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Modular Closets: Brand Story by Christina Giaquinto (Brand Ambassador)

Modular Closets: Brand Story by Christina Giaquinto (Brand Ambassador)
Images Source: Christina Giaquinto

I am Christina Giaquinto, a Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador of Modular Closets (which offers DIY organizational units to customize any closet). Made in the United States, Modular Closets is changing the face of the home organization industry and making it easier than ever for anyone to design and create the closet of their dreams!

I wanted to share the Modular Closets brand story to inspire others to take their home design into their own hands and bring their vision for their dream closet to life.

A modular closet system consists of standardized units that ensure ease and flexibility in the design and assembly processes. In contrast to Modular Closets, other closet systems sell a “rail system”, or a closet constructed out of multiple panels that hang on a rail attached to a wall.

A rail system can cause a ton of confusion and frustration during the design phase, as well as overly complicate the whole installation process. On top of this, closet systems that use a rail system will not hold up well in the long run, meaning you would need to waste money and time on replacing parts.

Revolutionizing the Closet Industry Since 2015

Ever since Modular Closets entered the home design game 7+ years ago, they have been a major player in the closet industry. The company places innovation at the forefront and uses the latest technologies to create unique and functional closet systems that are easy to assemble and install. Homeowners everywhere rave about Modular Closets, as the company places great value on their superior quality, affordable price points, sophisticated and elegant designs, helpful customer service, and DIY-friendly products.

Modular Closets also stays current with the hottest home design trends and makes a concerted effort to really listen to what their customers want. Whether it’s for the kitchen pantry, mudroom, kid’s playroom, master bedroom, or even in a garage, Modular Closets’ first-rate closet systems make a wonderful addition to any home. You can even create a closet where there is no closet (such as underneath a staircase). 

Handy accessories are also available at Modular Closets, including shoe organizers, a pull-out hamper, closet valet, scarf rack, belt rack, tie rack, jewelry tray, shelf and basket pullouts, shelf dividers, pants rack pullout, and more. Modular Closets will help transform your living space and lifestyle by helping you maximize your closet’s functionality and style!

Christina Giaquinto (Brand Ambassador)

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A Breeze to Install

How many times have you purchased a home furnishing and really struggled to assemble it? This won’t be the case with Modular Closets! Every closet system is designed so that virtually anyone could assemble and install it. Modular Closets features a unit-based modular system that is easy and hassle-free to build and install. Say “goodbye!” to frustration and “hello!” to DIY success! In addition, every closet module will arrive neatly packaged in its own separate box, thus eliminating any confusion during the unboxing process.

And there is no need to have to head over to your local hardware store to stock up on various wrenches and other tools! All of the modules’ components are already pre-drilled for your convenience! On top of this, the closet systems come with easy-to-understand directions in the boxes and there are helpful videos outlining each installation process on the website! 

Top-Notch Quality

Modular Closets places great pride in ensuring their closets systems are of the utmost quality for their customers. In order to do this, they were meticulous in choosing only the best closet material possible. Each closet module is fashioned from top-of-the-line, high-density furniture board.

The grey closets are also made out of melamine board that is antibacterial and thermal-fused to give customers greater peace of mind. In addition, because each closet system is modular, every unit has the ability to function on its own — this makes it the sturdiest closet system on the market! 

Also, isn’t it the worst when items break and you then have to waste money on buying replacements? Luckily, customers won’t ever have to worry about Modular Closets breaking and then needing to be replaced, as they last a lifetime. 


Think a customizable closet system might drain your bank account? Think again! Because Modular Closets directly manufactures their own closet systems, they are able to offer customers immense savings of up to 50% over other companies in the closet design industry.

Customers love that they can design a dream closet that really fits their budget! They are able to enjoy a sophisticated, high-end closet look for just a fraction of the price of similar closet systems on the market. On top of this, shipping is free for qualified purchases!

Simple-Yet-Sophisticated Design

Modular Closets

Every Modular Closets system is designed to fit exactly what each customer truly wants. You will be able to customize your Modular Closets system according to your unique closet dimensions, how you want your wardrobe to look, and your other organizational needs.

The closet systems’ simple, minimalist design will also add an über-sleek, contemporary, and sophisticated look to your living space! And since the closet systems are modular, it is so easy to design and assemble a closet that is perfect for YOU!

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Grade-A Customer Service

Designing and purchasing a custom closet system can be an overwhelming undertaking for many. Luckily, Modular Closets’ friendly, understanding, and experienced design and support staff will be there with you every step of the way to ensure a pleasant buying experience. The Modular Closets team has assisted thousands of happy customers in creating their dream closets for a price they can be truly delighted about. 

Modular Closets personnel will hold your hand during the whole design process to make sure that you are nothing short of ecstatic about the closet design you choose. They will also work with you until your closet system is assembled and installed, and you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

In addition, if there is any issue with your closet system’s quality, Modular Closets will be more than happy to fix the problem by quickly sending out replacement parts or entire closet sections if needed.

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