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10 Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software
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With the growing popularity of various online shopping platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, Snapdeal, etc., the competition in the current marketplace is undeniable to reach the sky, where every small or large entrepreneur wants to double the profit. But, have you ever wondered what the next most significant thing is in the marketplace that allows you to gain the desired outcome from your business plans?

No? It’s a PPC Automation… Yes, you have read it right!

Why Amazon PPC Automation

With every passing year, the increasing competition on Amazon creates obstacles for the sellers to stand out in the marketplace. In such a scenario, sponsored or paid ads are the fastest way to drive traffic and potential customers quickly. To get better results, one has to optimize their Amazon sponsored ads regularly. And fortunately, there are several ways to optimize Amazon PPC that can boost your sales.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most crucial yet time-consuming activities for sellers as it requires you to monitor bids, keywords, and campaigns promptly (preferably regularly).

If you have a vast product portfolio, then in such a case, doing Amazon campaign optimization becomes a daunting task for you. To deal with it, you need some powerful yet innovative tool or software that makes optimization easier.

Here, in this article, we have outlined the top 10 Amazon PPC automation and management software that enables you to save hours of manual effort and direct your energy into other areas of your business like inventory management, product research, and other marketing activities.

Top 10 Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software of 2021:

1. Scale Insights

Scale Insights - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

The third software on the list is Scale Insights. It is an industry-leading Amazon PPC automation software that is used by 8-figure Amazon FBA business owners to boost their returns-on-investment. This software allows you to build multiple campaigns fast with customizable AI-driven automations.

You can pick any of their plans as per your need and lessen your burden of campaign optimization with just one click. By using this software, there is no need to hire a PPC expert as you will get every tiny detail in front of you.

2. Flywheel 2.0

Flywheel 2.0 - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Teikametrics has developed an AI-powered platform called Flywheel 2.0 to help sellers and brand owners easily optimize their campaign performance on Amazon, Walmart, etc. It is a good choice to connect with your products, ads, and marketplaces without going here and there, as you can handle it all by using one software.

Although there are several pros of this software, such as real-time smart tracking, accurate data reports, user-friendly interface, performance analytics dashboard, and much more, there are some cons too, like it might be costly for small-scale businesses.


PPC SCOPE - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

The next Amazon PPC software on the list is PPC Scope. Usually, this tool has everything that you need to analyze, optimize, and automate your Amazon advertising. You can choose any of their 4 pricing packages according to your needs.

This software has a feature, historical Data on Ad Performance, which enables your data history to raise with you the longer you use this tool! Moreover, It helps take the assumptions out of campaign optimization. But you need to buy a subscription plan to access the training program. Furthermore, they offer support via a private Facebook group for subscribers.

4. Entourage 2.0

EntouragE 2.0 - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Moving forward, EntouragE 2.0 is a software to create profitable online brands by increasing ad revenue, improving profit margins, and reducing ACoS. It offers you the bulk optimizer to optimize your all ad campaigns in significantly less time.

Entourage collects sales-generating search terms and converts them into keywords that you can use in your campaigns. Every campaign has its dashboard that allows you to easily see the targets, search terms, products, and its ASINs underperforming based on your ACoS targets.

5. Ad Badger

Ad Badger - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Ad Badger incorporates an incredible toolset to manage, automate, and monitor your Amazon campaigns effortlessly. It allows you to ensure that you always have the right bid. Furthermore, you can manage keywords, campaigns better and other parameters with the right strategy. Freshers can also use this software without having any previous PPC knowledge.

6. Perpetua

Ad Badger - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Perpetua is an all-in-one platform to fasten your online growth, which brings everything collectively to one place that is needed to drive high profits for eCommerce brands. It saves your time and money with automated campaign creation, execution, and optimization.

One thing that you have to do is enter your strategic objectives such as brand defense, growth, awareness, and profitability; rely on Perpetua’s ad engine to implement it tactically. Its conversion-based bidding algorithms and AI-powered smart suggestions are designed to increase the efficiency of your ad spend.

7. Downstream

Downstream by Jungle Scout - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Downstream by Jungle Scout is the AI-powered Amazon management software that works 24/7 to hit your targets while lowering your ad budget. It has customizable dashboards that have the power to turn raw data into readable information. This way you can feel confident and spend your time where it matters the most.

8. RevenueWize

RevenueWize - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

RevenueWize is also a good choice to manage Amazon PPC effortlessly. Furthermore, like other PPC automation tools, it enables you to reduce ACoS and increase your online sales. It is run on AI-based algorithms that suggest the optimal bid to attain target ACoS.

9. Sellozo

Sellozo - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Sellozo is another great choice of Amazon PPC tool that analyzed 8 weeks of data – 4 weeks before Sellozo and 4 weeks with Sellozo, which enables its users to see a 70% increase in Ad profits. It is a time-saving tool that makes your optimization task a lot easier.

10. Trendle

Trendle - Amazon PPC Automation and Management Software

Last on the list is Trendle. It is an exceptionally unique PPC tool tailored to lessen your Amazon optimization burden. Starting with business goals to sales goals and learning basic functions to accomplish goals, you will get everything in this software. Apart from this, it enables you to do data collection, organization, and presentation.

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Most of these software comes with a free trial (generally 14 -day free trial) which makes your investment in these tools risk-free to some extent. So use first and then buy! Hammering the final nail, it can be concluded that it is worthless to spend dollars on paid ads without using any of the Amazon PPC automation and management tools. Because when you are not optimized or automated your advertising campaign according to the changing requirements of your target audience, it is Zero.

So, it is good to get details about the top Amazon PPC automation software and select the best one as per your requirements. All the above-listed tools have become popular due to their amazing results. It is recommended to select any one of them and start optimization today!

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