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Why You Should Use a Standing Desk? Home Office Guide

Why You Should Use a Standing Desk Home Office Guide

A standing desk, in my opinion, gives you a sense of ownership of your tasks. That’s a unique takeaway indeed! I had been an on and off home-office (WFH) worker till the penultimate stages of 2021. In November, it turned normal when my boss felt it wise to adopt a complete WFH model.

My initial reactions were disgust and remorse because I had experienced the vagaries of a home office over the past two years. Yes, it keeps you safe from the raging virus, but it isolates you into oblivion. The dullness coupled with the lockdown restrictions sucks the soul out of you. But in hindsight, I saw a silver lining – my adorable standing desk.

It’s my standing desk that kept me going through the dread that loomed during the lockdowns. Not even for a day did I feel slouched, nor did my energy and confidence wane out of proportion. An upright stance transforms you into an achiever no matter what the circumstances. I am a living example of this reality.

Had it not been my standing desk, I would have badly underperformed, and who knows, might have even lost my job. I would have devolved into an overweight slug who’s always at the risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments. My standing desk saved me from all these illnesses and even kept me mentally charged up.

Now we are in 2022, and the home office (WFH) is the most favored way of working. Scores of global corporations have replaced their regular workplaces with a WFH setup. In fact, WFH is the regular office now. But I’m not worried a bit because I have my standing desk as the best workmate. 

5 Reasons to Use a Standing Desk in the Home Office (WFH):

1. Gives You an Upright Stance

This is the first point I convey to my WFH peers. A standing desk is height-adjustable to such an extent that you can easily work with a high element of spinal comfort. The slouch never comes close to you, and you’re always in an upbeat mood.

My neck never felt the muscle tension that’s often associated with a sedentary working style. I also felt that my willingness to contribute to my company’s success grew unimaginably. A standing desk, in my opinion, gives you a sense of ownership of your tasks. That’s a unique takeaway indeed!

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2. Strengthens Your Back Muscles

I have had my share of back pains throughout my professional career. They never emerged all of a sudden. The backpains build-up over years of incorrect sitting in constricting office chairs. And when they strike, you’re undone to the core.

However, my standing desk gave me the perfect lumbar (lower back) help throughout my WFH, and I’m sure that back pains will not trouble me in the future as well. My standing desk has strengthened my back muscles to a point where I don’t need to swallow distasteful painkillers!

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3. Keeps You Fit, Healthy, Happy, and Productive

Keeps You Fit, Healthy, Happy, and Productive

An unfit worker cannot last long. But fitness will never desert you if you use a standing desk. When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel pleased to see a healthy and happy professional who has managed to mitigate obesity and associated illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac problems.

And my anxieties just went down the drain. It was the recipe for productivity during my WFH, and it was curated by my standing desk.

4. Appeals by Minimalism

Something I realized during my WFH is that we can be happy with less. There’s no point in overstuffing our lives with luxury. My standing desk strengthened this belief as I found it is quite appealing. The off-white top cradled on metallic grey legs added aesthetic vibes to my home office (WFH). I loved it.

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5. Promotes Savings and ROI

In my case, the major savings came from the reduced medical bills. I haven’t seen a doctor for a long time now. The bucks I saved on medicines were used for better investments such as ergonomic accessories. My standing desk gave a wonderful return-on-investment (ROI).

A standing desk is a great ally for WFH professionals, and you should use it too!

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