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20 Best Marketing Attribution Software Companies in 2024

20 Best Marketing Attribution Software and Companies
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One of the most common concerns when choosing a marketing attribution software is knowing if the one you have matches your business needs. There are a lot of marketing attribution solutions available, and a mismatch can be detrimental to your company.

After all, marketing attribution solutions should help you grow by ensuring that all marketing campaigns successfully drive revenues.

Marketing attribution has advantages but can only be achieved if you can make the best marketing choices based on the collected data. To do this, you need to have a marketing attribution tool to assist you in conducting in-depth data analytics.

This post will help you choose which marketing attribution tools to have for your business.

But first…

Why Attribute?

Attribution in marketing involves analyzing all the marketing touchpoints in the customer’s buying journey. Although it seems that most of the work goes into evaluating marketing impact, it goes beyond that.

It is a varied mix of out-of-the-box thinking, efficient data correlation, and selecting the suitable attribution model to see what strategies work. Only by then will you get the insights you need to modify your campaigns for the better.

Marketing attribution provides a detailed overview of your marketing efforts. More than this, there are plenty of benefits that you can gain from marketing attribution. Some of the major benefits are below.

1. Connect Marketing Strategies to Revenue 

With attribution, you can evaluate the marketing data to determine which campaigns are helping you achieve your goals by increasing the revenue. It allows you to optimize all available resources to maximize the ROI from such campaigns.

2. Enable Sales

Half of the sales work is done when you are backed with data that can help you understand the customers better. Attribution gives sufficient marketing data that you need to let you focus on a particular campaign. It will guide you to see when your leads are ready to receive more information about your product.

Striking your sales pitch at the right time can help you get a better closing rate and a much shorter sales cycle. In short, marketing attribution removes the guessing game from the equation so you can pounce on the right time and close sales.

3. Optimize Marketing Expenditure

A huge chunk of business expenses goes into marketing. Attribution reduces costs by identifying which channels generate the most customers. It will also determine the best campaigns to invest in so that all marketing efforts will maximize the conversion rates and effectively increase ROI.

4. Marketing Personalization

With the data from attribution. You can significantly improve your strategies to fit the customer profile better. Personalizing the campaigns according to the customer’s behavior, intent, motivation, or challenges will be easier. The result will be campaigns that are more specific, valuable, and very engaging to the consumers.

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5. Better Analytics

Too much data from different marketing channels can be frustrating. A marketing attribution software will make aggregating data easier and faster. With a way to streamline the process, you can evaluate data better and enjoy the benefits of attribution.

You can see how attribution is essential to your company with these benefits. But what about your workforce? Does it make the work lighter for the marketing, sales, and data teams? Of course!

For marketers, having a marketing attribution solution clarifies the whole customer journey. It is easier to see when and how leads interact with campaigns. Planning and timing efforts become better because you can identify which works in driving leads to the sales funnel.

On the other hand, the sales team can obtain the best cues when leads get excited. They don’t need to guess which prospects to concentrate on. Attribution also tells when leads are active and what content they react to the most.

As for the data team, clarity on which channels and touchpoints are high-converting makes forecasting accurate. You know exactly where to go with your marketing efforts. Wastage is reduced, giving you the chance to double your efforts on what works.

Overall, marketing attribution more than makes for better campaigns. It also improves customer loyalty, retention, and a more significant brand reputation.

How to Find the Right Marketing Attribution Software for Your Business

In research by e-Consultancy, it was determined that 35% of companies agree that access to appropriate data collection technology will influence their ability to understand customers’ needs better. A B2B marketing attribution tool allows you to quickly visualize the revenue brought by each channel into your company. This, in turn, will help you decide your steps in optimizing the marketing budget.

There is plenty of powerful attribution solution out there. Not to be picky, but you also have to understand that not all of them can implement truly valuable attribution. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing which one to use for your business.

20 Best Marketing Attribution Software Companies:

1. Dreamdata

Dreamdata - Best Marketing Attribution Software

As a reliable marketing attribution tool, Dreamdata is perfect for small to midsize B2B companies. It is built with a behavioral tracking script that makes it easier to collect relevant data from CRM, Customer Success, and Automation tools.

This no-code platform works on algorithms that transform data into digestible and actionable insights. With Dreamdata, you can see the whole customer journey as it provides data for every touchpoint. This will reveal the performance of the revenue-generating activities in the pipeline and channels.

The sorted data can also benchmark your growth and make accurate revenue predictions through interactive reporting. Its ultimate advantage is that its features can help you aggressively build and scale a campaign that works with your company, naturally driving up ROI faster.

2. Ruler Analytics

A wealth of insight is promised by Ruler Analytics. This closed-loop marketing attribution tool identifies and tracks the customer’s journey over multiple touchpoints. All data are sent to the CRM, giving you insight into the full conversion and marketing data.

You can use the information to learn about the prospects and reach out at the best time. Once you close a deal, Ruler collects the revenue data and sends it to the dashboard. You can integrate all data from there with other tools, like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other reporting tools.

This allows you to measure marketing ROI and make better adjustments that will further result in making the best decisions for your marketing spend based on its performance.

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3. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is worth considering if you have a mobile app for your business. Although this tool is for mobile apps, it attributes all touchpoints across the web. It is suited for tracking the performance and user engagement and aggregating the collected data on a single dashboard.

It is effective for User Acquisition campaigns where you have to set your objectives to ensure good performance tracking in all channels. You can use it to run numerous campaigns where real-time performance tracking is essential.

This allows you to be up to date on the information you need to keep your app effective and trustworthy. 

4. HubSpot Marketing Analytics Software & Dashboard

Modern marketers have a challenging job juggling marketing solutions and dealing with a lot of data. HubSpot Marketing Analytics Software and Dashboard makes the job much more manageable by keeping all data at the center of everything.

This means you can save time because everything you need to align sales, validate investments, and prove ROI is right there. You do not need to spend most of your time fussing about how the software works because it focuses on helping you scale your company and not on complexity. There is no need for coding or SQL knowledge to organize, review, or identify all marketing data.

There is also a granular Attribution Reporting for both Contact and Revenue attribution. You may use the Custom Report Builder if you want the software to prepare custom reports that are unique to your business.

5. Neustar

Some people think they are wasting their money on their campaigns because they fail to see the impact they bring to the customers. Neustar is a multi-attribution software that can attribute both online and offline campaigns. This is great for companies that do not purely use online marketing methods and have several offline campaigns to market their products and services.

If you think about having an omnichannel campaign, Neustar will make you understand the customer journey and see how they impact your conversions. It will allow you to optimize campaigns and maximize your budget.

The holistic marketing measurement derives accurate and actionable insights no matter how or where it happens. It is simple to use yet does not come short in providing campaign data and analytics.

6. Oktopost

Modern marketing typically involves social media. Oktopost is one of the best tools to measure the traction of social media marketing efforts. Its features include various social management tools, such as smart post scheduling, multimedia attachment, editorial calendar, and more.

Regarding its analytics, you can scale and measure performance metrics to help measure the ROI of social media content. This software is suitable for those who want to concentrate on their social media campaigns but wants to benefit from lead attribution.

It is also easy to monitor your campaigns, from content posting to analyzing engagement and conversion.

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What most marketers like about using for attribution is that it can be integrated into many relevant marketing platforms. It allows seamless access to different ROI and channel assessments. It has many tools to make marketing attribution a lot easier, especially if you want complete control of the data you want to gather.

You can optimize the suitable campaigns since you can customize the functions according to your analytic needs. Because there are loads of tools, you get excellent value for your money. There is also exceptional support available, so it does not matter if it takes a while to get used to the software.

8. ActiveCampaign

As one of the most robust attribution software in the market, ActiveCampaign ensures that you can identify which marketing campaigns and strategies are driving the best results. What makes it so valuable is that it has over 500 pre-built automations that you can use to improve your CRM and marketing automation.

You can use it to personalize email campaigns and customer segmentation. You can access all data from the entire customer lifecycle and use it to customize campaigns with minimal effort. The messages will always be on point, based on customer behaviors. With its features, you can fully automate creating a personalized customer experience across all touchpoints that feels authentic. 

9. C3 Metrics

If you are eyeing a global market for your business, having C3 Metrics as your partner in B2B attribution is a good call. This attribution data cloud software lets you utilize the power of data by uniting user-lever viewability, customer segmentation, and cross-device matching in both digital and online media.

By solving the most common marketing problems, you can get as much as 44% improvement in your ROI. It has some features that will empower your business to stay on track with your marketing goals. Onboarding is a lot faster because of its easy-to-use features.

This means that you can save time and money because you can focus on improving your campaigns based on the data provided by C3 Metrics.

10. LeadsRX

LeadsRX - Best Marketing Attribution Software

A SaaS-based marketing attribution software, LeadsRX is efficient as a multi-touch attribution tool. It collects customer data from all touchpoints across all channels. This ensures that no conversion opportunity is left unnoticed throughout the entire funnel.

It has features that identify which ads bring a lot of customers. It uses Pixel tracking software to prevent duplicate orders on advertising sources. This means that not only you can determine which channels work, but you also get to save money from repetitive ads.

You get to improve on marketing spending while allowing you to redesign campaigns along the sales funnel. It maximizes your marketing dollars’ impact and will enable you to raise more significant ROI.

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11. Looker

Marketers with access to a marketing attribution tool like Looker are lucky. They get to have informed choices in terms of allocating their marketing spending into profitable strategies. Looker is a multi-channel marketing attribution platform that utilizes modern business intelligence and analytics to collect and analyze data.

It then designs a multi-cloud strategy to produce data science workflows connected to various databases. A huge plus of this software is that it is designed to work with small to large business enterprises. This means that it can scale along with you as your company grows.

This eliminates the need to switch to another software because its features are as helpful as you have it during the early stages of your marketing attribution journey.

12. Nielsen Attribution (Formerly Visual IQ)

Nielsen Attribution collects person-level performance data across marketing channels and devices. This allows you to measure the efficiency of all marketing efforts at granular levels. It analyzes data based on key performance indicators using a combination of advanced attribution methods.

You can then determine each touchpoint’s impact on driving engagement and conversions. It is equipped with modern analytic models that credit tactical marketing activities so that you can gain insight into the sales conversion, ROI, and efficacy of strategies at both creative and placement levels.

The automated dashboard analyzes results and will also provide potential optimizations that you can apply. 

13. Branch

The widespread use of mobile devices makes marketing attribution much more challenging for most marketers. Branch is an efficient marketing attribution tool that provides a holistic view of all touchpoints from different platforms, channels, and devices.

It has plenty of features that will let you unify data about user experience, whether they are using their mobile devices or computers. This cross-platform attribution platform has top mobile brands for its clients, including Airbnb, BuzzFeed, and Pinterest.

It goes to show that it is reliable if you want to see how you fare in the metrics and use the data to increase mobile conversion, retention, and engagement. It is best suited for businesses in the travel, shopping, medical, news, and lifestyle industries.

14. Chartable

Podcasting is on the rise, which is why marketers include this channel in their marketing analytics. While most attribution software focuses on social media marketing and other common marketing efforts, Charitable has analytics and attribution tools intended for podcasts.

Top brands trust it to track the listener’s journey during their podcasts. With a way to understand the listeners, brands can evaluate whether the marketing message they send through a podcast channel is compelling or not. Podcast marketing is relatively new, and little information can be easily derived from it.

With Chartable, podcasters will have a resource for their analytics and attribution to track their ads to improve their products.

15. Marchex

It is difficult to effectively track marketing campaigns but having Marchex can take a significant load off the marketer’s shoulders. It makes it possible to determine which campaign strategies work and which ones are not. This makes it easier for companies to increase efficiency in terms of designing marketing campaigns and allocating their marketing spending.

With Marchex, the focus is on revealing which campaigns generate the most conversions using channels that generate inbound calls and texts. This is great if you are after improving your digital marketing performance and also maximizing ROI from those areas.

Marchex has features that will let you optimize the value of every call and text, so you are better prepared to transition with brand developments.

16. Veritone

There are too many marketing attribution tools in media broadcasting, but among those who stand out is Veritone. It churns out real-time performance metrics for ads in various formats, such as live reads, promos, and organic mentions.

One of the best things about Veritone is that it is not too complicated to launch its attribution features. This is fantastic if you want to be more productive and focus on working on the user reports and data that it generates. Once you are done setting up an account, you can choose to automate everything and program it to provide weekly recaps.

This allows you to monitor high-priority campaigns. With a way to simplify the process of reporting analytics, tracking marketing performance is a breeze.

17. Invoca

Invoca is one of the best call tracking and analytics solutions that gathers relevant data from inbound phone calls. The advantage of using Invoca for marketing attribution is that it is built with AI-powered conversion intelligence that allows it to turn data into automated actions.

This will enable marketers to grab every opportunity to enhance the customer journey across all touchpoints. With a better customer experience, it is expected that the company will have more conversions, therefore, enjoying a significantly increased ROI.

Top brands, like Mayo Clinic and Dish Network, trust Invoca for its ability to provide a lot of positive impact on their digital campaigns. 

18. Kochava

Most users generally find Kochava a pleasant marketing attribution software to use. It performs well, and the support team is known to be attentive and helpful to all concerns. While it is functional with app monitoring, push notification app analysis, and deferred linking, what makes it extra useful is its efficiency in analyzing advertising clicks, audience engagement, user acquisition, and retention.

Overall, it is a comprehensive attribution tracking solution with a well-organized dashboard. It is practical to have if you are dealing with a large number of files but want to speed up your decision-making process through simultaneous campaign performance data processing.

19. Statcounter

Probably one of the most straightforward web analytics tools, Statcounter is more than efficient at helping with marketing attribution activities for your business. It provides relevant customer information that you can note when making marketing decisions.

One of its nifty features is that it arranges insights into easy-to-follow tasks. You can monitor campaign performance in real-time, create custom email reports, and then plan how you can improve it to make the customer experience better.

It may be a basic tool, but it is robust, mainly because it has a fraud-detection feature. This means that you get to see accurate data about campaign performances.

20. Google Attribution 360

Google Attribution 360 - Best Marketing Attribution Software

Not to mention that it is a component of the most widely-used marketing performance analytics tool in the world; Google Attribution 360 has all the best attribution features and the fact that it allows marketers to try out different attribution models.

Aside from access to relevant marketing data, you can also assess which b2b marketing attribution model best suits your company. It is easier to optimize your marketing campaigns to determine the advertising impact of different online channels.

It uses “micro-moments,” a term coined by Google to provide insights on each fraction of time customers spend on all touchpoints. This allows you to improve the customer’s journey no matter which stages they are in the lead generation and sales funnel.

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Your Turn…

As you can see, there are plenty of choices regarding marketing attribution software and tools. There is a lot to consider when choosing one. The general rule is to base your choice on the features, native integrations, full customer journey tracking, and affordability of the software.

You need to ensure that you can take advantage of all features so that you get to maximize the value of your investment for attribution. It must also cover every customer journey stage to understand the customers across all touchpoints better. 

Lastly, you can only enjoy using attribution software if you can afford it. If you are contemplating whether it is wise to purchase a b2b marketing solution, remember that it is more pointless to aim without direction when marketing campaigns.

Attribution allows you to see which campaigns influence the highest ROI, so it is essential and a smarter way to invest your marketing spend.


A B2B marketing attribution solution is essential as it empowers marketers and business owners to track their marketing efforts, convert leads into customers, redesign strategies, and eventually improve their ROI. 

Not all marketing automation tools are beneficial. Some have a bunch of features that prove no use in any of your campaigns. This is why knowing which attribution software is capable of predictive analytics and is designed to scale as your company grows, is truly valuable.

Marketing attribution steps up your marketing game by connecting your clicks to your sales. By having an idea of which marketing attribution solution will work with your team, you can reap the most benefits and make data-driven marketing decisions that will significantly improve all of your marketing strategies.

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