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10 Best Call Tracking Software Tools in 2022

best call tracking software 2021

Call tracking is the process of finding out what callers think about your business. The tool is being used by marketing and sales teams to attribute phone calls and find the specific marketing channels that led callers to your business. Once you know what makes your phone ring, you can easily measure advertising campaigns’ success and optimize future marketing strategies. 

Why Should You Track Inbound Calls?

You might be making/receiving several calls daily, but you will be limited to a set of information without call tracking. While you might follow up and ask the classic question of “How did you hear about us?” the caller isn’t likely to give you their first true interaction with your enterprise. 

Using call tracking software, you can tie inbound calls directly to marketing channels and campaigns that the caller interacted with before dialing your number. 

10 Best Call Tracking Software Solutions in 2022:

1. CallHippo Call Tracking

CallHippo is much more than just a call tracking tool. It gives you everything you need to improve call initiation, sales outcomes, business efficiency of your team, and TAT. It also helps you customize caller experience, qualify & route calls based on factors like location, shopping carts, and much more. 

You can even track keyword-level attribution on calls, sign-up forms, text messages, and chats from offline and online sources. With in-depth insights into your conversations and real-time customized reporting on call conversations, you can make decisions quickly. 

Rating4.2/5 (178 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoFree Demo Available
Pricing$24 Per User (Monthly)
Recommended forSupport Centres and Sales Departments

2. Call Tracker by HubSpot

HubSpot call tracking feature is built into its free CRM and Sales suite. Not only does it provide you with advanced analytics and reporting features, but you can also place calls from your browser without even picking up a phone.  

Moreover, one-click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. You can even record calls. The option to record every call allows you to keep a record of your conversations. 

Moreover, the calls are automatically logged into the CRM. Interestingly, you can combine it with Hubspot’s email tracking. This gives your sales team a seamless experience to spend more time with their prospects.

Rating4.5/5 (2,672 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoCRM is 100% Free
Pricing$50.00 per Month for Advanced Features
Recommended forGrowing Businesses (Scalable)

3. WhatConverts

WhatConverts is a leading call tracking, lead capture, and reporting platform. You can use the software to capture phone calls, forms, transactions, chat, and find each lead source. 

WhatConverts call tracking service offers a full-featured solution that helps you gather incredible information for each call. Not only does the software collect data, but it also provides advanced reporting and analytics features. This will help you gain critical insights from their call and marketing data. 

Rating5/5 (42 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoFree 14-Day Trial
PricingPlusPlan: $30/month, Agency Plan: $200/month
Recommended forDigital Marketing Companies

4. 800response

Real-time call tracking and monitoring tools of 80response boost customer acquisitions and will even help you optimize interactions with customers. 

With lead analytics, customer interaction analytics, and real-time lead tracking reports, companies can gain information on their incoming callers. 

They can even gain consumer details to prioritize and rank leads. This will help them plan their campaigns for different locations and get visibility into 100% of customer interactions. 

Rating5/5 (42 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoCRM is 100% Free
PricingPlusPlan: $30/month, Agency Plan: $200/month
Recommended forSmall and Medium-size Businesses, Multi-location Agencies

5. CallAction

CallAction is yet another call enrichment and call tracking tool. You can even integrate it with a CRM for exporting call data to records. 

A popular feature of the software is its intelligent SMS automation for responding to missed calls. This makes CallAction a great tool for companies with mobile- heavy customer bases. 

Rating5/5 (1 Review on G2)
Trial/DemoFree 14-Day Trial
PricingSolo Started $115 per Month
Recommended forEnterprises, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing Teams

6. CallFire

CallFire will allow companies to choose tool-free, local and international numbers from CallFire’s database, more of a lightweight tool. You also have the option to integrate your system with their Google Analytics account or other analytics data provider. 

You can even access CallFire on-the-go with its custom notifications and get access to important call information via email or your mobile device. 

Rating4.5/5 (1 Review on Capterra)
Trial/DemoFree Trial Available
PricingPay As You Go Plan, Lite Plan: $99/Month
Recommended forStartup Team, Enterprises

7. CallRail

Having served 100,000+ customers, CallRail is a cutting-edge call attribution and call tracking software. The platform boasts of robust functionality and can easily route and track calls and forms. Interestingly, it can even be integrated with marketing and sales platforms. 

CallRail also has call scribing tools. You can quickly review call transcriptions and set specific rules to score or tag a call if the agent or customer spoke certain words. You can also create custom reports to view forms or calls, apply filters such as tags, campaign, source, keywords lead score, and view data they care about most for that client or campaign. 

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Rating4.6/5 (129 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoFree 14-Day Trial, No Credit Card Required
Pricing$45/Month + Additional Usages
Recommended forSMB, Data-driven Marketers

8. CallSource

An ideal choice for appointment; heavy industries such as automotive dental, hearing consultants, and home services, CallSource offers auto-alerts that trigger when call handlers fail to book an appointment. You can even choose to discover new opportunities and provide performance coaching to call handlers based on recorded calls. 

Rating4.4/5 (193 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoCustom Demo Available
Pricing$17.00/Month per User, Can Get Custom Quote
Recommended forSmall to Enterprise Level; Automotive, Home Services, and Healthcare Industries

9. Convirza

Be it a small or a large scale business, Convirza has all the tools and solutions to improve your marketing spend and results. The tool features include dynamic call tracking, call analytics, lead quality scoring, online/offline marketing channel, and performance tracking. 

Rating4.3/5 (59 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoFree 21-Day Trial, No Credit Card Needed
Pricing$69 per Month, Can Get Custom Quote
Recommended forCall Centers and Businesses of All Sizes

10.  Channels (Formerly CrazyCall)

Channels is a cloud-based calling software that allows sales teams and businesses to reach their customers and leads quickly. You can even use it to track calls per particular numbers, record calls, transfer calls, make use of an autodialer, and much more.

Moreover, you can also make single calls, no matter what web page you are on, with Click To Call Widget. Inbound calls feature of Channels has the potential to improve customer satisfaction. It will also help your business grow semi-passively through a lead- generating callback widget. 

Rating4.8/5 (36 Reviews on Capterra)
Trial/DemoFree 7-Day Trial, No Credit Card Needed
Pricing$15/Month per User
Recommended forCustomer Service Teams, eCommerce Stores of All Sizes

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Call tracking can help you improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. It also helps you manage the call leads in a better way to improve ROI. You can use any of these top 10 call tracking tools in 2022 that can help you get the best out of your marketing efforts whether you are a contact center or an SMB/large business owner. 

Did we miss out on your favorite tool? Let us know in the comments section below!

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