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How to Use LinkedIn Content Marketing for B2B Business?

How to Use LinkedIn Content Marketing for B2B Business?

Nowadays, promoting B2B products and services significantly depends on the content brands produce. In this regard, LinkedIn appears to be the central platform for its distribution because of its focus on professional relations, business growth, and networking.

Yet, to thrive there, a marketer would need a worthy Linkedin content strategy to bring solutions to the prospects and invite them to the customer journey. For it to happen, the company should remember that LinkedIn has its unspoken rules.

Read on to know more about B2B LinkedIn content and how to succeed in creating content for LinkedIn.

How to Use Linkedin for Marketing B2B Businesses?

Before all, marketers may apply a LinkedIn strategy for B2B operations of different kinds. Usually, the brands use LinkedIn for content marketing, sales prospecting, and targeting decision-makers. In particular, more than 90% of marketers utilize this channel for distributing B2B content.

However, to be visible and exciting to the audience, you should develop your B2B LinkedIn content with the following in mind:

  • Provide value: The users come to LinkedIn to talk about work, find solutions and develop their business. Thus, your ultimate goal is to provide value to the audience. In particular, the best way is to educate them and offer pieces that can contribute to their business.
  • Project authority: At the same time, you should convey a particular image that will help you to educate people and build trust with your followers. What is it about? Expertise. Position yourself as an expert and present proof that you have enough experience to be a voice of change.
  • Develop Relations: Lastly, in implementing a successful B2B marketing strategy for the LinkedIn audience, another primary thing is concerned with developing relations. LinkedIn puts networking in the center, meaning the more you connect with other users, the better marketing opportunities you would have. That’s why when you sell or promote services instantly is the wrong thing to do.

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The networking principle allows you to even close deals. Imagine you publish the content and engage with those who reacted to it. Now, you have quality leads that you can contact and close deals.

Then, you can add their names to a separate file or Google sheet and find their email addresses with the email finder extension. You can check this Google Sheet email finder here:

As a result, marketers can use LinkedIn for marketing B2B products, sharing content, and prospecting leads. However, they should remember to provide value, project authority, and develop relations.

Tips for B2B LinkedIn Content Strategy

Is it necessary for a content marketing specialist to consider these steps when designing a LinkedIn content strategy? For sure. Nevertheless, there are other things worth your attention. The following tips will help you to be visible, attract leads and create a community bringing you growth:

1. Be Passionate and Attract Your Team to Production

Before building a B2B marketing strategy for LinkedIn, the company needs to hire or appoint a person who will be passionate about the product and the service. The B2B content is all about insights, tips, and pieces of advice. It means that a responsible person needs to have knowledge about the product, niche, and industry. You will not produce a good research or case study if you are not interested in the subject.

Thus, a good tactic is to bring someone from the internal team to help you produce content and provide insights and valuable data. Besides, you will need to do much research, follow the trends, and understand the issues of the customers with social selling. That’s why behind the LinkedIn content strategy, there is a whole team that is to provide insights.

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2. Produce Quality Articles and Posts

Besides, to succeed, you need to make content quality your number one priority. Producing excellent LinkedIn marketing B2B articles comes with meeting the demands of the audience. Notably, the content creation should reflect their needs and provide solutions.

Besides, your article should offer insights and value. That’s why statistics and case studies are so effective in attracting the audience. Decision-makers speak the language of numbers, and it is the reason why you will only benefit from posting the stats.

Moreover, you should think of infographics and video content adding to engagement with the users. They are to get the attention of the prospects and have more chances to go viral.

Simultaneously, if you build your LinkedIn strategy for B2B purposes, you will need the content to invite prospects to the customer journey. That’s why the promotion of content can be necessary. Knowing how to start a promotion on LinkedIn can give you a boost in reach and visibility.

3. Support B2B LinkedIn Content Pieces with Expertise

Besides, it is vital to back up your posts with expertise. In this regard, make sure you add links or references to the research and cases of other experts. State where you get the information and offer the chance for experts to see more details if they click the link. Such an approach will give your audience more freedom and will make you an opinion leader or trendsetter.

Notably, you can invite influential decision-makers to make posts with you. How? Use targeted outreach and look for people based on advanced search. Moreover, try to find the authors of popular blogs in the niche.

When you identify the target, write them in direct messages or use the GetProspect email searcher to extract their corporate email address from LinkedIn. That way, you will be able to collaborate and create joint publications or educational pieces.

At the same time, you can tag opinion leaders and content creators when you utilize their content for the LinkedIn B2B strategy or want them to participate in the discussion. In case they comment, you have a chance of greater visibility. They also can decide to share your B2B LinkedIn content if they find your writing piece or video excerpt compelling.

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4. Start a Dialogue in the Comments

Also, the personal page is not the only place to hold the LinkedIn strategy for B2B business of yours. You can use groups and comment sections as a starting point for the customer journey.

For instance, groups are the source for professionals who seek answers to their questions. The audience there is open to any advice or topic suggestion. They can like your response and go to your page to see more content. Thus, find the one and start a conversation there, offering your solution to their problems.

The same applies to comment sections of other people’s posts. The easiest way to contribute to the Linkedin content strategy, under this approach, is by searching for specific hashtags and answering people’s questions. If they love your solution, they will likely follow you for more tips and insights regarding the industry.

5. Organize Digital Events

Lastly, your B2B marketing strategy for LinkedIn can include digital events. In particular, if you have a course or lecture to offer to your audience, it will contribute to your engagement. In addition, they work as great lead magnets helping people to start or continue the customer journey and end up on your website.

You can use the pieces from the webinars or courses on your feed by turning them into videos and offering more value to the audience. Moreover, if you invite a guest or professional to speak about the problems or trendy topics in the niche, you can improve the trust and strengthen your community.

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LinkedIn is a powerful content marketing tool for B2B businesses. By creating high-quality, relevant content, you can attract and engage potential customers on the platform. When done correctly, LinkedIn can help you build brand awareness and generate leads that turn into sales.

Have you tried any of these techniques? If not, give them a try and see how they work for you.

Do you have any suggestions for other ways to use LinkedIn content marketing? Leave the comments below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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