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How Can I Study Well on Google?

How Can I Study Well on Google

Having good reading skills is vital for a student, but it is also essential to effectively use the tools at your disposal. In today’s world, Google is an excellent study tool for students, so using Google effectively means you will do better in your studies.

You don’t have to study hard anymore to be successful as a student in the modern world. What you can do is to study smart. There are various tricks that you can use to improve your brain’s memory. Also, there are multiple tricks that you can use on Google to help you study.

10 Ways You Can Study Well on Google:

1. Find exact words on Google with quotation marks

Google normally considers the words that users type in it and look to match the words with others on the internet – it might not be in the same order of words. Google might have to separate these words or look for similar ones. However, if you want to look for a sentence, phrase, or quote in the particular order you typed in Google, then use the quotation mark. This will come in handy when you’re looking for sources for your assignment work.

2. Add “OR” to your search for more options

If you are researching a topic and need a wide range of options for your study, you can get it from Google. What you need to do is to add “or” to the search term. What this does is inform Google that you need results for either term.

One way to use this is when your search involves something that can be described differently by different sources. For example, climate change and global warming can be used to mean the same thing on various sources.

3. Remove options by adding a hyphen

If you’re studying for something specific and need to search on Google, one trick that writers at write my essay for me platform suggest is adding a hyphen in front of your search word(s) and adding the words you want to omit.

You can use this if your search word has dual meanings—for instance, Apple (fruit and a business organization). If you’re searching for the company, type in “Apple – fruit – food” on Google so the result will be specific to the company.

4. Add “site:” if you want your search to be limited to a website.

If you’re searching for a piece of article from a particular website for your studies and you can’t go through all of their blog posts as that would waste time, Google can come to your rescue. You can search for the post on that website directly through Google. What you need to do is add “site:” followed by the website and your search words. Google will search for the content within that website alone. Not all websites have the search function, and many that have don’t work like Google.

5. Add “site:” and the code of a country to get search results from that country.

This feature is an interesting one. It will come in handy for you as a student if you’re working on an assignment or studying things from and about a particular country. It will make sure that the search result is filtered and gotten from that country alone. What you need to pull this off is similar to the last one. Type “site: country code” to do this. These filtered results will make it easy for you to get what you want from Google since Google won’t populate results from different countries.

There are different ways to use Google for studying. The first part of this article deals with when you need to do your research through Google. What if you need to prepare for a test or exam?

6. Test yourself

One of the best ways to prepare for an exam or know your exam readiness is to test yourself before the exam date. This is another way to use Google for your studying.  You can check Google for questions relating to the subject or topic that you’re reading about.

One of the best ways to study is by testing yourself before an exam. If you don’t have access to past questions in that subject, all you need to do is search for past questions on that course on Google.

7. Mix things up

When studying for a test or an example, you’re very likely to have many hard copy materials to study with, from your lesson notes to textbooks and lecture materials. Not to mention other soft copy materials such as PDFs that you can read. However, Google offers a lot of resources that can aid your studies. If you need to mix things up and go a step further than your lecturers or teacher mentioned, then your best bet is to study through the available resources on Google.

8. Picture aid

Visual aids such as pictures, images, drawings, graphs, etc., are easy for the brain to memorize. They also aid the comprehension and accumulation of a subject matter. If you need to understand a topic better, you should get visual aids that illustrate it. Do you know where to get images across different topics and subjects? Google.

The “images” section of Google will come in handy to help you understand the texts that you read. You can recreate these images by yourself to aid easy remembrance.

9. Look for examples

Too often, students read materials and need illustrations and examples to aid their comprehension of the topic and get none in their textbooks and study materials. If this is the case, Google can be very useful as you can get examples from this search engine to boost your studying. This will ensure that you can create a mental image of what you’re studying.

10. Study deeper

One way to make sure you remember a concept is to understand it. If you know it well enough, you won’t have a problem remembering it. This is a far cry from when you cram things that you don’t know and are trying to remember them during a test or exam. The wide range of resources available and at your disposal on Google makes it easy to study more in-depth and understand better.

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The search engine Google does a brilliant job in providing all the necessary resources for studies. Beyond using it for everyday searches, students can also use Google to study for exams or tests and get good grades. It is also possible to research for your assignments and project works through Google. With the tricks mentioned in this article, you can be more productive with your use of Google.

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