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10 Best AnyWho Alternatives in 2024 | People Finder Sites

Best AnyWho Alternatives People Finder Sites
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This article brings you the top-rated AnyWho alternatives with their best features and pricing to help you make a well-informed decision. But, before jumping into the list, let’s understand a few important things. In the digital age, time is a precious commodity, and we must be cautious about how we allocate it. It is essential to know whom we are dealing with and how we spend our time. For instance, consider receiving a call from an unfamiliar number. It could be a spam call, an interview opportunity, or a long-lost acquaintance seeking to reconnect.

All of these could be in vain if you fail to distinguish the caller. The same goes with any other intel on a person- it could be a stranger or an old friend. We need an application that can provide us with enough intel on a person’s bio, background, phone details, businesses, or anything stored in the respective databases. 

Reverse lookup websites like AnyWho have information stored in their databases. This information corresponds to the White/Yellow pages, containing details about one’s phone, email, address, and other background records. Many sites like AnyWho offer the reverse phone lookup feature for free, wherein you can find a person using the phone number, email, or address they are registered with. However, AnhyWho has limitations, including its limited intel subject to its database. So, you may need an AnyWho alternative.

Top 10 Alternatives to AnyWho in 2024 (Free People Finder Sites):

1. TrueCaller

TrueCaller - Best AnyWho Alternatives

Truecaller is the leading global caller ID and call-blocking app, which stands out to be an excellent and reliable alternative to AnyWho. Yes, it helps you identify people using their caller ID or block the callers and helps you perform reverse phone lookup for free.

Features of Truecaller:

  • It is a smartphone application available on both Android and iOS.
  • It offers real-time spam reporting features for quick and accurate protection from spam and fraudsters.
  • Added to its popular Caller ID and spam-blocking feature, Caller Reason is up-trending. It tells you the reason behind the call.
  • It offers the normal phone features of calling or text messaging using the app instead of switching to other apps.  

Truecaller Pricing:

Free: It is the freemium version that allows you to use Caller ID and spam-blocking features.

Premium: The Premium plan available allows you a no-ad experience along with call recording, a premium badge, and other advanced features.

Gold: You can subscribe to the Truecaller Gold model and enjoy the Gold Caller ID features and premium support.

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2. ThatsThem

ThatsThem - Best AnyWho Alternatives

ThatsThem is a free alternative to AnyWho, where you can find people, their phone numbers, email, and postal addresses, all saved in the database. It is one of the leading people-search engine services known in the market today.

Features of ThatsThem:

  • You can enjoy the reverse phone lookup feature along with its variant, such as:
    • Reverse email lookup
    • IP address lookup
    • Reverse address lookup
    • Reverse name lookup
  • ThatsThem is a free app to search for people. Its UI is extremely easy, robust, and people-friendly to navigate.
  • Its database may contain intel on a person’s public record, court record, social network profiles or ID, map location, and even registered vehicle number.
  •  The sign-up is free, fast, and effortless. Once you sign up, you log in with your information and use the app from your phone wherever you go.
  • If you are looking for an application for a fast and free people search from public records, ThatsThem is for you.

ThatsThem Pricing:

The app is completely free. 

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Best AnyWho Alternatives

LinkedIn is an employment and professional networking platform wherein businessmen, professionals, job seekers, and job finders connect and interact, sharing their professional intel on their profiles. It stands out to be one of the best AnyWho alternatives, one of the most reliable and trusted sites today.

Linkedin is often seen as a business solution platform due to the millions of jobs posted there. It is a boon for job seekers, job finders, and those wishing to develop careers. So if you want to find out about a person, you can always resort to LinkedIn and look into his/her profile. 

Features of LinkedIn:

  • Unlike AnyWho, LinkedIn offers more professional intel on a person.
  • You may find their phone details, job details, past services and accomplishments, professional and social connections, former and current employers, colleagues, job positions, professional recommendations, etc.
  • The privacy feature will enable you to hide your presence or certain details unless you connect with them. Once connected over LinkedIn, you can access the work info.
  • The feature not only allows you to hide your connections but also lets you hide your identity while you view anyone’s profile.
  • Also, LinkedIn offers you the Advanced Search Option for a better search experience. You can filter by location, company name, industry, previous company, profile language, etc.

LinkedIn Pricing:

LinkedIn Premium offers you a one-month free trial to enjoy and experience its premium advantage. Among others, one of the features lets you learn who has viewed your profile. 

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4. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder - Best AnyWho Alternatives

PeopleFinder is a trustworthy alternative to AnyWho because this search engine offers public records intel about oneself such as age, family connections, aliases, etc. Unlike AnyWho, PeopleFinder gives a more detailed record, including the business record, phone lookups, criminal records, court records for any arrests or assault information, etc. Its No Login feature lets you access the application without logging in.

Features of PeopleFinder:

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, PeopleFinders offers features like:

  • Logs and contact information
  • Public record searches
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Intuitive interface
  • Find areas
  • Find contacts

PeopleFinder Pricing:

If you wish to perform a background check on someone, PeopleFinder is a great platform. Of course, if you wish to look further or maybe access a full search report, you will have to pay for the full plan. The detail will give you current addresses, prior residential addresses, neighbors, property records, criminal information, and marriage and divorce records.

5. Intelius

Intelius - Alternatives to AnyWho - Reverse Lookup

Intelius is one of the leading solutions to finding people from amongst its database and identifying unknown callers, much like Truecaller and AnyWho. The database includes billions of public records to help you with the following-

Features of Intelius:

  • Caller ID searches
  • People search
  • Background checks
  • Phone directory lookups
  • Reverse phone lookups, etc.

Much like Pipl, it offers accurate intel on a person, including criminal records, age, contact details, email addresses, social usernames, etc.

One of its best features includes a secure, anonymous search that lets you search for anyone without alerting the person.

Intelius Pricing:

Each of Intelius’ plans has different pricing and different trial periods. For example, if you want to subscribe for a reverse phone lookup, you will have to pay $1.99 for a five-day trial and later cancel or subscribe to a monthly plan for $29.63. During the post-trial period, you will get unlimited search options. There are separate plans for background searches and phone directory lookups.

6. Spokeo

Spokeo - Alternatives to AnyWho - Reverse Lookup

Spokeo is a people search platform, much like AnyWho, that allows you to search by phone, name, email, and postal address. You can confidentially lookout for a person without alerting anyone. Just use any publicly available info, such as their phone number or their current location; Spokeo will help you search out of its database.

Features of Spokeo:

  • It offers the AnyWho reverse phone lookup feature and reverse address lookup and reverse email lookup.
  • You can access one’s name, phone number, networking platforms, blogs, photos, and videos by tracking someone.
  • The interface is neat, uncluttered, simple to understand, and has a search box.
  • By looking up a name, you can access criminal records or marriage/divorce information.
  • By looking up the address, the person’s current address, neighborhood details, and intel on the prior residence can also show up on the site.
  • The Spokeo Protect feature handles identity-theft protection to allow legitimate connections with safety and precautionary mandates.

Spokeo Pricing:

Its Premium version offers special access to court records, and vital and sensitive information such as birth records, obituary records, military records, and more.

The basic plan costs $13.93 per month, $7.95 per month for a 3-months membership, and $4.95 per month for a half-yearly membership. The plan will help you with address, email, and phone number lookup. For anything further, such as court records, you will have to pay $2.95 extra per record required.

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7. TruthFinder

TruthFinder - Alternatives to AnyWho - Reverse Phone Lookup

A background check and public record search engine, TruthFinder is one of the people-friendly AnyWho alternatives. It is worth noting that the application does not provide consumer reports. Instead, it provides sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, and criminal records.

Features of TruthFinder:

  • TruthFinder allows you to perform a background check like PeopleFinder and Intelius.
  • Like AnyWho, TruthFinder allows you to perform reverse phone lookup and search through public, federal, social media, and deep web information.
  • It searches for people’s information by scouring deep into the web and databases, therefore, performing a search deeper than Google.
  • The site has been credited with an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

TruthFinder Pricing:

The plan will cost you $28.05 per month and $46.56 for two months on a subscription. You may find further discounts upon subscribing to a plan.

8. BeenVerified

BeenVerified - AnyWho Alternatives - Reverse Phone Lookup

BeenVerified is a background check platform similar to PeopleFinder and searches information deeper than AnyWho. It provides accessible information on people without compromising one’s confidentiality. Also, as one of the leading alternatives to AnyWho, BeenVerified provides intel on phone and contact details, residential and email addresses, and background reports.

Features of BeenVerified:

  • It offers a reverse phone lookup and reverses address lookup just like AnyWho.
  • It also sheds information on vehicle details, property records, criminal & court records, social profiles and usernames, and business-to-business intel.
  • With a subscription to its premium plan, you will have privileged access to white page records, arrest, and criminal records, with better, more accurate, and faster searches.

BeenVerified Pricing:

You can either subscribe to a 1-month plan or a 3-months plan. The former costs $22.86 per month, and the latter costs $14.86 per month.

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9. Pipl

Pipl - AnyWho Alternatives - Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Pipl is a people search engine that allows you to look for people using their phone numbers, addresses, or email details as an ideal AnyWho alternative. However, unlike AnyWho, Pipl provides personal and professional details about a person.

Features of Pipl:

  • The company stresses establishing identity trust by relying on automated tools and trusted intelligence.
  • Top fraud analysts and investigators can use the Pipl search tool for rapid identity verification and investigations.
  • Pipl API provides system integration with identity information allowing real-time identity verification and contact enrichment applications.
  • Pipl helps connect with people using mobile devices through contact intel for stronger integrity signals and faster case resolution times.
  • The interface is easy to use with no deployment required. 
  • You can get both current and historical data on a person, and unlike AnyWho, corroboration across multiple records for accuracy.
  • Pipl gives a free trial option too.

Pipl Pricing:

You will need to contact their sales team to get a custom quote for using their services.

10. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate - AnyWho Alternatives - Reverse Phone Lookup

Instant Checkmate, one of the popular alternatives to AnyWho, is a public record search service that performs background checks and provides personal intel. It allows fast, free people to search from public records.

Features of Instant Checkmate:

  • You can find location information, criminal records, phone number details, social media profile, death records, and much more.
  • Also, exceptional Member Care is Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM Pacific (10 am to 10 pm Eastern) (Holiday hours may vary).
  • Instant Checkmate guarantees to be one of the best public criminal records search engines one can use online. 
  • Besides a criminal background check and people search features, Instant Checkmate also provides reverse phone lookup and inmate search options.

Instant Checkmate Pricing:

You can enjoy the five-day free trial period at just $1. Moreover, you can subscribe to the membership for a monthly plan at $22.86 and a 3-months membership at $14.86/month. You can even subscribe to a half-yearly plan at $9.86/month.

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With these best alternatives to AnyWho, you can waste no time looking for any person you wish. You can get back in touch with your estranged family or a long-lost friend, do a background check on a stranger or an interviewee, and many more. The applications listed above are legitimate and people-friendly, with a simple interface. They are reliable and assure to protect you from identity theft as well. All in all, make a wise choice and go for it. Good luck! 

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