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How to Create a Google-Friendly Law Firm Website: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Create a Google-Friendly Law Firm Website

Do you owe a law firm and want to increase the conversion rate and website ranking? Then, it’s essential to acknowledge the latest Google algorithms to improve the site visibility and generate organic traffic. You must have created a well-designed and eye-catching website for the legal agency, but without incorporating relevant information, it’s impossible to captivate the eyes of millions of users. Moreover, for the rapid expansion of the business, every law firm owner should maintain two basic principles — the essential SEO guidelines and Google’s business model.

Over time, Google has brought significant changes to the algorithms for the benefit of the website owners. Without getting to know about these algorithm updates, securing a position on the first pages of the Google search engine is relatively impossible. Additionally, when it comes to the websites of health, finance, insurance, and legal industries, Google scrutinizes those thoroughly to measure its legit value.

Do you know almost 93% of users first check the online websites of the law firms before hiring an attorney? Yes! Among them, 73% of the online customers proceed to the next law firm website when they don’t find legitimate information.

Moreover, the online presence of reputable law firms can be deemed when Google is unable to find any reliable information on the page. Crafting SEO-friendly keywords also plays an integral role in improving the online reputation of law firms across the globe. Along with deploying competent advocates, you should learn how to make a website trustworthy enough so that the clients can hire a professional in the first place.

When it comes to dealing with legal disputes, having a reliable attorney is essential. So, if you haven’t yet made a law firm website or thinking of revamping the website content, here’s what you need to follow to make it trustworthy:

Always Keep the Website-related Content Up-to-Date and Relevant

Yes! When it comes to owning a law firm website, it’s important to include the relevant and latest information about the company, services, and professionals. Google’s semantic processing is designed in such a way that it can identify the validation of the provided information in the websites quickly. Additionally, it also provides an outstanding level of importance in certain websites, including government websites, as those are widely accessed.

While evaluating these law firm websites, Google analyses thoroughly whether these claims are based on the current laws of the particular country or not. If the Google operators find any contradictory information in these authoritative websites, they consider it not trustworthy.

“If search engines believe the website contains improper information, it can reduce the online visibility of the law firm websites,” says Biler, SEO Manager at

Additionally, when website owners tend to forget to update the website-related content, Google automatically considers it invalid. So, we would highly recommend you to audit and update the basic information of the website, such as the firm’s practice areas, the number of attorneys that currently work, and their bios as well, regularly.

This updating or re-entering process doesn’t take much time and effort; make sure you have considered doing it to claim that the website is reliable enough. You can also publish blogs and articles about Government-imposed laws, rules, and restrictions on the websites.  

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Mentions and Links Are Essential 

Google provides more trust in those websites and organizations, which it considers as “authoritative” in their corresponding industries. And, we all know that Google has an index of vast swathes of the web, with the help of which, it looks for the online presence of these law firms as a whole, rather than just analyzing their websites.

This simply indicates that being mentioned on the other websites proves the robust online presence of the law firms. When online readers will move to these websites and find your law firm’s link, it will automatically help you to generate better organic visibility.  

Further, when it comes to increasing the website rank of the legal industries, Google pays extra attention to check its existence and reliability. Therefore, getting mentioned and linked to the right kind of websites is crucial, especially legitimate publications, for enhancing the conversion rate. One of the easiest ways to be mentioned in these high-ranked websites is by looking to the industry-related directories and connecting with the professional bodies.

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Take Membership, It’s Required!

Make sure you and your legal team either register for a monthly or yearly membership. Often, these directories showcase the name of renowned attorneys and organizations. So, contact them immediately and include the website name in these directories to get recognition with ease. You can also implement this same tactic for the legal firm’s growth by just writing for the legal publications.

Otherwise, you can just simply publish articles on the type of cases the professionals have resolved with their expertise. This can help you to get mentioned in other news articles or other websites. And, they will even attach the link of the organization for online readers. So, focus on finding high-authority legal websites and become a reliable law firm website.

Display Qualifications of the Professionals 

After analyzing the evidence of qualifications of the attorneys presented on the websites, Google efficiently finds out the organization’s trustworthiness. Some of the leading legal agencies provide valid and in-depth information about their professionals and their qualifications. But, a few tend to hide information about their associates. Probably, they opt for doing this to safeguard their professional’s interest — but that’s a huge mistake.

A trustworthy law firm website should contain a specific segment about their legal representatives. And in that section, it’s crucial to include their overall work experience, skills, practice area, and qualifications. And, if any dedicated advocates took any current membership, don’t forget to mention that as well. You can also consider creating a LinkedIn Page of the law firm. And, in the “People” section, you must include adequate information about the lawyers.

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Elements that You Shouldn’t Include in a Law Firm Website

While it seems pretty easy to drive organic traffic by just implementing the strategies we have mentioned above. But, for becoming a trustworthy law firm website, you should always avoid including the following things:

  • Don’t provide incorrect links in the websites that don’t even exist or have taken help from the organization earlier.
  • You shouldn’t create a webpage that has no sufficient amount of content.
  • Avoid incorporating hidden links or text, and it’s a clear indication that the website owner is typing to deceive search engines.
  • Moreover, adding scraped content won’t help you to increase the organic traffic of the law firm website.
  • Keyword stuffing is another major mistake that the website owners of the law firm mostly make.
  • Stop creating fake online reviews for improving the organizational reputation that doesn’t work anymore.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) are Essential for the Law Firm Websites

When it comes to content quality evaluation, Google takes help from the EAT of a website. EAT has become one of the significant components that aid in increasing site visibility over the years. As per the Google guidelines, financial, legal, or tax-related devices must come from a reliable source. As an attorney, your sole responsibility is to gain the clients’ trust with your expertise and analytical skills.

But for acquiring trust from Google, it’s important to include relevant and high-quality content for the clients. The online customers will most likely revisit a law firm website to find relevant answers to their queries.

Alongside, it would be best if you emphasized keeping the content easy-to-understand for the online viewers. Law itself is a complicated concept, so focus on publishing well-written, simple, and precise law-related blogs for the client’s understanding. Don’t forget to add a business account in Google to increase the trustworthiness of the law firm website.

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Having a “Call to Action” section on every law firm’s website is essential for gaining the clients’ trust. For increasing online visibility, you should make an account of the law firm on different social media platforms. Contact a website developer, acknowledge digital marketing skills, and be the owner of the leading law firm.

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