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How Can I Design My Own Logo? In-depth Guide 2022

How Can I Design My Own Logo

Your presence here shows that you certainly know the importance of a logo in a company’s identity. Indeed, it defines what you do, who you are, how you work, or the values you convey.

Creating a logo is a real challenge. It’s the first thing a customer perceives about your business. It has to be compelling, and impactful and is at the root of the identity of your business. Creating a logo can be a long road full of pitfalls and doubts for a business.

This is why we will discuss the tools to create a free, simple, and effective logo. Before you start headlong into creating your logo, there are a few analyzes that you might find useful to perform.

What are the goals of your logo?

The first step, and not the least, define what your business is and what your field of activity is, the values you carry, and what image you want to communicate with your customers. These questions are essential in this creation process. They will allow you to make logos that suit you.

Among other things, consider including your collaborators in your reflection. In addition to integrating them into the company’s life, this will allow you to jointly define the image of the company that you wish to convey and subsequently avoid any inconsistencies that could tarnish it.

How to analyze the logos of the competition?

Now that you’ve defined who you are, it’s time to find out who the others are, what they do, and what works in the market. Indeed, your competition is one of the best sources of inspiration you can have. Be careful. You are not asked to copy your competitor’s logo identically but to analyze it. What colors did he use? Why? Does the logo represent his field of activity or not at all? Does it represent specific values? What are the shapes used? What typography is used? Besides, poorly advised competition can also mislead you, which is one reason why hiring a branding professional would be a wise investment.

So, this analysis will allow you to be inspired and, above all, see what you like or, on the contrary, not at all. Do not hesitate to keep a written record of all your analyses you will later use to create a successful logo.

How to be inspired by current trends?

One of the best resources to inspire you is the internet. Indeed, this space is full of creatives, so do not hesitate to seek new inspiration in their work. Also, on sites like Pinterest, Behance, or even on social networks, you can find examples of logos, typographies, shapes, or even colors that could inspire you and please you. Soak up all the sources of inspiration available to you. The more inspired you will be, the more original your logo will be.

Just like the rest, keep track of your research by creating a mood board that will allow you to mix these different inspirations and see which ones you could combine or not.

Learn how you can design your own logo

After all these analyses and studied sources of inspiration, you will now be able to think about your logo’s very design. It is important to note that each element must be considered and justifiable to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. If you want to export your business internationally, keep in mind that each country has its codes and meanings, so your logo’s elements can be interpreted in very different ways.

Follow these 4 tips to design your own logo with ease:

1. Define the right shapes for your logo

Each element of a logo has a meaning; when creating one, it is essential to know the scope of the shapes you will use to communicate the right message. We are going to study 3 main shapes to help you in the creation of your logo.

The square

With its parallel lines and its four right angles, the square represents rigor and stability. It will be used in “serious” fields such as finance or real estate, for example.

The round

In total opposition to the square, the circle represents art, softness, and naturalness. We recommend that you use round shapes if you want to give a feeling of benevolence.

The triangle

Just like the square, the triangle gives this impression of stability, but also of progress. With his point upward, he asserts his greatness and his determination. The triangle is mainly used in the fields of architecture or construction.

2. Define the colorimetry of your logo

After choosing your shapes, it’s time for colors. They are numerous, and some may appeal to you more than others, but specific codes must be observed when creating your logo.


It represents the sea or the sky, so it symbolizes serenity, confidence, and escape. A logo can represent a more scientific or even technological side. Banks or insurance companies will very often use it.


It evokes nature, the environment, and well-being. It is widely used by companies working in the fields of the environment, ecology, or health.


Symbol of passion and ambition, it catches the eye and gives a logo a boost. However, it is to be used sparingly. This color can refer to danger and revolt, which can be detrimental to your logo.


The color par excellence will warm and bring light to your creation. It reminds us of the sun, cheerfulness, and optimism. It can be used in different areas.


This soft mix between blue and magenta inspires dreams and softness. It will often represent culture, art, or the spiritual realm.


This fresh and sparkling color is ideal for stimulating creativity and communication. It will often be used to enhance a logo and in companies in the field of communication.


Often a symbol of mourning or a bad omen, its meaning in advertising is the opposite. Black in a logo represents sobriety and elegance, and it will very often be used in the luxury sector.

You now know everything or almost about colors and their meanings. When creating your logo, keep in mind that your colors must above all speak to your target. The codes mentioned above can be flexible by justifying them.

3. Choose the typography of your logo

Make way for the last step in creating your logo, its typography. Like colors, different fonts can have various interpretations. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully use your typography and ensure that it matches your logo’s rest.

Whether installed directly on your computer, downloaded, or even created from scratch: a vast choice of fonts is available to you.

Fonts with serifs

Serif fonts are used regularly in the press or novels. They give a somewhat classic style to your writing but reassure readers who are used to seeing it in the various media around them.

Sans-serif fonts

Sans-serif fonts remain classic but much more modern than their serif counterparts. They are easy to use as they remain crisp and clear for the reader.

Script fonts

Script fonts are the most elegant. Indeed, this “handwritten” impression inspires creativity and freedom; there are all types. This type of font can totally be used in your logo, but don’t overdo it, and it can quickly become unreadable.

You will understand that there are many typographies, and the best way to find the one that suits you best is to test several and combine them. Remember that the chosen font must alter the reading and that, like the other elements that make up your logo, it must represent your values.

4. Use the best tools for creating a logo

Now that you have your logo design in mind, it’s time to get started. Be aware that designing a logo can be laborious and complex for a beginner. This tool provides a feasible approach to help you create your logo quickly.

For the less skilled in graphic design software, we suggest DesignEvo. This website allows you to customize your logo in a few minutes, thanks to templates already made. It has a large stock of template galleries with more than 10,000 templates. So, you can easily choose a template to start your logo project and then download it to build your corporate identity.

You can also try Canva, Wix Logo Maker, and Adobe Illustrator to create an awesome logo for your brand.

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You have understood that creating a logo is no small task. It involves an actual phase of reflection and creative monitoring. Always keep your target in mind and identify what might appeal to him while maintaining specific aesthetic codes. And even the design phase of your logo can be trying if your graphic design software knowledge, you can get your logo project effortlessly with online logo makers.

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