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What Types of Content Are More likely to Earn Backlinks, Shares, and Traffic?

What Types of Content Are More likely to Earn Backlinks, Shares, and Traffic

Making it in the online business world depends on a single essential element; website traffic. If you don’t have enough people visiting your website on a daily basis, your business will disappear. With that in mind, let’s talk about content that easily gets traffic, links, and shares.

Stop doing things that don’t drive results!

It is safe to say that we can divide content into two categories:

  1. Content that easily drives traffic, links, and shares
  2. Content that does not make any results

You need to stop doing things that don’t drive results. Do not waste your time on low-quality content; focusing solely on quantity is never good.

Understand what channels get you the most traffic

You can increase traffic and get more shares and links through multiple channels. The most efficient ones are a blog or a social media platform. However, not every content will have the same impact on your readers. You need to focus on the correct type of content. It is not only important to make your content visually appealing; you need to write about things that interest people.

Types of content are more likely to earn backlinks, shares, and traffic:

1. A recognition post

People like to read about other successful people. Whether they want to satisfy their curiosity or see examples of success to help themselves, it is never boring to read blogs about how other people made it. If you wish to create a recognition post, blogs are perfect for this. As an example, a recognition post could talk about the best blogs in 2021, the most impactful writers of the 21st century, and so on.

2. Expert guides and online tutorials

Another very efficient type of content that easily gets traffic, links, and shares is expert guides or online tutorials. The number one reason why people use the internet is to find an answer to a question. In most cases, they do a search query that starts with “how to”.

If you have a narrow area of expertise you can talk about, use that. People want to hear an expert’s opinion. Focus on your niche,  and create a reader base through building trust. If you don’t have enough knowledge to create expert guides on your own, you need to interview professionals or do extensive research to get information.

3. Content that focuses on avoiding mistakes

Let’s look at social media platforms for a moment. They are wildly popular, engaging, and a perfect channel to communicate with people. You can also build a business around social media and make a living out of it.

We already spoke in the previous section about how people will look for expert guides on how to do something. For example, a person might want to create an Instagram account for their business. They will look for content that explains how to grow a business on Instagram. However, besides a guide, they will also want to look for the most common mistakes people make when creating an Instagram account. That’s an example of a post title that focuses on avoiding mistakes.

4. Product reviews

Another way to gain people’s attention is to offer them product reviews. People do product unboxing and reviews on YouTube all the time. They usually start either a live stream or record a video and walk their viewers through the entire process.

This approach is very interesting and efficient because you can share your own opinion. Furthermore, people like to see recommendations and positive reviews before they commit to a purchase online. With that in mind, doing product reviews will most definitely get you website traffic. Moreover, people like to share positive or even negative reviews on their social media accounts.

Various elements of content you need to add in your article to get traffic, links, and shares

Another vital thing to understand is that creating content that easily gets traffic, links and shares is more than just finding the most exciting topic to talk about. Every successful blog is doing that. However, you need to understand how to make your content stand out in the crowd.

To give you an example, if you write a 2000 words article that’s only a wall of text on a white page, you will probably lose a reader’s interest quickly. No one wants to spend time reading a long, dull post.

However, if you break that monotony by adding a few pictures or maybe a link to a helpful video, you will grab their attention. You need to give your readers various elements that will keep them interested in what you offer.

1. Infographics

Adding infographics to your content is a fantastic idea. They are colorful and pleasing to the eye and provide helpful information. Furthermore, people like to look at statistics, but they can also be very dull. If you hire a graphic designer, they can make you an interesting infographic that will present statistics in an exciting and different way.

2. Videos

A lot of people prefer watching videos over reading articles. We live in a busy world, and reading something grabs your full attention. However, if you are watching a video or simply listening to it while doing something else, you can save precious time.

Furthermore, if done the right way, a video can do so much more than a post.

3. Memes

Whatever you do, always try to add humor to your content. And what better way to do it than by using memes! Memes are the most popular way to talk on the internet, and everyone understands and loves them.

When using memes, the most critical thing is to use them in the proper context. If you make a mistake here, you will quickly lose the respect of your readers.

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Take your time and do it right!

We are at the end of this helpful guide about the type of content that easily gets traffic, links and shares. As a key takeaway, understand that creating quality content takes time. You need to do research, look for sources, and understand what your customers want. Do not rush it, and focus on the quality. If you try to fake it, people will know. With that in mind, pull up your sleeves and get down to work!

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