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How to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions Effectively That Sell Fast

How Write eCommerce Product Descriptions Effectively That Sell Fast
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Do you really need to use your efforts to write a product description? Is it possible to sell more if your product description is optimized? Yes, and yes.

Well, creating an eCommerce website and properly running it involves a lot of work indeed. But everything will go in vain if the product information or description is not convincing enough. Nowadays, customers are concerned while purchasing products online. So, they look for a product description that includes a detailed description.

An effective product description can convince customers to click the “Add to Cart” button. This means product description is a crucial component of a website that converts visitors. Especially when you have a large inventory with lots of products to represent on your site.

We’ve come up with an excellent guide to enlighten you on how to write eCommerce product descriptions effectively. As a result, you will be able to gain more customer conversion and also sell fast.

9 Strategies to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions Effectively That Sell Fast:

1. Understand Your Target Audience

The primary objective of writing a product description is to specify the target audience for your business. You should be able to sort out the features that will be most appealing for your potential customers.

The first step starts with defining the buyer persona. This implies that you must summarize your audience’s behavior and preferences. As a result, you will understand which features to highlight in a product description.

While creating your product description, these are the questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What brought a user to your page?
  • What is that user’s preference?
  • And, what makes you think this audience is interested in your store particularly?
  • How would this visitor describe your product or service to others?
  • What qualities or advantages would spark this person’s attention the most?

You should craft your eCommerce product descriptions by keeping all these questions in mind. Why? The description will be more effective and sell fast because you prioritize the audience.

For example, let’s take a closer look at this product description on Amazon:

Understand Your Target Audience - Look at this product description of amazon
Source: Amazon

The buyer persona is not focused on an individual interested in shopping for a slipper. Potential customers will learn a lot about a slipper with a comfy sole that makes no noise while walking. So, the focus is not to inform about the product only but also about the extra benefit it carries.

Amazon featured a complete product description that includes the slipper’s basic features and other uses. Therefore, it clearly indicates the next point that we will discuss on eCommerce product descriptions.

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2. Highlight the Product Benefits

As a business owner, it’s apparent that you want to highlight all the benefits of your product. Also, you want to demonstrate that your products have out-of-the-box features. On the other hand, the buyer is not always focusing on every little detail of your products. Instead, they want to know how the product will fulfill their necessity.

Describing a product’s features is a technical declaration about the product based on facts. But the product benefit describes how the product will affect the buyer’s life to make it easier.

Now, if we look at the product description from above, we can see that the essential features and the advantages are highlighted.

Highlight the Product Benefits
Source: Amazon

From this product description, we can see that it’s made of 100% vegan and machine-washable materials. Also, it contains 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, and a rubber sole.

From this product description, we can see that it’s made of 100% vegan
Source: Amazon

From the above example, you can see the product benefits are also highlighted. The memory foam insole of the slipper conforms to the contours of your foot and gives you comfort. Therefore, you can have a relaxed moment after a day-long work activity.

Also, the uniqueness of the sole is described that will surely intrigue the buyers. So, the specialty of this slipper is adequately described with the benefits that it will provide its users.

However, your product description should contain content that will persuade potential customers. Moreover, It should highlight the features that will make a measurable difference in their lives.

Outline your product’s primary features and benefits before writing your eCommerce product descriptions. Consider how the product either improves pleasure or alleviates a source of discomfort. Determine how each of the enlisted features benefits your buyers right away.

This type of feature-to-benefit translation can help you develop more appealing product descriptions in less time.

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3. Describe Your Product Thoroughly

An ideal product description should include all pertinent information, lure the consumer of its merits, and engage emotionally. Emotion is a major factor influencing a buyer’s motivation to buy a product. Therefore, you need to attach emotions to your product descriptions perfectly.

Are you thinking about writing a product description and eliciting emotions in it? Simply said, answer all of your potential consumers’ queries and concerns about the product.

You can witness the excellence in the following product description of TIGGER 2 SOCK by

Describe Your Product Thoroughly

This product description is short but informative and includes all the features. Most importantly, it described the critical feature, which is Bamboo Fiber. As a result, the focus of the product is emphasized on bamboo fiber, the core element. Customers can easily relate to the usage of this product in real life.

Product Description of D Min by Rusty Surfboards

In the above product description of D MIN by Rusty Surfboards, we can learn about the design changes and their use in different situations. Hence, buyers can imagine themselves surfing in the sea with this board. It kind of influences you to use it and maneuver in different surfing conditions.

When you are telling a story through your product description, you may answer the following questions:

  • Who created this product in the first place?
  • What motivated them to craft this product?
  • What was the process of creating this product like?
  • How would this product fit into buyers’ daily routines?

A product description with a storyline allows consumers to imagine and visualize the products more effectively. As a result, they don’t need to rely on the features and specifications of the product. If you can emotionally relate to customers with the product, they won’t even recognize it as a part of marketing.

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4. Utilize Soothing Tone and Language

The eCommerce product descriptions you write should sound natural, like a real conversation. However, if it sounds unnatural or like a machine-generated tone, it will not be effective.

If your product description doesn’t sound like something you’d share with others, it’s time to breathe new life into it. Using the natural tone that you would love to discuss with others will connect customers with your products.

Belle and the Brave excels at this,

They have applied a tone related to “Spell-bound magic” all over their website. If you look closely, you will see most of the product names include the word “Spell.”

For example, they portray a 70’s dressing style combined with a modern design that looks magical. Therefore, any classic dress liver would pick it and recommend it to others.

Utilize Soothing Tone and Language

The word “Spell” is used throughout the website, including the product title, descriptions, and variation. Most importantly, the company’s name refers to the magical journey of a princess known as Belle.

The Word “Spell” Is Used throughout the Website

The following example represents the Sandqvist brand by Pickle.

Represents the Sandqvist Brand by Pickle

The product description represents all aspects of backpacks designed by the Sandqvist brand. It contains natural language as if you are having a conversation or sharing it with your pal. Moreover, there are no sweeping assertions or meaningless words.

Furthermore, the tone sounds realistic, and it’s consistent with the overall tone of Sandqvist.

Consistent tones in a product description can increase your customer’s confidence in your brand. As a result, your brand will get more recognition than any other seller in the market.

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5. Influence the Audience with Power Words

You can influence the audience by properly utilizing the power words in your product descriptions. This is because powerful words can trigger an emotional response in buyers. Using power words will surely assist eCommerce store owners in selling fast.

Be creative with your words and phrases while creating your eCommerce product descriptions. It will help you sell fast by convincing your customers to make the buying decision. Power words are crucial for the following reasons:

  • Applying Emotional Appeal
  • Addressing the pain points
  • Indicating the exclusivity of your product
  • Developing a sense of trust

Now we will share a list of effective “power words” that will assist you in selling fast. These words can be used in any type of conversation and also in product descriptions due to their nature.


Let’s look at how creatively Olive+Piper used power words in the product description of Hilton Drops – Emerald. This description will easily convince buyers to spend $ 42 on a pair of earrings.

Look at How Creatively Olive Piper Used Power Words in the Product Description

As you can see from the description, they have emphasized the word “Gorgeous” at the beginning. The color of the product was focused on the words “Ultra-elegant.”

Moreover, the words – “Extra Support” convince users to learn more about the usage of the product. Lastly, the description suggests that you can wear it with a “Special Edition” Essie Pendant, which holds the customers’ attention. The words are quoted and include unique as a power word.

While writing your product description, refurbish your wordings with some extra grooming. Use powerful adjectives like “Gorgeous” or “Extraordinary” instead of simple terms such as “good” or “great.”

By using these appealing phrases in your eCommerce product descriptions, you may persuade your clients that your items are one-of-a-kind, distinctive, and also well worth their money.

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6. Create a Smoothly Scannable Description

The fact is that 82% of shoppers review product descriptions, and it impacts their purchasing preferences. But people are impatient and not always eager to go through the full description. So, the product description on your site must capture the consumers who are skipping it. But how?

Craft easily scannable product descriptions that shoppers will enjoy scanning and reading thoroughly. Also, make sure the description is written in such a way that customers can simply identify the features they’re seeking. You can make your product description smoothly scannable by doing the following things:

  • Inserting bullet points
  • Including short sentences
  • Creating short paragraphs
  • With adequate white spaces
  • Use a variation of fonts

While writing eCommerce product descriptions for your site, maintain a similar scannable structure. You can put bullet points for including spaces and describing components separately.

Highlight the mandatory features and stories via short but meaningful paragraphs. Use bullet points to construct a beautiful structure for your product description. Besides, bullet points are also applicable in dividing different sections. Furthermore, emphasize product titles by inserting them on headings.

Just look at the following product description of a gaming chair that is featured on Amazon. It impressively meets all of the criteria for ideal product descriptions that we’ve covered.

Look at the Following Product Description of a Gaming Chair Which Is Featured on Amazon

7. Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whatever strategy you use to site modification, don’t forget to optimize your content for search engines. With search engine optimization, you can honeypot your customers on your website. It’s one of the most efficient techniques to persuade customers to buy from your online store.

For SEO, keywords play a major role in getting displayed in search engine results. This is because keywords are the terms people search to find their preferred products. You just need to conduct research to collect the best keywords that people may search. It’s one of the most efficient techniques to persuade customers to buy from your online store.

For example, if the keyword is “Men’s Suit,” Google represents the following search results. You can easily optimize this keyword and sync it on your product’s title or headline.

Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Google SERP

The top search results display different representations of the Men’s Suit keyword. It shows “Men’s Suits” and “Men’s Suits | Men’s Designer & Tailored Suits.” Now, let’s get into one of the websites found in the top search results and see how they’ve integrated the keywords.

See How They’ve Integrated the Keywords

Amazon used keywords in different formats in product titles. We recommend you place the keywords in the following places:

  • Titles on your webpage
  • In the Meta Descriptions
  • Within the alter tags of the images
  • In your eCommerce product descriptions

You can quickly generate LSI keywords for your products by running your keywords via the LSIGraph tool. This tool explores the web and finds out the pages where your keywords are ranking high. Next, it generates a list of the frequently used keywords on top web pages.

List of the Frequently Used Keywords on Top Web Pages

It gives a clear idea of well-performing keywords on the displayed pages. Therefore, you can utilize these keywords in your product descriptions without hesitation. As you can see according to search volume, two popular LSIs are:

  • Suits for men near me
  • cheap suits for men

But be aware that you should keep the primary keyword in your product title as it carries the highest priority. It is not guaranteed that you will get a ranking by adding these LSI in your product title and descriptions. But those who are actively searching these terms will easily find your products.

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8. Use Lucrative Images

Even if you have created the best product description, you must display that product with lucrative images. You might be thinking about how product image is connected to product descriptions.

According to Hubspot:

67% of consumers said that quality product image is essential for selecting and buying purposes. They (63%) also think that product image carries more importance than product descriptions.

A high-quality image is an important component of your eCommerce product descriptions. Your product’s primary features can be shown to buyers based on its descriptions. Also, quality images can influence the customers as if the product is a part of their regular life.

The following visual representation of this lamp on Amazon perfectly portrays the product image. They’ve displayed high-quality images and a product video.

Use Lucrative Images

Rather than telling how beautiful the lamp is, they have represented the product variation and different usage. Also, their video informs how easily you can use this product in your daily life.

By representing the product in image and video format, you enable customers to imagine this product in their real lives. If you cannot always provide quality videos with the product description, try to provide multiple images.

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9. Make and verify your Own Product Description Template

Apart from the above mentioned rules, you can always make and test your own product description template. However, there is no significant writing style or template that works globally. This means a single template or description style cannot be used all the time.

You should craft a unique template that goes perfectly with your product or business type. Try to figure out the buying persona of the customers of your target market. Make sure you include the features or words that your customers prefer and search for.

Answering the following questions will assist you in writing an ideal description for your business:

  • What is the problem that your product is solving?
  • Which power words did you utilize in your descriptions?
  • Did you include the complete story of your product?
  • Would you share this product with a friend?
  • Does the product image represent the features and the key benefits?

After sorting out the perfect blueprint for your product descriptions, test and sort it out. Apply the concepts we’ve discussed as well as your own particular approach to some of your products and evaluate the results.

If your implemented product description sells fast, apply the same procedure on your entire website. Otherwise, take some time and make changes to enhance the descriptions.

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We’ve mentioned this guide to writing effective product descriptions based on thorough market research. Hopefully, it will help you develop the finest product description and significantly increase your sales.

The main objective is to produce such a description that will mention the effect on a shopper’s life. And If you can do it successfully, your sales will automatically boost. But keep in mind that the description should not include anything unrealistic.

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