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VMware Certifications: How to Choose the Right One

VMware Certifications: How to Choose the Right One
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Internet Technology (IT) is an ever-evolving industry. New development and technological advancements in this sector require professionals to keep upgrading their expertise and technical skill sets to improve their career prospects. VMware certification is a crucial program for people involved in the implementation and management of virtual network solutions in a company.

However, there are multiple VMware certifications to choose from, and you must know each type to get the right certification for your professional growth. Therefore, this blog discusses each VMware type, the benefits of owning this certificate, its renewal, and topics covered for this certification.

What Is VMware Professional Certification?

This certification trains IT professionals to handle VMware tools and technologies in various industrial environments. Moreover, this certification enables people to understand the appropriate use of VMware applications to meet the organization’s networking goals.

Types of VMware Certifications

There are a total of four VMware certifications that professionals can choose from depending on their experience and knowledge. Each certification is dedicated to a specific area of the digital network, virtual infrastructure, hyper-convergence, cloud computing, and automation. These certifications are:

1. VMware Certified Associate or VCA

The crucial topics covered in this certification program are cloud architecture and solutions for VMware software. In addition, this certification is designed for professionals at the beginning level of virtual networking. Through this program, IT professionals learn to align different VMware products to find solutions for specific client requirements.

The following IT professionals must choose VCA to upgrade their expertise:

  • Data analysts
  • Specialists for computer support
  • Executive assistants

2. VCP or VMware Certified Professional

VCP is designed for IT professionals who are involved in the installation, configuration, management, and optimization of VMware solutions. The critical topics explained during the VCP certification program include VMware technologies, architecture, solutions, and productions.

There are primarily five VCP certifications for IT professionals like database administrators, computer programmers, administrators of computer systems, IT managers, and software developers.

These certifications are:

  • VCP 2020 Network Virtualisation
  • VCP CMA 2020
  • VCP-DW 2020
  • VCP-DTM 2020
  • VCP-DCV 2020

3. VCAP VMware Certified Advanced Professional

This advanced-level VMware certification is suitable for professionals who design and create VMware solutions. Moreover, this course polishes the conceptualization and logical and physical designing skills of professionals, which is necessary for working with VMware systems.

Presently there are seven different VCAP certifications for IT professionals:

  • VCAP-DCV Deploy 2020
  • VCAP-CMA Design2020
  • VCAP-DTM Deploy 2020
  • VCAP-DCV Design 2020
  • VCAP NV Deploy 2020
  • VCAP-CMA Deploy 2020
  • VCAP-DTM Design 2020

4. VCDX or VMware Certified Design Expert

This is an expert-level VMware certification, which is excellent for professionals like database architects, computer network designers, and hardware engineers of computers. VCDX improves the designing and implementation skills of people to improve their performance and work efficiency.

There are four VCDX certifications for professionals, namely:

  • VCDX-DTM 2020
  • VCDX-CMA 2020
  • VCDX-NV 2020
  • VCDX-DCV 2020

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Topics Covered in VMware Certification

Knowing the topics of this certification is crucial for determining its suitability and importance for professionals. The following points elaborate on the topics of this certificate:

  • Data Virtual Center: This includes an organization’s procedure of designing the security system for its data. It is necessary for efficient management of the company’s critical information. Therefore, the VMware Cloud on AWS manages data on the system’s cloud with complete privacy.
  • Cloud Automation and Management: It means using methodologies for proper administration and operation of infrastructures from any place through the internet connection.
  • Network Virtualization: In this topic, professionals learn about the methods of converting a company’s hardware programming into the software.
  • Mobility and Desktop: Here, candidates for this certificate learn to develop programs for managing the company’s applications with a personal device.
  • Digital Workspace: This technology is crucial as it enables the employees of an organization to access applications and software anytime for better communication.

Renewal of VMware Certification

Recertification or renewal is common for many highly sought-after courses in the IT industry. It helps professionals remain updated with the latest technological advancements. Therefore, VMware certifications require renewal after every 2 years.

The recertification method consists of the following:

  • Applying for a VCP on the same track as the earlier certification.
  • Getting a new advanced level certification in the same track.
  • Taking a course to earn a certificate for a different VMware advanced level track.

Benefits of VMware Certification

The benefits of earning a professional or beginners VMware certification are:

  • It opens the way to improved and high-paying job opportunities.
  • Professionals with this certification have better technical skills to solve workspace problems.
  • It enables people to take beta classes and examinations.
  • It increases understanding of an organization’s VMware solutions.
  • Professionals learn to improve VMware applications.

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VMware certification is a crucial program for acquiring an in-depth understanding of virtual networking and cloud technology. Moreover, to remain updated with technical advancement, professionals must consider recertification. However, to boost one’s career chances, it is crucial to choose the best course available to them.

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