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Is Facebook or LinkedIn Better for Business?

Is Facebook or LinkedIn Better for Business
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Social media networking has always been the confetti popper for all businesses. With the swarming population headed towards social media platforms, they have become the hot seat for anyone to sell. Growing your business with social media is the millennial way of establishing yourself in the market. With the growth in internet usage, social media has become one of the places where you can get hold of the world.

Here we shall talk about two such platforms- LinkedIn and Facebook, and analyze which one serves better to the entrepreneurs for spreading and growing their business. While discussing the effectiveness of LinkedIn and Facebook, it is important to know their journeys. LinkedIn primarily started as a ground for all professionals to meet, learn about the market and business opportunities in their respective fields. 

On the other hand, Facebook is always known as the platform that connects people on a social level and allows them to share and post events, images, write-ups, and much more.  However, LinkedIn has evolved with time and has fit into the mold of social networking where you can send direct messages to your connections, share images and post blogs, and much more. Facebook evolved to make space for the marketeers where you get to create pages and even sell your products via the platform. 

Let Us Dig in Deeper and Understand Whether Facebook or LinkedIn Better for Business in 2021:

1. Number of Users

The user base of Facebook can beat LinkedIn with all eyes closed. With 2.74 billion users around the globe, Facebook wins the race. If you can establish your business on Facebook, it becomes available and accessible to more people than ever. 

Even though LinkedIn has a user base of 722 million, it’s more effective to generate investments and increase your conversion rates. Some might even opine that LinkedIn has got the filtered crowd. Meaning it is built primarily for people looking for business and opportunities on professional grounds. 

Facebook VS LinkedIn user stats in 2021:

Total Members2.74 Billion722 Million
Gender of Visitors56% Male, 44% Female57% Male, 43% Female
App Ratings (iOS)3.2-star out of 54.3-star out of 5
June 1, 2021

Many users have also talked about products they have come across on Facebook. Hence, if you’re looking for a wide range of consumers and a way to put your business out there in the world, Facebook is your way. It allows you to make the initial shoutout while you can reach out to the targeted market via LinkedIn’s professional user base. 

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2. Lead Generation

As stated earlier, LinkedIn holds a more refined crowd where people mainly aim at optimizing their professional grounds, whereas Facebook is more of a socializing platform. 

The average time spent on Facebook by a US adult is 38 mins approximately which is much more than that of LinkedIn. However, when using LinkedIn, people generally bear the mindset of connecting to make either an investment or a purchase. This, therefore, makes it more useful for the ones striving to make progress in their business field.  

One can come to a proper conclusion on this ground that LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to generate leads better than that of Facebook. 

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3. Additional Benefits

To grow a business, you will always need proper marketing, and marketing needs good socializing. Facebook offers its users the opportunity to explore some features and techniques that help them socialize more from a business perspective. 

You can create a page on Facebook that would contain all possible information regarding your business, including videos and images and several posts related to your business. You can use online video editing tools that allow you to directly share your creatives on Facebook and grab millions of consumers’ attention.

LinkedIn also offers you the option of sharing creatives; however, the crowd here mostly looks for their particular needs. Facebook exuding a lighter atmosphere retain a more accepting and exploring mindset in people. Therefore, when you share your information and thoughts using the innovative and socializing features of Facebook, users are more likely to indulge. 

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Facebook and LinkedIn, both are good platforms and your success depends on the content you provide. When designed carefully, you can market anything and everything with the help of social media. While you are on this platform, it depends on what you present and how you do it.

Facebook and LinkedIn also manage an ethical business. Since you are exposed to a larger population and your products/services can be accessed by all, it ensures that your business follows an ethical path, respecting the beliefs, opinions, and views of all communities. I hope this article helped you get the answer to the question “Is Facebook or LinkedIn better for business?”



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