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20 Best KissAnime Alternatives 2020 | Sites Like KissAnime.ru

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If you’re here, it means you are looking for KissAnime alternatives. Well, we have published this article to help you find the best anime shows streaming sites.

There are diehard anime lovers who know exactly where to look. One such popular online streaming site is KissAnime covering a variety of genres- Action, drama, romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and magic. The best feature to love about the app is its lack of subscription. Secondly, it’s well-known for its huge database containing subbed and dubbed movies in English. Thirdly, it’s picture quality varies from 240p to 1080p, and lastly, it’s availability on the various devices be it your desktop, or your smart devices. 

But, what happened to KissAnime

Many countries have banned KissAnime. That along with the frequent complaints on its technical glitches, It’s certainly high time to look out for the best KissAnime alternatives. Let’s explore. 

Check out the top 20 KissAnime alternatives in 2020 below:

1. Crunchyroll 

One of the best alternatives to KissAnime, Crunchyroll is a popular online streaming site with access to huge collections of anime. You can watch it on a PC, phone, Xbox 1, PS4, TV, WiiU, and more. It’s noteworthy that the software is one of the first in the Industry to offer anime collection online. It’s free for all its users with three different premium plans with better features. 

The free plan is the best choice for new members and novel anime lovers with free access to most available content at an SD level of 480p. Crunchyroll’s premium plans include Fan ($7.99 monthly), Mega Fan ($9.99 monthly), and Ultimate Fan ($14.99 monthly) with its ad-free, multi-streaming, and HD quality content.

There is a 14-day free trial period for each of the premium plans. If you are excited to get your hands on some action-packed series, classics, or fantasy-based anime, try this KissAnime alternative. 

2. Anilinkz

Being an amazing KissAnime alternative, Anilinkz offers a massive database of movies, shows, dramas, and more on Japanese animes for free. With great content sorted from A to Z, subbed or dubbed versions of content, and an engaging UI, the site is a choice KissAnime alternative. 

Also known for its constant updates and latest content featured, Anilinkz offers you all kinds of genre viz. Fantasy, suspense, action, romance, thriller, horror, etc. The best part about the app is you do not have to register to watch complete episodes of your anime.

3. 9Anime

A well-known KissAnime alternative, 9Anime is known to the anime world for its multiple high-speed servers and it has clean, modern UI. It’s a popular illegal web-based anime streaming site where you can watch your anime recordings and download them too. Its interface and website infrastructure is quite advanced compared to KissAnime. 

This alternative to KissAnime, not only allows you to classify your most loved recordings but also allows you to watch the most recent and best animes earlier than any other site. It allows you both SD and HD video qualities. You can also import all existing MAL directly into the 9Anime library. 9Anime offers a no-captcha feature that makes it worthwhile to stream seamlessly, despite the promotional and advertising hindrances. 

4. KimCartoon

Though not as old, KimCartoon, a trending KissAnime alternative, has been lately the choice to several cartoon and animation fans. It’s a well-structured, user-friendly site that allows users to access high-quality cartoons and animation movies on TV and different other devices. 

KimCartoon offers a colorfully designed website with each cartoon having its thumbnail, information, genre, and other superficial details. The content is neatly organized and users get to search through the classification based on filters and sorting by alphabet, newness, or latest updates. Being a trending alternative to KissAnime, KimCartoon has already gathered anime lovers throughout Japan, Philippines, South Africa, and the United States. 

5. KissManga

Often rumored to be the sister site to KissAnime, KissManga is thus, a widely known KissAnime alternative that allows free access to popular manga collections. Manga is generally Japanese based comics that are later adapted into anime. Most anime fans are also manga readers.

After all, why not have the best of both worlds? KissManga works often when the film adaptation is still pending. Anime lovers rely on manga while waiting for the anime. So if you are a manga fan, try this popular KissAnime alternative. KissManga allows you to access free, high-quality manga with the impressive loading speed and unique reading ease. 

6. Gogoanime

Watch HD anime online for free with one of the best KissAnime alternatives, Gogoanime. With regular updates, the website is freely available. SimilarWeb noted a far better audience reach in Gogoanime compared to KissAnime thus, making it the most popular anime streaming site

Gogoanime offers a user-friendly website with an interactive UI. Users can browse their favorite anime according to genres, most recent, or completion status. With more than a million views per month, this alternative to KissAnime has a strong social media presence ever since 2014. 

7. AnimeHeaven

If you are looking for heaven in the anime world where you stream anime shows endlessly, this is where you stop. AnimeHeaven will soon turn to be your favorite KissAnime alternative, owing to its free, HD quality content. You can find the latest episodes of all the top anime shows available within hours of its broadcast.

Moreover, if you prefer subbed, dubbed anime, AnimeHeaven is the choice for you. A matchable alternative to KissAnime, the AnimeHeaven website is great for binge-watching anime.

8. AnimeLand

Another KissAnime alternative, AnimeLand has a basic client and site interface. The app also allows users to download an unlawful anime series where you can watch them whenever at ease.

AnimeLand is quite popular in the online streaming anime industry for its largest database of dubbed anime, also available in English. The movie and anime series, each has its description, episode, and synopsis. Video quality ranges from 240p to 1080p. With its minimalistic design, simple interface, and fast response the AnimeLand is easily the best alternative to KissAnime. 

9. Chia-Anime

One of the truest alternatives to KissAnime is Chia-Anime. It has a collection of much free anime and movie series for the fans. However, you need to understand the English or Japanese interface to operate it. Chia-Anime has a mission to gather all the anime lovers providing them a database of all anime shows and movies on a single platform.

Be it drama, horror, mystery, comedy, thriller, or other genres, Chia-Anime also has a collection of animated series. The KissAnime alternative offers manga, dubbed, movies too, with thumbnails for each anime. The contents are available in HD quality and are easy to download. 

10. AnimeStreams

A simple yet effective anime and cartoon streaming app, AnimeStreams is a user-friendly KissAnime alternative. The application is known for its vibrant graphic and viewing experience. Due to heavy traffic load on the server, its website may not open sometimes.

New in the industry, AnimeStreams has a modern UI and a simple server that provides free curated anime for its users. The features include both light and dark mode. This KissAnime alternative offers multiple free links for English subbed and dubbed anime.

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11. AnimePlanet

An in-demand KissAnime alternative that provides over 45,000 legal, industry-approved anime episodes, AnimePlanet is a favored option. With worldwide users, the AnimePlanet allows access to the anime library through its interactive interface. 

The user-friendly structure allows you to enlist and record what you are currently watching, what you have watched, won’t watch, stalled, and dropped. Being the most trusted KissAnime alternative, AnimePlanet offers a reliable platform where you can easily navigate and look out for genuine information on anime as well as manga.

12. Daisuki

A well-admired and fan-approved alternative to KissAnime, Daisuki premium anime site is known worldwide for its awesome video quality. The website is owned by the Japanese based Anime Production. However, you got to subscribe to a paid plan to reap the best benefits of experiencing anime on Daisuki. Subscribers can now watch episodes of Time travel girl, Planetarian, and Gundam Seed in good quality and without ads. 

The KissAnime alternative is known for its impressive anime library, colorful design, fantastical characters, online store, and interesting plotline. It is also widely popular for bringing good quality simulcast content to its site. The KissAnime alternative. Daisuki also has a community forum wherein users get to exchange thoughts, feedback, and recommendations. Its store sells a limited edition of figurines of its popular anime characters. 

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13. AnimeDaisuki

A sought-out online Japanese anime shows streaming site, AnimeDaisuki is a reliable and favored alternative to KissAnime. Users love the app for its lack of ‘signup” necessity. You do not have to waste time to catch your favorite episode broadcasted recently. Scroll down the list of anime, choose your favorite, and watch it running in a quick time. 

The KissAnime alternative is reputed and still available to use. With numerous followers all around the globe, a rather strong community is gathered over the years, to embrace it more AnimeDaisuki community is active on Discord as well. A huge collection of Anime videos make AnimeDaisuki one of the best KissAnime alternatives.

14. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a popular KissAnime alternative, quite loved by the users. The application has an impressive list of anime series available online, all for free. It can be accessed on various platforms including iOS, Android, Apple TV, PlayStation Xbox, and Chromecast. 

The KissAnime alternative, AnimeLab has earned the reputation and lets you stream all the latest episodes within an hour of its broadcast in Japan. Known for its best shows and classic smash hits, its content is available in English and Japanese with subtitles. 

15. AnimePahe

A distinct KissAnime alternative, AnimePahe has followers all around the world. Its shared repository of shows and movies has gathered an impressive fanbase worldwide. This KissAnime alternative platform has no less than a global community, where anime lovers find all their preferred stuff in one place.

Apart from its quality content, AnimePahe provides a community forum wherein it lets the users interact among themselves. The active discord allows them to exchange recommendations and ideas on anime. So, it is worth trying AnimePahe as the KissAnime alternative.

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16. AnimeTV

AnimeTV, a KissAnime alternative, is known to be essentially kid-friendly for avoiding Hentai. It’s a popular anime streaming site that opens up to a huge collection of anime, English sub & dub in HD quality, and with unlimited download features. 

Some of the other features include auto-play episodes, casting episodes to TV, search & browse by genre, trending, and new seasons, etc. With regular updates available from time-to-time, AnimeTV is surely one of the best alternatives to KissAnime you will find on the web today. 

17. AnimeFreak

A widely popular anime streaming online site, AnimeFreak is another alternative to KissAnime that we have for you. It is well known among anime fans. Users get to watch thousands of free, subbed and dubbed episodes of Attack on Titan, NarutoNaruto Next Generations, etc. 

AnimeFreak has a simple UI, easy to understand, and scroll through. Users may browse episodes, movies, and TV shows by genre, latest updates, latest watched, etc. You can try this KissAnime alternative to have some fun today.

18. AniWatcher 

A flexible, free, online streaming app, AniWatchers is one of the alternatives to KissAnime. You can watch the latest anime series and movies, uploaded both in subbed and dubbed versions. A user-friendly interface and latest running HD quality videos make it easy, and user-accommodating. 

AniWatcher is best in the market because of its lack of registration and login requirements. You can watch free, high-quality cartoons, anime, and TV shows, ad-free, and without any membership fees. If you want to post comments, you will have to register on this KissAnime alternative website.

19. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is one of the most liked KissAnime alternatives because it offers a huge variety of anime collections, all for free. The platform serves to be the best-fit choice for watching new episodes of anime shows for android users especially.

Be it series, drama, or movies, you can find them all with its easy and simple UI. you may also download as and when you wish. Unlimited movies, unlimited downloads, and an advanced search option makes AnimeUltima a highly reliable KissAnime alternative. 

20. AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy is a simple and easy-to-use KissAnime alternative that allows users to browse various topics through organized categories such as- Ongoing, Popular, Scheduled, etc.

You can now watch all the amazing shows of Magica Record, Dorohedoro, One Piece, and many more on AnimeFrenzy’s black interface. You can also find the latest featured shows on its home screen. The easy and structured web design makes this alternative to KissAnime, a highly preferred one among the peers.


Anime is quite popular among the present online viewers. Given the demand for the website, it is easy for users to fall for fake or unsafe websites while browsing for authentic anime sites. With a secure firewall/antivirus in your system, follow our recommendation for the above 20 best alternatives to KissAnime. Know the legal websites and stream safely on your device. Choose your KissAnime alternative wisely!

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