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8 Best Free Full Movies on YouTube to Watch in 2024

What Are Some Good Movies Available on YouTube for Free
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If you want to save your money and enjoy watching movies, you should try watching YouTube. YouTube offers great movies that you can watch for free. YouTube is a great platform that offers great entertainment for you to watch for free.

The unique thing about YouTube is that it consists of trailers of movies/shows that help viewers to know what the movie or series is all about. On top of that, you can find videos that can guide you on how to watch certain movie series on YouTube.

For example, if one wants to watch marvel movies and doesn’t know where to begin, you can search for the best order to watch Marvel movies on YouTube. There, you will find a video guiding you on watching the marvel movie series. YouTube consists of movies that are free to watch. Many that are available are old movies but entertaining to watch. Some of the good movies available are mentioned below.

Best Free Full Movies on YouTube to Watch in 2024:

1. Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

Missing in Action 2 The Beginning - Best Free Movies on YouTube

The movie is a classic; it was set in the 1980s. It’s one of the best action movies available for free on YouTube.

This movie is based on the Vietnam War, where Colonel Braddock is captured with other Americans. Here, he plans to escape the brutal prison where they are captive.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Lance Hool

Writers: Steve Bing, Larry Levinson, Arthur Silver

Cast: Chuck Norris, Soon-Tek Oh, Steven Williams

IMDb Rating: 5.4/10

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2. Close Range

Close Range - Best Free Movies on YouTube

Colton MacReady (Scott Adkins) hides a flash drive during a mission to rescue his niece, who was in the hands of a powerful drug cartel. In search of the drive, the powerful cartel attacks the MacReady family.

Now, he must fight with odds against him, as the Sheriff is also involved with a cartel.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Isaac Florentine

Writers: Chad Law, Shane Dax Taylor

Cast: Scott Adkins, Nick Chinlund, Caitlin Keats

IMDb Rating: 5.1/10

3. Snow Beast

Snow Beast - Best Free Movies on YouTube

The film is based around a Canadian wilderness, where people disappear every year. They come to worry as cases of missing persons start to rise.

Every year a research team led by Jim (John Schneider) visits the wilderness to study the animals within. They are shocked to discover most of the animals are missing.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Brian Brough

Writer: Brittany Wiscombe

Cast: John Schneider, Danielle C. Ryan, Paul D. Hunt

IMDb Rating: 3.5/10

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4. The Heartbreak Kid (1972)

The Heartbreak Kid (1972) - Best Free Movies on YouTube

Two lovebirds, Lenny and Lila, decide to get married. After getting married, they go to Miami for their honeymoon. And there is where Lenny meets Kelly, a tall, blonde lady.

Lenny starts to question his decision to marry Lila, as he now thinks he made a mistake and wants to marry Kelly.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Elaine May

Writers: Bruce Jay Friedman, Neil Simon

Cast: Charles Grodin, Cybill Shepherd, Jeannie Berlin

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

5. Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead - Best Free Movies on YouTube

Radiation from a satellite causes chaos on the east coast of the United States, as the dead come back to life as a form of zombies.

A group of Pennsylvanians fence around an old far to remain safe from the flesh-eating zombies. Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 horror film available for free on YouTube.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: George A. Romero

Writers: John A. Russo, George A. Romero

Cast: Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Karl Hardman

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

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6. Scum

Scum - Best Free Movies on YouTube

The story in the film is based around a young offender by the name of Carlin. He is being taken to a British juvenile institution. There, to survive, he uses violence as a tool to use against his inmates.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Alan Clarke

Writer: Roy Minton

Cast: Ray Winstone, Mick Ford, Julian Firth

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

7. Love Meet Hope

Love Meet Hope - Best Free Movies on YouTube

After getting inspired by love stories written by his grandfather, a young man is motivated to love again after his previous marriage didn’t work as they got divorced.

Now he comes to realize that all he was looking for was just right in front of him. The movie Love Meet Hope is a film about relationships and love and the courage to accept change while letting go of the past.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Bennie Woodell

Writers: Bradley Fowler, Amanda Markowitz, Bennie Woodell

Cast: Amanda Markowitz, Bradley Fowler, Ed Asner

IMDb Rating: 5.1/10

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8. F.R.E.D.I.

F.R.E.D.I. - Best Free Movies on YouTube

A young boy finds a stolen intelligent robot from a research facility named James in the woods near his home. James has been assigned a school project, and he needs to find a topic for his project or else he fails.

Will the friendly, intelligent robot help James, or will James find a way to return it to its owner? F.R.E.D.I. is a 2018 film, and it’s a good movie one should watch. Available for free on YouTube.

YouTube Link to Watch:

Director: Sean Olson

Writers: Garrett Brawith, Kat Olson, Sean Olson

Cast: Kelly Hu, Angus Macfadyen, Candace Cameron Bure

IMDb Rating: 5.1/10

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The above mentioned are good movies available for free on YouTube. They are fun and worth every second of your time. The only setback while watching free movies on YouTube is that you will experience advertisements that sometimes can be annoying. But for a great free movie on YouTube, it’s worth it.

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