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How to Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate

How to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Today, there are approximately 12-24 million e-commerce websites all around the globe, and competition is very tough to stand out. However, you have to compete to survive in the market; otherwise, you will sink like a ship in the water. Therefore, the most important point to succeed is the conversion rate of your website. Conversion rate is the percentage of website viewers who buy the product from the website. The average eCommerce conversion rate is 1% – 2%. So, to stand out and to grow, we will assist and provide you with the most effective points which e-commerce platforms use for increasing website conversion rate.

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10 Effective Tips to Improve eCommerce Website Conversion Rate:

1. Create an Appealing Website

Different websites use different techniques and sometimes unfair means to increase their conversion rate. But we suggest you choose the right path and try to make your website designed in such a persuasive and appealing way that the viewer gets attracted and spends more time on your site. If the site is not designed in an organized manner and the site is messed up, there is no use for our tips. Also, make sure that your website is fully secured by installing a trusted SSL certificate.

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2. Improve Website/Server Response Time

One of the most important aspects is the response time of the website. If your sites take more than 1-2 seconds for opening, the viewer will get impatient and lose interest, and they will switch to some other platform. Time is precious, so even a second can make a huge difference and a huge revenue loss.   

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3. Add Interactive Images

Your website should be visually convincing, as our brain responds much quicker to images than text. Using optimized images, you can increase the user experience of the site and also, you will get assurance that the user will show some interest in the website. Images are also helpful in narrating success stories, demonstrating products, ad displays, and much more.

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4. Provide Hassle-Free Navigations

The website should be designed so that customers can easily find what he/she is looking for by just clicking a button. All categories should be listed on the top, and the exploration for the customer should be made easier. The customer finds the site complicated, and then he will switch to another competitor’s site within a second, and all the efforts will get wasted. Also, provide a search bar on the website to find what he is looking for by searching it. 

5. Use Google SEO Tools

SEO tools help increase the quantity and quality of traffic on your website, which helps you be visible when the user searches for anything related to your platform.  Use keywords to maintain your content quality, and it will soon increase your position in Google’s ranking algorithm. 

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6. Showcase Customer Reviews

Add customer reviews on the website, As the buyer generally has faith in the recommendations of other customers who have already used the product and services. Reviews not only will help the consumer to buy the product or services but also showcase your brand’s brilliance with real reviews, and you will get to know where you need to make improvements or changes.

7. Exclude Lengthy Form Filling Process

The customer generally avoids using websites that make them fill unnecessary forms as they get scared and generally switch to another website. You should maintain a proper balance between when form filling is required and when it is not necessary. Try to gather important details and eliminate unnecessary form fields, and this will surely make a difference in increasing your conversion rate.

8. Promote Guaranteed Refund

Ensure customers that their money is in safe hands, and there is no need for them to worry as they will get a guaranteed refund. Unfortunately, many companies do not offer this feature, which will help you increase your conversion rate as a customer does not think much while purchasing after knowing this policy.

9. Accept Multiple Payment Options

Provide customers with a wide variety of options such as PayPal, credit card, debit card, Amazon payments, etc., for making the payment, so they have full flexibility, and there is no chance of cancellation. This will also reduce the chances of fraud or theft, and customers can make transactions hassle-free.

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10. Provide Unbound Shipping 

Consumers these days run after “free” shipping. They prefer no tax on the delivery, which is something you can do. 75% of the e-commerce sites serve this constraint. If you don’t want to consider the free shipping, you need to ponder the price range but if you want to add the shipping charges, consider them before the checkout, not after, as it’s a clear-cut “no sale” afterward.

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In the end, concluding all the advice we have given, you can implement it to increase and boost your website conversion rate. There are many tips and tricks to boost conversion rate, but don’t make it too complicated to try something simple and innovative. Analyze and try different advice; this will surely boost your conversion rate.

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