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How to Get Trusted Bloggers to Review Your Product

How to Get Trusted Bloggers to Review Your Product

Getting products reviewed by influencers or bloggers is a great way of building trust among customers. Capturing popular bloggers’ attention is an art. Just tossing freebies in their way is not enough. These bloggers have made a lot of effort in building credibility, so certainly they will desire to maintain it.

Offering incentives for great reviews is not wrong, but handing the job to any random blogger might simply defeat the purpose. The objective of product review gets hindered with incentives, especially when the blogger is not committed to offering impartial reviews.

When incentives in the form of freebies or cash are offered, then reviews are often sugar-coated, making the product sound great, but it does not help the customers. A review from trusted and credible product review bloggers gets converted at a high rate than brief mentions from those who reviewed for a freebie. Let’s get familiar with how to get your product reviewed

Follow these steps to get trusted bloggers to review your product:

1. Assess your product

Veteran bloggers reject product review opportunities several times. Products need to be original, functional, useful and add value to the customer’s life. It has to be practical and catch the attention of potential customers. Therefore, before you approach selected bloggers, assess your product closely. If necessary, make improvements. There should be no reason for bloggers to reject your first product review request.

2. Build relationships

Identifying an influencer in your niche is not enough. It is necessary to build a strong relationship. Relationships consistently pay dividends in the future. For example, you may have another product line in the designing process, which will soon need a launch. The same influencer or blogger can help you. 

Start introducing yourself on Twitter or Linkedin or via email. In this way, you can contact a potential journalist or blogger. They will expect to hear from you, as well as be keen to respond. You can even help them if you can, whenever an opportunity arises. In the future, they are sure to return the favor. 

3. Be selective with blogs you send a review request

There are countless review blogs and each one of them differs from others. Choose a blogger with a large audience, and content has to be of good quality. Make sure the blog you choose is relevant otherwise your target market will not help you.

For example, if you need bloggers for tourism influencer marketing, you can’t approach the sites that focus on healthcare or tech niche.

Many bloggers review products to get free samples. They are not committed to the task at hand. Your product’s value must never be based on sugarcoated reviews but on the product’s real usefulness. Be selective while choosing a review site.

4. Be helpful

Some review blogs accept guest posts. These bloggers have a lot of content than reviews. You can leverage the blogger’s hard-earned traffic by writing a relevant and helpful guest post. It will help to generate your product and brand awareness. 

5. Distribute samples

The distribution of samples to the bloggers allows them to try it first hand. They get real experience on the usefulness and quality of the product. If the review is good from the bloggers, then the audiences, who trust their opinion confidently, will make a buying decision.  Proper blogging strategies will improve your online business reputation in the long run.

Make sure to check your website, because, with a good review from bloggers, there will be a surge in traffic. Your site needs to be prepared for handling the increased traffic. Your website layout has to be user-friendly. Even make sure that the buying process is made simple for a great shopping experience. 

Limitations that you might face:

However, you might not have the time, resources, or knowledge to follow the above-mentioned steps. It will be a time-consuming and tedious task to approach one blogger after another, in order to find the right ones to review your brand or product.

So, the question is how to find influential bloggers to write reviews for your products or service?

Best Solution:

You can visit online platforms that connect the top-ranking bloggers with the advertisers. is one such platform that has more than 2,000 bloggers listed in the marketplace, ready to provide valuable product reviews on blogs. It is truly the evolution of influencer marketing.

You can easily find the right bloggers under one roof, instead of having to chase one blogger after another on your own. After finding the right blogs, you can discuss how to promote your personal brand with their help. They can help you in creating the brand awareness that you are seeking.

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How does platform work?

As an advertiser, you will be able to get access to the platform for a nominal fee of 9.99$. Once you become a member, you will be able to create product review campaigns to get suggestions from bloggers.  

After your campaign gets approved, bloggers will see your website and requirements. You can pay via PayPal to place orders with bloggers through the marketplace. You can choose the blogs that best match your campaign niche using category filters and by checking the blog’s SEO metrics, like Domain Authority, Alexa Rating, MOZ backlink analysis, IP Location, and send your questions to bloggers through a convenient contact form. The payment process is pretty straightforward.

There could be a few reasons when your campaigns could get rejected. If it expires, your money will be returned to your advertiser account. However, it is important for you to understand the reasons why it can get rejected.

  • You chose a blog that is not relevant to your product or service niche.
  • You gave the link to your homepage, instead of the correct landing page. Many popular bloggers do not accept the commercial links in their publications.

There could be some other reasons for rejection. The best way is to check blogs first and see the kind of content that they are publishing. That will give you a good idea if It is the right blog for your advertising needs or not. It will also eliminate the possibility of your campaigns getting rejected. 

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Once you place the order for any blog and it gets approved, you will also be able to communicate with the blogger in the order form and discuss the details. You can use the comment section to discuss the specific needs of your advertising campaign or product review.

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