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Yelp Alternatives

Do you need Yelp alternatives for listing your local business? If so, read this article carefully.

The modern customer prospers on information. Before these consumers make a buying decision, they have hunted for a long list of experiences and opinions of others. The prime reason for this is to tell themselves whether a firm is credible or not.

This work is easy, quick, and accessible to any individual with an internet connection and a computer in this era. There are some better citations of information for the customer in the research phase than business review sites.

One of the most prominent names in business review sites is Yelp. Though, Yelp is farther from the only reliable review website out there. If we do some research, many others often prove to be way more helpful for niche services or products. Following are the 10 best replacements for Yelp.

10 Best Yelp Alternatives and Business Review Websites of 2024:

1. Google My Business

Google Business Profile is the best Yelp alternative for small companies in 2024. Nevertheless, It is one of the top review websites; it replaces what was formerly called Google Local. Moreover, it is an important means of garnering a good online reputation.

Also, it can help with rating or ranking your business in several types of search results. You can get calls, website visits, and direction requests if your company is listed on GMB.

If managed properly, you can get thousands of high-quality leads from Google for free through the listing. All you have to do is to provide top-notch services and ask customers to write reviews for your business on Google. It will surely improve your online reputation and trust among the target audience.

2. Facebook

Being a Yelp alternative for businesses, Facebook is one of the most prominent places for feedback and growing businesses. Facebook reviews and rating is a new characteristic, but it’s fastly thriving in popularity. Just like Yelp, Facebook reviews and ratings utilize a star system for their users to show their dislike or likes for a product or company.

The more people who review a product or business, the more chances it appears in someone’s newsfeed on Facebook. Therefore, in this way, it helps in increasing brand awareness. The only drawback with Facebook is that your ability to react to feedback is limited. It is based on the customer’s privacy settings. For instance, if their profile is extraordinarily private, you will not even have access to their review.

3. Yellow Pages

You can have a business listing on Yellow Pages free of cost and that makes it one of the best Yelp alternatives. It allows businesses to organize the reviews posted on the website about their firms. Yellow Pages has transformed from paper to digital. Furthermore, it is now helping businesses online with reviews and local marketing and reviews.

Though, the yellow pages are no longer the heavyweight driver of new consumers as it was decades ago. Those days, when there was a rule of print books, ensure to claim your company there.

4. Foursquare

Foursquare possesses way more data points as compared to Yelp. Though, undoubtedly, its rating solutions are not as detailed as people usually like to see. Moreover, it has a qualitative rating system rather than a tandem Qualitative/Quantitative method. Therefore, it puts something out of the whole picture.

5. MerchantCircle

MerchantCircle is a Yelp alternative for local companies to improve their online presence. Also, for their consumers, with a considerable emphasis on social media characteristics. Additionally, to find a local business, you can visit MerchantCircle to search for offers and discounts in your locale.

You need to notice what everyone’s telling you about the hot spots in your area. Moreover, you can even ask other users for guidance on how to do quite anything. 

Companies are provided with a “Merchant Score”. Its basis is not just how users review and rate them but also the extent to which a business itself connects with the community. It can comprise the amount of “likes” they receive on Facebook. Also, it includes things like how frequently they respond to customers’ concerns or questions.

  • Write blog posts
  • Send out newsletters
  • Give deals
  • Or barely maintain their information as updated and factual as possible.

6. Angi

Angi is also known as Angie’s List. This Yelp alternative is best for local business directory submission. Angie lets its users provide more detailed feedback on businesses as compared to Yelp. Users can rank a business in the report; card style like on the order of A to F. In this order, A means the best while F is the worst, depending on five categories:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Punctuality
  • And professionalism

The grades in every section are averaged out to establish an overall personal rating. Further, those are averaged out to establish an all-around rating for the business. The major weakness of Angie is that they charge people for using it.

There is a monthly subscription that you have to sign up for to see any reviews or listings. Though, the trade-off is that several businesses listed on Angie offer discounts or give special offers regularly. Hence, things fairly balance out.

7. Better Business Bureau

Unlike Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB) tests all companies for predetermined “best procedures” for customer service. Firms get ratings from A+ to F. The basis of this technique is the business’s size compared to the amount of positive feedback and consumer complaints. With the Better Business Bureau site, more than five million companies are listed already. An A+ BBB grade can increase your credibility among customers.

8. CityLocal Pro

CityLocal Pro is one of the fast-growing business review sites like Yelp. It benefits both business owners and local visitors. Along with providing authentic reviews to customers, it helps businesses oversee and boost their online visibility. Also, CityLocal Pro helps the business in increasing its brand awareness. Therefore, you can trust this website if you are searching for good business review sites. Undoubtedly, they make sure that the reviews are reliable.

9. Manta

Yet another Yelp alternative, Manta is an online small company service directory. Also, it serves as a review site and a search engine. It gives small businesses information on the network. Moreover, Manta is a directory with strong traffic volume and review capacities. The site enables small businesses to grow and connect through their population. Here users can partner with, purchase from, and connect to businesses.

10. Amazon

Amazon is an incredibly famous site for customers searching for reviews on a product they plan to buy. Also, many people visit Amazon particularly for reviews, even if they intend to buy the product anywhere else. Amazon retains such a vast range of brands or products to sell.

There is mostly always feedback (or many) for the brand or product you’re looking for. It also has a rating system. Customers rate their products with the help of a 5-star scale; then, you can also put down their reviews underneath. Moreover further, you can filter those reviews into “most recent” and “most helpful” to narrow down the list.

Furthermore, it also possesses a list of “top reviewers”. Plus, they have titles like “Hall of Fame” and “Top 100 Reviewer” inscribed next to their names. Thus, feedback from them could be great for your company! You only have to do the job to reel them in.

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Now that you are aware of some great review alternatives on Yelp. It is up to you to choose from them according to your business requirements. No matter if you’re running a B2B or B2C business, customer feedback can enable you to increase your credibility with consumers and attract new buyers.

You can also search for more beneficial sites like Citylocal pro etc. You need to explore numerous alternatives and decide which platforms will work as per your marketing strategy.

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