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5 Digital Tools to Stay Organized at Work

Digital Tools to Stay Organized at Work

Everything is different since 2019. Several companies have already announced that they will only return to face-to-face work after Covid-19 is over. Until then, everyone will work in the home office. Besides, several other companies have realized that the office is unnecessary for their case and vacates the large commercial slabs. These companies will become remote or almost remote, keeping only a few face-to-face appointments a week. Self-employed professionals and small businesses are also experiencing the taste of working from home. I have friends who are closing their law, architecture, and engineering offices to work from home. Many people have realized that this generates a cost reduction that becomes very significant when placed on the pencil’s tip.

Working from home has never been easier and more acceptable. If this was seen before as a “less serious” form of work, today, everyone knows that this is not how it works. The prejudice against “working from home” is over and even turned the desire of many people.

But I’ve seen people who said they hated it. From the people who didn’t like it, saying it turned into chaos and filled the days with calls, one thing was obvious: You need to have the right method and tools. With some communication methods, organization, and the right tools, you can transform the home office into a very productive working way. Even more productive than traditional work.

Here Are the 5 Free Digital Tools to Stay Organized at Work:

1. RecordCast

Some things are clearer when explained visually, right? RecordCast is a free web tool that allows you to capture, narrate and share recordings made on your computer screen. Although not the best video editor on the internet, it is one of the best resources for creating explanatory content.

In terms of usage, you can choose whether you want to record the entire screen or only the tabs you want to use (and if you wish to display the face as a thumbnail in the corner of the screen). After recording the video, you can choose whether edit it with a built-in video editor or not.

2. OneDrive

OneDrive is a powerful information management tool that you can use. It is easy to access, and being linked to Microsoft is compatible with several other brand programs. It has a cloud storage service, just a Microsoft account. In addition to storing, the user is given the option to define which files will be public and which files will be private and available only to authorized persons. This way, you can easily share files with your team and avoid duplicating information and versions of the same document.

3. Trello

Use it if you are looking to manually organize your tasks, as Trello is a tool that replaces sticky notes (or the famous posts-its), spreadsheets, calendar, and emails. It is a way to visually organize, in one place, all the tasks to be performed. Also, Trello allows the to-do lists to be managed and the progress to be monitored by the entire team in a synchronized way since the update is instantaneous.

The digital tool works as a task list, kanban, with cards that can be marked with colors, the status of progress, responsible for the activity and deadlines. It also allows you to add comments and feedbacks and synchronize with all devices. One of its advantages is the excellent visualization of the entire production line of the tasks.

The update is instantaneous and can be viewed by the entire team. The platform is accessed by the internet browser, without the need to work with its installation. Best of all, there is an entirely free version!

4. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that offers to send text messages for private conversations or groups with multiple people, voice calls, individual videos or group meetings, and screen sharing. 

In this way, the platform allows you to create work teams, improving communication and integration between teams. Also, it offers the possibility of file sharing and online editing, which adds productivity to your team and makes your daily life simpler.

Microsoft Teams is compatible with other Microsoft applications, such as Office Online, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Of course, it can also be used in conjunction with Trello and Evernote.

5. Cawemo

The Cawemo is a digital tool that helps teams designing and discuss sharing workflows, planning, and ideas involving the company’s projects. The platform allows multiple people to work in the same flow simultaneously, which optimizes teamwork and improves project management. Also, there is the possibility to share the diagrams with the rest of the team. It is available to share your diagrams and get everyone on board with your workflow. You can easily embed your diagram on your company’s wiki or share it via email.


So, which of these digital tools is your favorite? Have you started trying an online tool to get you organized at work? If you have any suggestions or want to talk to us, just leave a comment below!

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