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What Are the Advantages of Social Commerce for Brands?

What Are the Advantages of Social Commerce for Brands

Ever since the Internet has boomed, Social Media and eCommerce are the two sectors that have grown the most. It has become a cycle of purchasing something online and posting about it on social media later. Traditionally, the focus has been to influence social media users to visit the eCommerce website. Marketers have worked on both channels so that brands can grow and flourish. 

Things have started changing until recently with Social Commerce. It has unlocked new opportunities for brands to increase sales. Read the blog further to know more.

What Is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce is almost like an eCommerce store, and the only difference is that instead of your website, your social media business account becomes your store. Your posts turn into shoppable feeds where customers can make simple purchases with just a few clicks, and they don’t even have to leave the app.

If we talk about it in literal terms, social commerce is an integration of eCommerce with social media. Social commerce trends are growing, and the reason behind such growth has to be the Millenials and Gen-Z making it their first choice. 

They already loved scrolling through social media feeds, and now that they can make purchases along with that, the results are for everyone to see. There is no reason you should not incorporate social commerce as a marketing strategy. Here we’ve explained some of the undeniable benefits of Social Commerce.

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Understanding the Advantages of Social Commerce for Brands:

1. Get Discovered By Target Audience

Social media platforms are the one-stop destination for users to discover new brands. They use hashtags or keywords if they want to find something inspiring. Use the correct keywords and hashtags on your social media post’s caption and description so that potential customers can find you easily.

When they come across your posts, the users will realize that they are not just getting inspired, but they can also buy the product on display. The chances are high that they will buy your product. 

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2. Increase Customer Engagement

Social Commerce is a new concept for most people. It can work as an attracting factor for your social media business account when your followers and customers see the shoppable tags incorporated into your posts. They would want to click on them.

They will see how with just one click, they can see the product’s price, and by clicking again, they get landed on the description page. By the time they discover everything and learn the easy steps, they will get encouraged to scroll more on your social commerce store, increasing customer engagement.

3. Encourage More Purchases

Earlier, brands would post aesthetically pleasing pictures that would encourage users or potential customers to visit their eCommerce store. The procedure was slow, and customers would get distracted by the time they would reach the webpage. 

With social commerce, you can be assured that your potential customers won’t get distracted. It keeps them hooked right from the beginning. You just need to focus on the visuals of your post, and the easy steps of purchase without having to leave the social media platform would eventually encourage more sales.

4. Improve Customer Loyalty 

People’s love for social media is undeniable. You can find your target audience there. The main goal of commerce is to build a healthy relationship between the brand and the customer. What better place can there be other than social media to make relationships stronger? 

When customers have to convey an issue or give any feedback to you, filling lengthy customer service forms or writing emails can be a little overwhelming. With Social Commerce, they can send you a message. Having one-on-one conversations will bring you closer to them and improve customer loyalty.

5. Expose Your Brand to a Global Audience

The most prominent feature of social media has to be that it is not bounded by geographical boundaries. That’s what makes it limitless. With Social Commerce, you can bring your brand to global attention. Social media platforms have promotional features that let you choose your target audience.

You get filters as keywords or hashtags searched, age group, and most importantly the location. The filters will help you reach your target audience and expose you to an audience on the global level.

6. Mobile-Friendly Features Increase Sales

The biggest reason why Social commerce is seeing such rapid growth is because of its mobile-friendly feature. Usually, people would sit in front of their PC or laptop to explore the eCommerce site and have a better understanding of their product.

Things are different with social commerce. You can simply be lying on your bed, scrolling through social media, and exploring products to buy all in one place. And let’s not forget to mention once again the easy purchase procedure without any distractions simply on your mobile. Wouldn’t that increase your sales?

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Over to You

Relevancy is necessary to keep up with the trends and stand out in such high competition. Social Commerce is one such trend that is here to stay. We have come to the end of this blog, where you got to know the benefits of Social Commerce. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to convert your business account into a Social Commerce store already!

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