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5 Best Cloud Certifications in 2023 (Beginners to Experts)

Best Cloud Certifications List

Cloud has solved all the infrastructure management problems of organizations. Earlier companies used to buy or rent physical servers for different needs like computing, networking, database, etc. With the introduction of Cloud Computing, companies or entities could now access these services on a pay-as-you-go model without the need to buy or rent servers. Companies can now be flexible in their options and dynamic in their offerings. 

Certifications are vital for cloud professionals to advance their careers. You must understand the current demand, the role you will be working in, and the cert you must acquire to reach that goal. For starters, there are many companies offering cloud services globally. But AWS from Amazon, Azure from Microsoft, and Google Cloud Platform are the top three contenders in the cloud space. According to several industry reports on exam takers, the top five cloud certifications for faster career growth in the cloud domain are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Professional Cloud Architect Certification by Google

Acquiring certs from these three cloud service providers has proven to be very successful for professionals in achieving their career objectives. Why so? These service providers test your proficiency in working with the platform to deliver the expected results. Let’s now discuss these top-rated certifications in detail to understand better.

5 Best Cloud Certifications in 2023 (Beginners to Experts):

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification - Best Cloud Certifications

It’s probably the most popular certification in the entire AWS range of role-based certifications. This certification is Associate-level, which means you must understand AWS Services like computing, networking, database, and storage. You must also have good knowledge of AWS deployment and management services. You must also possess the experience to deploy, manage, and operate AWS workloads, etc. 

In short, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate level exam validates your ability in designing and implementing AWS distributed systems. 

This certification exam contains 65 multiple-choice and Multiple-Response questions that you need to solve within 130 minutes and comes with a $150 registration amount. Aspirants can take this exam offline or online via Pearson VUE and PSI Test Centers. This exam is available in multiple languages apart from English. If you are interested in learning the essential concepts and cracking this cert exam, I recommend checking out the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Course. 

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2. AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification - Best Cloud Certifications

As the name suggests, it’s a certification to validate your Developer skills in the AWS cloud environment. This certification will help you validate your technical proficiency in writing and deploying cloud-based applications. 

It’s an Associate-level exam, which contains 65 questions that could be multiple-choice or multiple-response questions that need to be solved within 130 minutes. This certification exam costs $150 as the registration amount. Like other AWS cert exams, AWS Certified Developer – Associate could be given online and offline via PSI and Pearson VUE Test Centers. 

3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals - Best Cloud Certifications for Beginners

Azure Fundamentals is the most basic-level certification within the Azure range of role-based certifications. This certification tests and validates the foundational knowledge of Azure services and how the platform works at the most fundamental level. This cert tests the aspirant’s knowledge in Azure cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure Security, workloads, privacy, with pricing and support in the Azure platform. 

The exam is titled AZ-900, comes with $99 in the United States, and the registration amount varies with a region within the US and worldwide. All Azure cert exams are also available in multiple foreign languages apart from English. You can take the exam via online proctored exam or offline test centers. 

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4. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate - Best Cloud Certifications

After the Azure Fundamentals exam, the Azure Admin Associate-level exam is popular. The AZ-104 exam-certified professionals will join a team of experts responsible for implementing, managing, and monitoring computes, storage, governance, virtual networks. Professionals must also know how to scale, monitor, and adjust resources as and when required to meet the demands. 

Aspirants must possess practical experience in administering Azure and strong technical knowledge in Azure services, workloads, security, governance, etc. This exam, like others, could be taken via the online proctored method or in testing centers. It comes with a $165 registration amount that depending on the location. 

5. Professional Cloud Architect Certification by Google

Gogole Professional Cloud Architect Certification - Best Cloud Certifications

All the above cert exams are from Azure and AWS, and the 5th cert on our list is Google Cloud’s Cloud Architect Certification. It focuses on building Google Cloud architecture that is robust, scalable, secure, highly available, and resilient. 

The exam comes with $200 as the registration fee and is of 2 hours duration with multiple choice and multiple select questions. And can be taken via online-proctored or in testing centers.

There are no pre-requisites for attempting this cert exam. The exam is available in English and Japanese only. 

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After reading the article, now you know which cloud certification is best for beginners and experts in 2023. You can choose any of these cloud certification programs as per your unique needs. Moreover, if you are looking for free cloud certifications, you can visit websites like Intellipaat, Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, etc.

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