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6 Tools to Use When Scaling Your eCommerce Business

6 Tools to Use When Scaling Your eCommerce Business
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In this article, you will find the best tools that make your life easier and help you scale your eCommerce business in 2022. Running an eCommerce business can be quite hectic. You have to manage the inventory, website, social media posts, and customer service. Even the thought of juggling so many tasks leaves sweat dripping on the forehead.

However, technology has become a dear friend to eCommerce business owners. With the exponential growth of the online retail market, you find a wide array of software and online tools that can help you manage your business.

They assist in streamlining operations and ensuring elevated productivity by your team. You can find the appropriate tool for you by simply creating a list of attributes needed to complete any particular operation and curating a budget for the same.

6 Best Tools to Use When Scaling Your eCommerce Business:

1. Document360

Document360 - Tools to Scale eCommerce Business

Document360 provides a great platform to curate thorough documentation for the employees as well as customers. Creating and maintaining a knowledge base acts as a quick self-service portal for the customers which results in increasing the conversions and lower cart abandonment rates. Tools like Document360 make creating, preserving, and sharing important information a piece of cake, improving your overall eCommerce operations.

Noteworthy Features of Document360:

  • Multiple templates are available to make documentation easier.
  • Seamless integration with chat, analytics, commenting, and automation software.
  • Helpful knowledge base assistant that can aid in understanding the tool with ease without having to leave the application midway.
  • A structured file management system helps images, videos, and other data in an organized manner.
  • You can create a knowledge base equipped with essential core elements like an FAQ section, a search bar, and contact support.

These knowledge bases prove to be a reliable and valuable resource for your customer support team as well. In addition to creating a perfect self-service option through your knowledge base for customers, you can also create standard operating procedures for your staff as well.

Document360 can be purchased according to your business requirements. It comes in three different plans that cost $99, $299, and $499 per month.

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2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk - Tools to Scale eCommerce Business

Freshdesk has been around for quite a while now. It has been a popular help desk service for eCommerce companies as it has a simple interface and remains easy to use. Well-known companies like Panasonic and American Express have been testifying to its credibility and continue to use this software.

Noteworthy Features of Freshdesk:

  • This is a must-have software for enhancing the customer service of your online store because of its cost-effectiveness.
  • Their services are available through a free forever version. 
  • It allows you to monitor incoming tickets and coordinate with shipping partners and micro fulfillment centers to solve customer queries.
  • It offers over 1000 integrations so it is likely that you will be able to amalgamate this software into your processes without any trouble.
  • In addition to this, you can train your team members to use this software through Freshworks Academy, their in-house training program.

You can streamline all the customer service operations through breezy automation and collaboration capabilities. Such features help you make the most of any software and use it to the maximum potential. It also has some premium plans for when your business is ready to upgrade to the next level.

3. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg - Tools to Scale eCommerce Business

Crazy Egg is another beneficial tool for eCommerce businesses that you should have in your bag. It is the most user-friendly analytics tool out there that provides easily digestible data and dashboards. Initially, the software was developed as a heatmap tool. However, it was quick to evolve into a Shopify app that contains efficient tools for improving your conversion rate.

Noteworthy Features of Crazy Egg:

  • You can identify the hotspots on your website in the way you prefer. You can get heat maps, scroll maps, confetti, and overlay reports to know which part of your site attracts the visitor’s attention. 
  • Use the website recording feature to dive deeper into understanding exactly how the user is interacting with your store. Find out if there is any particular aspect that is causing friction or are the visitors bouncing after struggling with your product or checkout pages.
  • You can put the insights obtained from the analytics into action and A/B test various website elements. Crazy egg allows you to expedite the process with simple no-coding tests that offer valuable insights for increasing conversions.

Crazy Egg is the epitome of visual analytics and makes your job much easier with a straightforward interface. You can obtain this tool for $24 per month. It encourages your business to consider every visitor to be a prospective customer and aid in curating a better overall online experience for them.

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4. Sleeknote

Sleeknote - Tools to Scale eCommerce Business

Sleeknote is more than your average popup builder. This tool is most prominently used to capture the email addresses of potential customers. Sleeknote makes it to this list as you can convert targeted visitors into email leads without hurting the user experience with this tool. It enables effective page-specific targeting which leads to displaying personalized on-page messages to the right visitor at the appropriate page.

Notable Features of Sleeknote:

  • It offers multi-step popup campaigns that provide you a lot of flexibility when it comes to adapting your messages to consumers at various phases of the customer journey.
  • The goal tracking tool in Sleeknote allows you to establish objectives for each campaign you run and receive feedback on how to improve. Because your efforts convert at varying rates, this is useful.
  • A variety of integrations are available with the tool. HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and Omnisend are among the email marketing tools it can link with.

You can create stunning, eye-catching lead forms that match the appearance and feel of your website with only a few clicks, without the need for a developer. You can also make your template using one of their conversion-ready templates. Sleeknote offers five different pricing plans starting at $49/month.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social - Tools to Scale eCommerce Business

Sprout Social is amongst the best social media marketing tools out there. The tool is designed to encompass all the necessary features to handle social media platforms with ease. You can extract the maximum traction and get on the social commerce bandwagon through Sprout Social.

Notable Features of Sprout Social:

  • You can understand your demographic better with social listening. The tools provide a thorough analytics report. It helps identify the public’s sentiment about your brand, the engagement rates, and impressions simultaneously.
  • It helps you schedule your posts across the various social media platforms in advance. This makes it easier for you to post when you know the engagement will be high.
  • You can also personalize your responses to the queries you come across on social media.
  • Sprout social has a provision that makes it easier for your employees to share any post on their social media accounts as well. So if your eCommerce brand is into employee advocacy, this tool becomes an ideal option.

Scaling your online store through social commerce practices can transform the way users perceive and interact with your brand. This tool is quite impressive in terms of telling you what works and what does not when it comes to the social media game. There are three packages, $89, $149, and $249 per user, per month.

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6. Drip

Drip - Tools to Scale eCommerce Business

Drip is the go-to email marketing software for eCommerce companies. It is suited for online stores as it has a sophisticated workflow that helps you target the audience as per their behavior on your eCommerce website. This, combined with top-notch list segmentation lets your subscribers receive highly personalized emails and regular follow-ups according to their engagement with your emails.

Notable Features of Drip:

  • It integrates with all eCommerce hosting platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Alongside you can integrate this tool over 100 software like Sleeknote and Zapier.
  • You can run different email and SMS campaigns simultaneously.
  • They have playbooks for onboarding, cart abandonment, and post-purchase campaigns.

The workflow, email templates, and lead generation forms are structured keeping an eCommerce business in mind. You can obtain advanced segmentation and customization to enable hyper-focus drip campaigns. The pricing starts at $19/ month and increases subsequently with the number of contacts in your email list.

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You can use these tools to amplify your eCommerce business and extract the real market value. Execute social media and email marketing campaigns seamlessly through Sprout Social and Drip. Moreover, test the different popups with the help of Sleeknote and Crazy Egg. The most wonderful aspect of these tools is that they offer integrations so you can automate a smooth workflow between all the apps and experience data-driven growth in the revenue.

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