeting.
  • Making messages more sales-y and less about your customers.

These are some of the practices that can get your LinkedIn account blocked. Honestly, losing a well-established and old LinkedIn account is painful. This is one major reason why you need to add personalization into your LinkedIn outreach strategy.

Luckily, we have prepared a list of the best LinkedIn lead generation strategies that will help you run successful campaigns. Let’s Dive in.

Here’s How You Can Use LinkedIn to Generate 5X More Leads:

1. Research Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is the most crucial step because these are the people who’d be interested in what you have to say.

This is the key factor to personalization: Finding the right people and delivering them content that they would be interested in.

Searching for the right prospects, connecting, and engaging with them to build the relevant and niche-specific network can entirely be done using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

2. Personalization that Goes Beyond the First and the Last Name

Many people who run outreach campaigns and still don’t know how to extract leads from LinkedIn, should start with the advanced level of personalization.

Advanced personalization is all about doing thorough research about your prospects’ name, job title, industry type, interests, pian point, and then craft LinkedIn lead generation messages accordingly.

It’s a process of using the techniques to create personalized messages to send the right prospects at the right time. You can easily do this using LinkedCamp.

A number of advanced LinkedIn automation tools are offering features that enable you to send personalized images, GIFs along with the message to grab their attention.

It’s a proven strategy that will bring you a 70%+ acceptance rate and a 30%+ reply rate.

Why Does Advanced Personalization Works on LinkedIn?

  • A unique approach: Prospect do respond when they see you have put some effort in connecting and engaging with them. As this is a unique approach and very few people practice it, there are high chances that would see significant outcomes right away.
  • Stands Out: When you run hyper-personalized cold outreach campaigns, you will stand out from your competitors and get better results ultimately.
  • Word of mouth: When you use personalization, you can easily impress our customers. Once you’re successful in earning their trust, word of mouth will do the rest for you.

When you put effort into writing a message along with the image for your ideal prospects, the results are always outstanding because you interact with them on a personal level.

3. Post Personalize Content on LinkedIn

Use personalized content to grab the attention of your ideal prospects. For that, you first need to understand their interests, what things they like to read, etc. Once you have collected the data, synthesize content that will interest your target audience. Post poll results, infographics, and use other tips and tricks to increase their engagement.

Why Does Personalized Content Works Better?

  • Due to common interests: By synthesizing the content that they like, you both will have something common to talk to that will ultimately increase engagement.
  • When you post content that interests them, they have a reason to connect with you.

Here is another suggestion: Use more and more personalized video content. Video content is 50% more likely to get the attention of the viewers and 60% sharing rate. So, creating highly personalized video content can increase brand awareness in no time.

Video content is 50% more likely to get the attention of the viewers on LinkedIn
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If you want to speed up your lead generation process on LinkedIn, don’t worry, it’s 100% possible. But you need to use the right tactics for that and on top of all is ‘Advanced Personalization.” You must hyper-personalize your LinkedIn cold outreach sequence to get amazing results. It will not only improve your acceptance and response rate but keep your account safe. As you run a campaign that seems more neutral and less spammy, Your LinkedIn account won’t be under the radar.

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