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How Do You Manage Social Media Healthily?

How Do You Manage Social Media Healthily
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Maintaining your online presence on social media has its own hassles, especially if you are an influencer, blogger, or small online business owner. Whether it is uploading posts at the right hour of the day or keeping track of how many views your reels have garnered, life on social media can often become tiresome. This social media fatigue (SMF) tends to take a toll on your lifestyle, particularly on your mental health.

In fact, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many users online have reportedly experienced depression or exhaustion due to a lower engagement rate on their feeds. So, we have listed and explained tips to have a healthy relationship with social media by using your social profiles in a mindful way.

12 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Healthily:

1. Sort Your Daily Social Media Routine

The first step to leading a healthy life on social media is to designate certain hours of the day to each social networking site (SNS). Just like you start your day with your oral care routine, followed by that The first step to leading a healthy life on social media is to designate certain hours of the day to each social networking site (SNS).

Just like you start your day with your oral care routine, followed by that piping hot cup of tea (or coffee too!), sort out your social media habits based on how your posts perform on each platform.

So, if your Instagram posts fare brilliantly between 6 pm and 9 pm, devote one hour exclusively to Instagram. Similarly, you can allot a different hour of the day each to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform.

2. Maintain a Proper Availability Schedule

Particularly for influencers and eCommerce businesses, deciding your available hours on social media is a professional way to interact with your clients and customers. You can keep a 6 or 12-hour window for your audience to contact you via DMs, emails, or even a phone call so that you can organize your day accordingly. And in case you are wondering, the Vepaar app (available for Android and iOS users) helps you organize your contacts and conversations so that you can revert back anytime.

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3. Accept the Duality of Social Media

Let’s face it. There will be naysayers who will boo at everything you do or display on your social media business. But do not let that ruin your day at all. Just like Yesss told Ralph in Ralph Breaks the Internet – “First rule of the Internet: Do not read the comments.”

4. Stop, Drop, and Roll

But, the human heart is a curious thing. No wonder why we would give in to the temptation of scrolling down the comment section, hoping to seek validation from the users online. In situations like these, adopt the famous Stop, Drop & Roll strategy –

  • Stop to read and understand what user’s opinion
  • Drop your reply to convey what you think about the person’s views
  • And, Roll with the belief you have in yourself and your work!

And trust us when we say that this works wonders on your mental health. To be frank and forward is the best way to be free on social media.

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5. Select Your Social Detox Day

Just like you have an off-day from work every week, choose that one day when you would like to indulge yourself in doing various activities besides logging in online to check your notifications.

Select Your Social Detox Day

6. Keep a Track of Your Screen Time

The most important step to mindful social media consumption is to adhere to limiting your screen time. As you follow your daily social media routine, try to limit the duration you stare at your phone screen, so that you can sleep better at night.

7. Talk to Your Audience

When in doubt, engage with your audience! Talk to them about a problem you are facing in your WhatsApp business or blog, and invite your audience to help you out. This is one of the best ways to stay connected with your followers. With Vepaar’s WhatsApp poll app, Voliz, you can create polls for your audience to share their views on your online business.

8. Chalk Out Your Social Media Plans Beforehand

There is bliss in planning your tasks much earlier in your project. Well, time is of the utmost essence. Hence, chalk out your plans for social media marketing by creating your posts beforehand, so that you never feel overwhelmed with the things you love to do!

9. Welcome Change with Open Arms

The mythical “algorithm” on every social media platform is notorious for wreaking engagement rates when you need them the most. In times like these, just accept the change in algorithm and go with the flow. Adapt to the changes and new developments brought into the platform, so that you can regain your post engagement as well as your satisfaction at work.

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10. Prioritize Your Life beyond Social Media

Repeat the following words – I have a life apart from Social Media, and I will make it beautiful like I design my feed themes! Indeed, never let social media occupy a greater space in your real life. Instead, incorporate it as a segment of your daily routine. After all, life is static without technology.

Prioritize Your Life beyond Social Media

11. Indulge in Feel-Good Activities

When you think you do not want to log on to Facebook at 9 pm, go ahead and watch that action film on TV! It is healthy to take a break from social media when you do not feel like logging in. Instead, spend some time with your family at your favorite restaurant!

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12. Good Things Happen to Those Who Try

If you are wondering whether your bohemian outfit would be a hit or a flop on Instagram, just take that leap of faith and hit the ‘Post’ button. Who knows? That very photograph might pop up in the Explore section on the same day! When online, have faith in what you do and that will help you go a long way.

The significance of social networking goes beyond its ability to connect various users across the globe. It has the power to motivate people to do the impossible and achieve the unattainable. Most importantly, you have access to new ideas, new perspectives, and find new hope to start something fresh. Let social media be your source of respite and inspiration, and help you lead a happier life in the real world.

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