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8 TSheets Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

TSheets Alternatives

Are you currently using TSheets and searching for something else to change the game? If so, you have come to the right place. TSheets is used by many organizations worldwide to track work hours, supervise and monitor employees and effectively manage payroll. However, setting up and using TSheets can be quite tricky and there are some better alternatives. This article discusses the 8 best TSheets alternatives of 2024 that you can consider for your organization.

What is TSheets?

TSheets is a time tracking and employee scheduling tool designed to run on web browsers and mobile devices (iOS & Android). TSheets is not perfect but it does provide you with plenty of useful features.

One of such features is scheduling which allows you to organize the work of your employees by jobs or shifts. Scheduling is particularly useful for organizations with more than 5 employees.

Another TSheets feature that we also like is Geofencing which lets you know whether your employees are located on the worksite which virtually eliminates the risk of an employee clocking in early or buddy punching.

Lastly, TSheets easily integrates with popular apps such as QuickBooks and Xero. This makes running employee payroll effortless.

There are still plenty of reasons why you might want to use other apps like TSheets. There are so many time-tracking solutions out there but finding a good one may be quite a daunting task. That’s why we have created this list of products like TSheets. They have more advanced features, some are lower-priced, and ultimately better and more convenient at keeping track of your employee’s productivity.

8 Best TSheets Alternatives for Time tracking in 2024:

1. Toggl

If you are searching for reliable and straightforward time-tracking software, Toggl is a perfect choice. It is effortless to operate, making it the best alternative easy-to-use alternative to TSheets. Just click on the start or stop button, and you will have excellent yet precise time-tracking information within minutes. By doing so, the software guarantees you exceptional support for all your task and project-based time monitoring activities.

Toggl-TSheets Alternatives
Toggl Website

Features of Toggl:

  • Time tracking
  • Tracks specific projects and incomes
  • Team development and management
  • Report giving
  • Suitable website, desktop, mobile applications, and browser extensions
  • Offers email customer support

Toggl Pricing:

With a free available plan available, you can be sure to enjoy the basic features Toggl offers. Featuring paid plans, Toggl supports exclusive features like project profit and loss reports. Additionally, you will find them with time tracking reminders and planned alarms that notify you if a project is at threat of missing a time limit or exceeding your budget.

2. Hubstaff

Having been used by over 34,000 teams worldwide, Hubstaff is one of the best TSheets alternatives in 2024. It boasts a highly advanced time tracking app that works very effectively. Besides, you will find its website, mobile, and desktop apps working in unison to make everything automatic. This starts from time tracking to making payments, all the way to invoicing, which ensures remarkable accuracy and ease of operation.

Typically, Hubstaff aims at helping teams on-field and remote projects improve productivity. Also, it allows for streamlined administrative work and eventually increases profitability. The best part is that Hubstaff operates efficiently and silently in the background. As a result, you and your employees can concentrate fully on the things that matter most and get work done as needed.

Furthermore, it comes with an in-built GPS location tracker and smart geofencing features. The features can start and stop tracking time automatically. Similarly, they can notify you when an employee enters or leaves the working site. By doing so, you get to know if the worker is where they are planned to be.

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Hubstaff- Alternatives to TSheets
Hubstaff Website

Features of Hubstaff:

  • Time tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Monitoring employee
  • Automated payroll and invoicing
  • Detailed report
  • Available as apps for Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android app

Hubstaff Pricing:

Hubstaff is available in free plans where you can access essential services. If you want to enjoy the most pulsating features, you can go for paid plans, starting from $7 every month. You can also get the premium and enterprise plans, which range from $10 up to $20 per user for a month.

3. NCheck Bio Attendance

The trending TSheets alternative NCheck Bio Attendance is an accurate and reliable software that allows for the identification of employees using biometrics. In other words, it can help you identify an employee using their face, fingerprints, and iris modalities. Therefore, it is dedicated to facilitating registration, time attendance, and workers’ easy management. Whether it is through cloud services, on-premises, or working from home, NCheck Bio Attendance makes managing your teams effortless.

NCheck Bio Atendance - TSheets Alternatives
NCheck Website

Features of NCheck Bio Attendance:

  • Biometric attendance system
  • Contactless and aseptic attendance tracking
  • Management of attendance from remote areas
  • Multiple biometric modalities
  • Detailed reporting
  • Geographical location tracking
  • Real-time face identification
  • Integration with QuickBooks and TallyERP

NCheck Bio Attendance Pricing:

Both Standard and Lite clients of NCheck Bio Attendance software are available for users to download, install, and try for free for one month. You will also find a free subscription plan that supports up to five users on a cloud platform. The cloud subscription is free for 5 users but organizations with 20 or more employees will have to opt for one of the paid plans which start at €20/month.

If you have the capacity to host the software on your own servers then you can purchase a license for a one-off fee of €95 per device. One license supports up to 100 users.

4. DeskTime

DeskTime, a top-rated TSheets alternative, is a real-time tracking software that tracks employee productivity and working hours. You will find it with exclusive features such as scheduling, selectable screenshots, and project tracking. Therefore, you can rest assured this software has every part you need to help your workers become incredibly productive. This best alternative to the TSheets app motivates the employees to perform at the maximum of their potential.

DeskTime - TSheets Alternatives for freelancers
DeskTime Website

Features of DeskTime:

  • Manages employee time and attendance
  • Event calendar
  • Tracks expenses
  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Worker database
  • API integration

DeskTime Pricing:

DeskTime pricing for teams starts as low as $3.85 for each user per month. As for DeskTime Pro Solo plans, charges begin from $7 per month for each user.

5. Kronos Workforce Ready

The new alternative to TSheets, Kronos Workforce Ready is one of the best cloud-based systems that lets you track employee productivity with ultimate ease. Besides, it helps you manage employees’ hours of work and timesheets, handle time-off requests, and much more. Featuring iOS and Android apps, you will find it relatively easy to track and manage a particular workforce.

Some of the standout features of this TSheets alternative are the audit trails and reports that comply with the DCAA requirements. Additionally, it meets the SSAE 16 standards that make it a perfect and safe solution for sharing a confidential message among employees. The cost of this software starts from $6 per user every month, which is quite affordable.

Kronos Workforce Ready - Best Alternatives TSheets
Kronos Workforce Ready Website

Features of Workforce Ready:

  • Time tracking
  • Employee absence management
  • Worker scheduling
  • Payrolls
  • Analytics
  • Available in terms of Windows, iPhone, Mac, and Android apps
  • Variety of customer support systems

Workforce Ready Pricing:

They offer a free demo but have not disclosed the pricing on the website. Seems like they offer custom quotes as per a customer’s need.

6. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a highly versatile time tracking and productivity checking software like TSheets. It has powerful features that have changed it into a famous workplace tool among many reputable companies such as Apple, Verizon, and PwC. The good thing with Time Doctor is that it lets you track the time an employee spends performing each task.

Besides that, you can monitor workers’ website and app usage while at work. It also points out poor time usage to hold a specific employee responsible. With these best alternatives, your employees won’t get sidetracked while working. And, you can access plenty of advanced reports for precise client billing.

Time-Doctor - Top Rated TSheets Alternatives
Time Doctor Website

Features of Time Doctor:

  • Simple time tracking
  • Manages employee distraction
  • Gives advanced reporting
  • Real-time client access
  • Flexible payrolls
  • Easy to integrate with different apps like Google Apps, Slack, and ClickUp

Time Doctor Pricing:

Time Doctor prices start at $7 per month for every user. However, you can register for a free 14-day trial without using a credit card.

7. When I Work

With When I Work time tracking software and the best TSheets alternative, you can create a work schedule in just minutes. This allows you to share and track your employees instantly and without any issues. Besides, time tracking has never been this easy.

When I Work allows you to integrate your schedule with the time clock and thus reduced labor costs. Its mobile and desktop apps offer everyone the access they desire at work. More importantly, this software helps improve communication, eliminates excuses, and enhances accountability among workers.

When I Work - Trending TSheets Alternatives
When I Work Website

Features of When I Work:

  • Team management
  • Team accountability
  • Payroll integration
  • Labor reports
  • Schedule enforcement
  • Control overtime costs
  • Confident shift coverage
  • One-click scheduling

When I Work Pricing:

You can start using When I Work for free. For small businesses with around 100 workers, you’ll pay only $2 per user for scheduling and messaging. It is simply a free alternative to TSheets software to give a try. The enterprise plan suits large businesses with up to 1000 employees.

8. Buddy Punch

Get the most streamlined time tracking with Buddy Punch – one of the top-rated TSheets alternatives. Its online time clock makes it the best time tracker for attendance, time-off, and overtime management in real-time. This software allows you to review, verify, input, and analyze employee timesheets with ultimate ease. Asides from that, it gives you an oversight on your employees, where they are, and how they are working. Therefore, Buddy Punch makes it pretty easy and efficient to manage your worker’s time.

Buddy Punch - Popular TSheets Alternatives
Buddy Punch Website

Features of Buddy Punch:

  • Managing paid and unpaid time off.
  • Runs customizable reports for simple payrolls
  • Monitoring remote workers
  • Integrates with your payroll software
  • Employee accountability
  • Easy-to-use features

Buddy Punch Pricing:

Buddy Punch time tracking software has multiple plans to choose from, whether annually or monthly. Depending on the plan you prefer, you can pay from $25.99 to $45.99 per month. However, you can start using it for a free trial.

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If you have been looking for the best alternative to TSheets, the above solutions are worth your pick. They provide the best way to boost the time tracking capabilities of your organization with ultimate ease. Pick one that fits your unique requirements and start improving your employees’ productivity at work today.

If you have any suggestions, please leave your comments down below.

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