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8 Best Grammarly Alternatives Free in 2024

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Regardless if you are a famous blogger, a college student, or a developer who tries to get things perfect in terms of grammar, style, and spelling issues, the chances are high that you have heard about Grammarly or even tried it for your purposes. While Grammarly provides you with a plethora of functions and has both free and paid options, some other Grammarly alternatives are worth checking!

The reason for that is the inclusion of several aspects that will be handy for designers and code-writers, while Grammarly alternatives tools include certain elements or additional flexibility that will help make your content friendly and stylish for publishing. The trick is to study and explore by choosing what works best for you!

Check These Free Grammarly Alternatives in 2024:

1. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a free Grammarly alternative in 2024 with useful features like checking your website or a blog post for spelling and grammar issues free of charge. You can also install the Chrome extension, which simplifies the majority of your checking tasks. You can also turn off the underline feature if you wish. The mistakes, however, will be underlined in different colors, which means that it is not only spelling and grammar.

LanguageTool - Grammarly Alternatives

For example, the text underlined in blue will provide suggestions regarding how to improve your content’s readability. Yet, what makes it unique is that it has American, Canadian, British, Australian, New Zealand, and South African variations of English! If it does not sound like enough, it has spellchecking in 28 languages, including Tamil, Breton, or Asturian.

2. Ginger

Another popular Grammarly alternative in 2024, Ginger, is best for checking your email correspondence and blog posts. You can switch between US English and UK English to check your spelling mistakes. What makes Ginger unique is that it also offers a translation tool. It supports more than 60 different languages, which is similar to how you might approach Google Translate.

Ginger - Free Grammarly Alternatives

Ginger is especially useful when you use the Chrome or Safari extensions to translate your correspondence with a single click. Another significant aspect of this solution is that it will provide you with definitions of certain words and terms that you do not know or feel unsure about. It is an excellent time-saver both for your creative tasks and the business!

3. Sapling

Sapling is one of the most powerful Grammarly alternatives that focus on enterprise challenges and machine learning. You can use the free or paid version to check via millions of technical and business English sentences, making it unique in terms of specific business aspects. It has excellent integration with Gmail, Zendesk, and Salesforce Lightning solutions. It will also make your text sound commercial if it is your purpose.

Sapling - Grammarly Alternatives

Paying $25 per month, you also receive several PRO features, including SEO and marketing tools that will help you check professional readability and clarity. The free version also supports Google Docs and has a Chrome browser extension. It is also one of the best solutions in terms of accuracy. You can sign up for the free trial without any credit card.

4. Hemingway

You can use Hemingway on your browser as a Grammarly alternative for free in 2024, yet it also has a desktop version for your writing needs. While it does not focus on grammar and spelling mistakes alone, it strives for better readability. You can improve your style, get rid of sentences that are hard to read, find simpler alternatives to your complex phrases, and avoid the use of the passive voice

Hemingway - Grammarly Alternatives Free

Hemingway App/Editor will also grade your text, which is a useful feature when you need to get some free feedback. It is perfect for technical texts and even video game manuals where you hope to achieve some accessibility! 

5. WhiteSmoke

This Grammarly alternative is not free, yet WhiteSmoke is one of those industry standards that implement the Natural Language Processing method with AI elements to check texts and detect errors. It will provide some information concerning your mistakes, which is quite useful. The prices will start at $5 per month that works on all browsers or you can go for a fully-integrated solution that will be $11.50 per month to use advanced features.

WhiteSmoke - Grammarly Alternatives

WhiteSmoke also provides you with a good translator and a scoring report. If you need to add some libraries, you may count on the company’s support service as a customer. It also has a demo and videos that will help you see whether it is your choice.

6. ProWritingAid

While ProWritingAid may not be the best alternative to Grammarly that you may encounter since the free version has limitations, it does more than just correcting your spelling and grammar. While it may skip some things just like Grammarly or provide some false alerts, it improves your style by focusing on your text readability. 

ProWritingAid - Grammarly Alternatives

For example, you can fix the famous passive voice issues, sentence run-on, adverbs inside the dialogues, subordination of clauses, and stylistic flaws. It will provide you with a detailed summary regarding your accuracy and will show some tips on how you can improve your writing. You can also check the list of most frequently used words, character and word counters, and the paragraph count, which may become useful for students.

7. PaperRater

PaperRater is a web-based Grammarly competitor in 2024 that is recommended for college students or those who travel a lot and need to check their correspondence. It is free to use, yet has a $14.95 payment premium plan.

PaperRater - Grammarly Alternatives Free

This free Grammarly alternative tool is great for those cases when you want to keep things original. It also has an automated proofreader and a grading system that will instantly provide you with results in terms of accuracy and your writing style. PaperRater has a vocabulary builder, which will improve your English skills.

8. Subjecto

For something a bit different with human input, you can check Subjecto. This Grammarly alternative avails of many templates on various college subjects to help you learn styles and overcome writer’s block.

Subjecto - Grammarly Alternative

For example, you can create a template and then turn to a human editor who will assist you with this or that issue in terms of stylistic and term-specific issues. We all know that it is best to learn with an example, which is why this free essay samples database will work as a helpful tool as you look for inspiration!

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Since we are dealing with AI-powered solutions, they cannot guarantee a flawless check since your unique style may include complex expressions, irony, or some other literary devices where a mistake has been made intentionally. Next, when dealing with poetry or song lyrics, you will encounter various exceptions to the rule, which is why you should consider the presence of false alerts. 

Nevertheless, your spelling and style challenges will be handled by the Grammarly alternatives and competitors listed in this article. Rest assured that they will help you to avoid typos and address those sentences that are either too complex or unclear. Enjoy error-free writing and digital communication for free!

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