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11 Best FireRTC Alternatives of 2024 | Make Free International Calls

FireRTC Alternatives - Free International Calls to Landlines and Phones

Today technology has advanced enough to bridge the gap between people around and across the globe. You can reach your distant cousin or friends or face an interview from anywhere, connecting with anyone through a telecommunication network. Most of today’s domestic calls are now free.

However, when it comes to making international calls, it could be pretty expensive. It is the very reason why this article focuses on the best FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls. Let us check out the best FireRTC alternative options we have.

11 Best FireRTC Alternatives of 2024 to Make Free International Calls to Phones and Landlines:

1. PopTox

PopTox is a widely known FireRTC alternative popular for its free VoIP calls. You can now make calls by simply opening the PopTox webpage from any standard browser, either from your smartphone or PC. It uses your WiFi or cellular network to connect to the punched phone number. That means you do not have to download the app, nor do you have to use any kind of plug-in. Just dial the phone number and press on Call to make a free call from anywhere to anywhere.

PopTox - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: PopTox

On a comparative note, it can be distinguished from FireRTC or Skype because it routes all the calls from the web browser to phone-based endpoints using its VoIP technology. However, PopTox offers limited free VoIP international calls from your browser to mobile or land phones made on a single day. You can enjoy the unlimited international call facility by registering and subscribing to one of the paid plans. You can enjoy the Basic plan for calling internationally to 64 listed companies at $10 per month.


If you are looking for a FireRTC alternative that also acts as a social platform, LINE is the most suitable option. It not only lets you make free international calls for as long as five minutes but also offers you a platform to share messages and media with anyone.

LINE - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: LINE

The call recipient need not have the LINE app. All you have to do is sign up and create a LINE profile to enjoy its facilities. LINE also offers a platform for special coupons, advertisements, and news. You can make free international calls on your iPhone too. It is rated 4.1 on Google Play Store and 3.5 on App Store

3. Voxofon

Voxofon is one of the earliest and, therefore, the oldest alternatives to FreeRTC. From 2008 to 2024, Voxofon has been in the industry, offering free calls among app users. You can make domestic calls and international ones along with sharing messages, locations, and media over the application platform.

Voxofon - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls landline phone
Credit: Voxofon

The Voxofon apps work on desktops as well as smartphones, i.e., you can make international calls on iPhone, iPad, and Android. You would go for Voxofon as a FreeRTC alternative because of its brand image and guaranteed call quality. It is rated 4.3 on Play Store and 4.4 on App Store.

4. Rebtel

If you want to make free international calls without the internet, Rebtel is the ideal FreeRTC alternative for you. It allows you to call internationally across 53 countries without WiFi or an internet connection. It simply uses local numbers to complete the call.

Rebtel - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls landline phones
Credit: Rebtel

However, if the recipient does not live in one of the listed 53 countries, you will need WiFi or internet to make the call. Rebtel offers you a hassle-free way to enjoy an unlimited international calling option!

5. VoipStunt

Known for its high-quality calls, VoipStunt is the twin of VoipBuster. As one of the best 11 alternatives to FreeRTC, it lets you make free in-app calls from your phone or PC to another VoipStunt user using the latest technology.

VoipStunt - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls worldwide
Credit: VoipStunt

Just like FreeRTC, you can use the VoipStunt software to make regular phone calls from anywhere at free or considerably low rates. Just download the software and make unlimited peer-to-peer calls anytime, anywhere. However, it does not allow any exchange of media or SMS services.

6. Zoiper

An alternative to FreeRTC, Zoiper should definitely be on our list. It offers free VoIP calling provision through PBX or your chosen SIP provider. You can use Zoiper on Android, iOS, Windows phone and desktop, mac, and Linux devices.

Zoiper - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: Zoiper

One of the best features includes its free encryption services for all your media- text, video, audio communication with ZRTP and TLS/SRTP. Also, its interface allows syncing of all your contacts from Android, Mac, iOS, windows, and any other device wherever you let it access.

7. iEvaphone

As a web-based FreeRTC alternative, you can now make free international phone calls online using iEvaphone software. It can be used on Mac, PC, or smartphones, connecting cellular data networks or WiFi. You just have to log in from a standard web browser—no need for any additional plug-ins or downloads. 

iEvaphone - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: iEvaphone

As a FreeRTC alternative, it allows you to make free international calls to a limited number of countries. The number of free calls varies from person to person, depending on their IP address. The free talk time is limited to 1-2 minutes per day. 

8. Signal

Signal is a widely popular, state-of-the-art messenger platform that lets you make free calls from anywhere to anywhere. It means you can make beyond-the-frontier calls without insecurity. As a FreeRTC alternative, it allows not only free domestic and international calls but also offers end-to-end encryption for your calls and messages.

Signal - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: Signal

Signal is, therefore, a messenger platform wherein calling is an added bonus. The best part is there are no ads, no hackers, and it is free for everyone. Signal is rated 4.4 on Play Store and 4.7 on App Store

9. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most trending, popular, and leading in modern enterprise online communication along with a cloud feature. It is much more than a FreeRTC alternative. You can make phone calls using its online communication platform and chat, host meetings and webinars, and experience zoom rooms. 

Zoom - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: Zoom

Since its beginning in 2011, the app is adept as a regular mobile system, such as call forwarding, call transfer, voicemail, call recording, call blocking, call holding, conferencing, and many more features. It beats FireRTC when it comes to the number of countries’ coverage, i.e., you can call any country and enjoy its HD calling experience. However, unlike FreeRTC, you will have to switch to a paid ZoomPhone plan or use it along with your existing mobile network carrier. 

10. Skype

With more than 40 million users, Skype is one of the most commonly used FreeRTC alternatives that provide an online communication platform. Like FireRTC, you can make Skype calls to Skype and non-Skype users. However, unlike FreeRTC, you can call anyone across the globe.

Skype - FireRTC alternatives to make free international calls
Credit: Skype/Microsoft

You can make free international calls to landline as well as mobile phones. However, to connect with non-Skype users, i.e., to connect it to a phone or landline, you will have to resort to one of its pricing plans. You can either choose the pay-as-you-go plan or the monthly pricing plan.

11. Talk Home

Are you looking for an ideal solution to make cheap international calls without requiring internet access? Talk Home is the solution for you. Talk Home is the best FreeRTC alternative, allowing you to make calls to over 240 destinations worldwide. Using the innovative Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology combined with the power of local lines, the app offers you a highly reliable and premium quality voice connection.

Talk Home - Best FireRTC alternatives

Anyone in the world with a landline or mobile phone number can receive calls from Talk Home. So, you always stay in touch with those who matter the most. Talk Home offers a smooth and superior way to enjoy unlimited international calling.

Talk Home App is available for both iOS and Android devices where you can enjoy international calling from as low as 1p/min.

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With the above 11 FreeRTC alternatives, you have options to make international phone calls without hassle. For unlimited calls to mobile phones or landlines, you will have to subscribe to paid plans, such as Skype and PopTox. You can also use the platform, such as LINE and Voxofon, to share and exchange information and media, like a typical messenger. I hope you get to enjoy the best calling experience using one of these FreeRTC alternatives.

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