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What Are the Best Apps for Doctors in 2024?

What Are the Best Apps for Doctors

There’s a lot of keeping up happening in the digital arena, especially in terms of optimizing essential services that are most needed in our day and time. The transformation and shift happening in the healthcare sector have undeniably changed the game in terms of streamlining the medical front liners’ work, improving systems, creating efficient electronic medical records, resulting in minimizing human error, and even lowering costs through sustainable digital experiences.

The innovations that have been developed have produced different tools that have improved the lives of medical practitioners and patients altogether. That’s why these digital improvements must continue and companies—especially SaaS companies and businesses must keep innovating.

So, what is this SaaS that we are talking about? And how can the Healthcare sector benefit from it?

Software as a Service or commonly known as SaaS is software that a third-party user hosts, and delivers over the web. Now, these applications are often known as web-based software or hosted software. SaaS is a known form of cloud computing service which means that instead of getting the software installed to your computer directly, this cloud-based software is made available through sites and applications. 

And since it is considered a service, technologies like this are helping shape healthcare in many ways—especially in how people in the medical field can access it, or how it can efficiently benefit the patients as well. 

With SaaS changing the game, here are some innovations that have helped change the outcome of healthcare solutions.

Why Are Medical Apps Important?

1. Data and Analytics

These various applications that analyze patients’ data can help streamline these data sets to identify clients or patients who need specific treatments or therapies. Even the data gathered and recorded during medical procedures can be utilized to improve medical and surgical treatment and planning. 

Needless to say, this is a huge window of opportunity to translate data into essential resources for patient treatment. 

2. Electronic Medical Records Software

Electronic Medical Records Software has allowed medical practitioners to streamline their tasks and caused them to focus on their patients’ treatment instead of getting caught up in the tedious administrative work. With easier access to the data they need, there can be better patient outcomes.

All across the healthcare sectors, even in third world countries like Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines, Electronic Medical Records Software has been acknowledged to handle doctors’ orders, prescriptions, even medical certificates. The utilization of EMR has made it easier to edit, record and access patient data. 

3. Cognitive Devices

SaaS is also widely utilized in the cognitive devices used by medical practitioners and even implantable devices that help monitor patients’ health data. These have contributed greatly in providing therapies more efficiently and the data gathered from these devices are then translated into actionable items that can improve patient care altogether.

Given all these, our medical practitioners, especially our doctors, need all the tools they need for work to be more seamless than ever. 

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Here Are the 24 Best Apps for Doctors in 2024

1. Practo

Practo has made it simple to book, schedule, cancel appointments; is a steady platform for private online consultations with doctors and specialists. Moreover, at the time of writing this article, it has got a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. So, we have listed it as the top apps for doctors.

2. Weave

Weave aims for seamless, mobile communication with your medical team and with your patients. It offers online scheduling, analytics, making it a single unified platform where you can communicate and engage more effectively. Because of its intuitive features, it deserves the 2nd spot on our list of the best apps for doctors.

3. Global MD Plus

Redefining patient experience, providing dedicated patient management by streamlining tasks, and access to patient’s records wherever, whenever- Global MD Plus has truly enhanced medical practice with effective and efficient management. Many doctors and medical practitioners recommend it as the best app for healthcare professionals.

4. Tempus

Tempus has enabled medical doctors to make decisions based on reliable data to deliver and provide personalized patient treatment and therapeutic options. It has utilized the power of data and analytics to make real-time precise decisions and patient care. So, we can say that Tempus is one of the most reliable apps for doctors.

5. QuiO

QuiO has helped in elevating medical solutions in the digital healthcare arena. They have provided smart injection devices with software alongside monitoring. It has aimed to work with providers and hospitals to improve patients’ medication adherence. Their monitoring platform has optimized health solutions and interventions possible.

6. Doctolib

Doctolib is an online platform that helps patients choose doctors and specialists and make appointments right there and then. Utilized in Germany and France, this healthcare platform is subscription-based benefiting patients and doctors alike. For the latter, it helps them check and manage their patient bookings and engage with their patients as well. 

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7. Hinge Health

Hinge Health has revolutionized back and joint care by being a patient-centered digital clinic that provides treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. The technology it uses for electrical nerve stimulation has helped thousands of patients avoid surgeries because outcomes have succeeded in relieving them of chronic pain and even addiction to pain medications.

8. Medscape

Medscape is one of the most downloaded medical applications. It provides healthcare practitioners with reliable and useful medical references, guidelines, even video tutorials for various medical procedures. 

9. Wellframe

What Wellframe does is that it provides digital health management solutions to produce the best patient outcomes for medical practitioners and patients alike. It offers a member mobile application and even a staff dashboard. Wellframe also helps you quantify your data with their quality analytics. 

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10. VillageMD

VillageMD has been providing healthcare models that have successfully assisted and helped medical practitioners deliver quality care to their patients. Its entire patient care model is focused on the provider-patient relationship. And it aims to provide a team-based approach with a top-of-the-line operating system to serve patients’ needs better. 

11.  Flatiron Health

In the field of cancer research, Flatiron Health has been on the frontlines in accelerating and improving patient outcomes in this field. They have truly lived up to their tagline: “Fighting cancer with organized data.” The data they glean from their research sets the tone for continuous breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

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12.  Kyruus

Kyruus aims to become a leader in providing appointment and scheduling solutions to help match patients with the right doctors or providers. It allows health systems to consolidate provider and patient data more effectively.

13.  SimplyVital Health

SimplyVital Health is a SaaS-based platform that targets to amplify data exchanges for better patient care and coordination. It aims to increase and improve the healthcare network that streamlines blockchain technology bringing both patient and provider together.

14. KloudData

Innovation-wise, KloudData is a leading IT provider that has created pathways for healthcare to be improved using digital means. It has created end-to-end solutions that have provided better insights to enhance and elevate patient care. KloudData’s healthcare mobility solutions have helped empower medical teams to make sound decisions for better patient outcomes.

15. TCare            

TCare or Tailored Care is a family-centered, caregiver support platform. It relieves caregivers of stress and possible burnout because of its effective algorithm and analytics, wherein individualized care plans can be created. It also supports Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) through its evidence-based software.

16.  Visual DX

As an award-winning application, Visual DX is one of the most comprehensive medical digital libraries around. Every health practitioner needs this kind of tool as an effective medical reference on the go.

17.  Rally Health

Significantly building ways for easier access to patient care while lowering the cost as needed, Rally Health has delivered a great healthcare experience to its clients. It has improved thus by Integrating healthcare plan solutions and employer solutions.

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18. Kareo Billing

Medical Billing has never been efficient like this. With software like Kareo Billing, your in-house billing process will be easily managed. It makes sure that you remain on the same page with your biller and optimizes your billing process for faster payments and reimbursements.

19. UpToDate

As a medical practitioner, you only want reliable and authoritative medical advice. UpToDate provides that patient-focused medical resource. It has proven itself as a support solution that has created better patient outcomes and improved hospital processes. Access to essential and up-to-date medical information is right at your fingertips.

20. Doximity

With more than a decade in improving digital healthcare communications, Doximity has helped medical practitioners, doctors, clinicians get connected and share each other’s insights and perspectives about healthcare. 

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21.  Grand Rounds

It helps clients and patients get the medical care they need in real-time wherever they are. Grand Rounds has built a team of medical practitioners, care coordinators, billing specialists to assist patients and raise the standard of healthcare for everyone.

22.  MedCheck

MedCheck collaborates with both researchers and medical practitioners alike to optimize clinical data. It claims to be an easy-to-use platform for digital registries and cloud electronic medical records. More specifically, it has helped in improving the electronic health record system in the Philippines. 

Considerably, it aims to improve the healthcare ecosystem as it partners with local medical organizations and NGOs, providing ample clinical data to both private and public healthcare industries. 

23. OneTouch EMR

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based software solution that helps medical practitioners manage their patient’s history. Not only that, it offers client support through chat, phone, and video tutorials. It also optimizes the practitioners’ note-takings and is customizable based on their medical specialty. It is created by doctors for doctors. 

24. PatientPop

With an efficient process and technology in place, Patientpop aims to make sure that medical providers succeed in giving and improving excellent patient care. It offers an all-in-one growth practice that’s compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) delivering measurable solutions to both practitioner and patient.

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Hope you liked the list of best apps for doctors and medical practitioners in 2024. Whether you need to set the bar high for electronic medical record software or simply look up a medical term, there’s already an undeniable evolution in the digital healthcare arena. Innovation is and will always be key to improving lives and harnessing convenience. 

SaaS in healthcare has indeed transformed the healthcare experience into a more patient-centered and solution-based endeavor. With cloud-based software on the rise, who knows what innovations can be born to alleviate medical research that can result in better patient outcomes, championing the cause of efficient and excellent healthcare solutions. 

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