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7 Best Harry Potter Font Generator Websites

Harry Potter Font Generator Websites

Harry Potter is not just a movie. It is not simply a book. Harry Potter is an emotion. J.K. Rowling gave birth to the disparate crew of occult witches & wizards at the famous Hogwarts School of Magic that taught us some impeccable life lessons about friendship, love, bravery, and beliefs. A story that started with the mysterious alchemic stone The Philosopher’s Stone and with the hero destroying the Horcruxes. An eight book long series that kept all of us at the edge of our seat in excitement and wonder. Truly a remarkable existance.

It gave birth to another level of fan following popularly known as ‘Potterheads.’ To think that Rowling was rejected so many times by publishers that we may never have seen the world of Mr. Potter or gotten to be a part of his life! Just as a little tinge of magic changed the character’s lives in the blockbuster movie & book-series, a little touch of Harry Potter fonts to our designs is more than enough to add that flavor of magic to it. From elegance to spookiness, they elevate the overall beauty of design & leave the audience enraptured.

Harry Potter Fonts

Fonts are something that add power, or in this case magic, to the word they are applied on. There are a lot of times when a simple font just won’t cut it, and you need to change that normal font into something magical. Among a handful of Harry Potter fonts available on the net- Parseltongue, Xefora, Wizard World, Harry P, Parry Hotter, Animales Fantastic- are some of the most used & sought after fonts.

These Harry Potter fonts are so beautiful and powerful especially for designers that designers from all walks often use these fonts with a dual purpose to appeal & attract the Potterheads. While also adding that pinch of supernatural touch to their designs. The sheer amount of power that these fonts hold could make He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named cower. From posters, flyers, invitations, books to theme-based stationeries and any other creative, these fonts are apt for almost any design.

But the question is, “where to find these gorgeous Harry Potter fonts?” These fonts are generally not available in the basic pre-installed fonts set, and you need to download the fonts file additionally from different Harry Potter font generator websites.

Top 7 Harry Potter Font Generator Websites in 2021:


With a fantastic collection of more than ten thousand fonts, Dafont is your number one go-to website for any type of font requirement. This is one of the very few sites to have almost every Harry Potter font available. The fact that they are available for free is the icing on the cake. After downloading the file, you are good to go! Click on this link to find the basic and the most famous Harry P font, the one that is used in all the movie’s & book’s covers:


Another website that you need to check to get all the Harry Potter Fonts in one place is Fonts2u. This site also has quite a variety and will certainly give you one of the best fonts that you’ll keep coming back to!  You can access & download the fonts for free. Visit their website and choose your favorite harry potter font, download it and create magical visuals in minutes.


As the name suggests, the 1001fonts website has a plethora of fonts for you to choose from. They have a user-friendly interface & easily accessible & downloadable harry potter fonts are available. Apart from the generally used ‘Harry P’ font, they have a lot of other fonts under the category of Harry Potter, which are worth looking at. They are all different while some vary to a large extent others vary only slightly. You can pick anyone based on your need & taste.


The Fontspace website has around 15 different types of Harry Potter fonts available, including a famous & rarely available variety of fonts. Free to download, this site provides a hassle-free experience to the user.


The best thing about the Font Meme website is that it has an in-built text generator. What that does is that it can create and give you a sample of what your text would look like with the font applied to it. If you wish to create a simple text or logo without downloading the font, you can simply use the text generator & the in-built Harry Potter Fonts available to create desired texts and logos. No downloads, no registration. You can just visit and take what you wish for. Simple, user-friendly platform to create & explore the harry potter magic.


Another perfect and easy-to-use website if you wish to create logos or simple texts without downloading the fonts is Flamingtext. They do have a download option available in case you wish to use the fonts offline on some other software or application. However, you need to type the other font’s name in the search bar to see their availability.


The Cooltext website, typically, is a graphic text generator similar to Flamingtext & Font Meme sites. However, they have 1958 fonts available, which you can either use in the text generator or can separately download the file as per your wish. They have some pretty cool graphic design options available in case you wish to design a logo using the harry potter font.

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All of the harry potter fonts are magnificent. Some have an eerie feel to them, while some are stylish and elegant. They can be utilized for a variety of purposes and are sure to add beauty, elegance, magic, thrill & life to your designs. These fonts take you one step closer to the mysterious wizarding world. Even if we can’t be in it, we can most certainly read like we’re in it! Take a few minutes to download your favorite fonts, and get ready to astound everyone with your mystical designs. And the best thing is that they can never get too old or outdated to use.

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