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Promotional Products Ideas for Trade Shows & How to Market Them

Best Promotional Products for Trade Shows & How to Market Them
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The world is adapting every day as the Pandemic still hassles the world. With the countries and economies suffering due to this, the one industry that has been disrupted highly is the trade shows or exhibition industry. While many relied on virtual trade fairs and exhibitions, businesses are still uncomfortable with the concept.

With the economies and countries trying to create a “new normal” and support businesses worldwide, trade shows are finally being scheduled, and businesses are welcoming them across the world.

Because of the missed opportunity, the businesses are planning to make the most from the trade shows, and thus trade shows are expected to have a huge influx in 2022. Although there might be certain restrictions, the trade show exhibitionists try to attract their potential customers.

The Increasing Market of Personalized Branding Merchandise

Pertaining to the physical distancing and restrictions on activities such as touching the same screens and making physical contact in the trade shows, the brands have to innovate their ways to attract customers to their stall and to fill that gap, the majority of brands are relying on personalized branding products to help their audience identify them. Because of this, the printing industry is expecting a huge demand for personalized branding products from their enterprise clients!

If you are an online print shop that provides B2B personalized promotional products with the help of a product design tool, this is a great opportunity for you to market your products to your potential clients and make the most out of the rising demand. But, before we move to the best ways you can promote your products to the enterprises that are participating in the Trade Shows, first, let’s understand the products that would be in demand amongst your enterprise clients.

Trending Personalized Promotional Items in 2022:

1. Signs and Labels

With the brands trying to create a physically distanced space, they would need many signs and labels to make their communication seamless and effective.

Right from a no-contact window to distribute marketing collaterals and product catalogs to signs for social distancing and labels for premise information, brands would need a lot of personalized signs and labels for the trade shows.

Thus, you must have signs and design templates ready on your web to print storefronts to create designs quickly and place their orders.

2. Uniforms and Masks

Although this was in demand even in the pre-pandemic world, it has become a prerequisite for enterprises exhibiting in the trade shows with the growing restrictions. Leverage your uniform builder during this time to create some virtual designs and create templates for your enterprise clients.

Also, ensure that the uniform builder has defined optimum design areas to ensure that enterprise clients have a satisfactory experience.

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3. Virtual Business Cards

There are many instances where the brands have designed trade-show-centric business cards for personnel representing the brand. Thus, while handing out business cards might not be feasible due to the restrictions, the promoters rely on digital business cards that can send electronically.

While this demand might not convert into a print sale, the idea is to attract enterprises seeking product designer tools that can help them create personalized business cards. With this traffic, you can create an opportunity to bring them to your platform and pitch your other products aligning to the trade shows.

4. Personalized Photo Books

Branding managers would have to rely on the marketing collaterals as one-to-one demonstrations can be difficult as representatives would have to maintain a physical distance during all the times. The demand for personalized photo books or product catalogs would increase to market their products.

Make sure that your photo book design software has the required corporate design templates and customization capabilities so that your enterprise clients can create their desired photo books.

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5. Brochures

Certain things are just irreplaceable, and brochure is one such marketing collateral when it comes to trade shows. Thus, although brands might not be able to reach optimum audiences due to the restrictions, brochures help them convey their message effectively to their potential audience, and they would need personalized brochures for the trade shows.

The branding managers are moving towards unique designs and brochure materials, so ensure that your printing method works on all types of materials and that your product personalization online brochure maker has the optimum customization capabilities.

Now that we understand what products to put on the frontline let’s understand the direct and indirect ways to promote them.

How to Market Personalized Promotional Products for Trade Shows

1. Indirect Marketing Tactics

While external marketing tactics bring the leads to your web platform, the web platform itself converts that lead into a sale. Thus, you must employ cross-selling, up-selling, and effective web navigation tactics to ensure an optimum lead conversion ratio.

To market your promotional products for trade shows indirectly, you need to:

  • Create a separate section on your website for the brands looking for personalized promotional products for the trade shows.
  • Also, ensure that you have cross-selling methods employed to showcase your product range to your potential customers and prompt them to get the most from your website.
  • Employ different email marketing techniques to reach your previous clients and inform them about your trade show product capabilities for effective remarketing and gaining repeat customers.
  • Ensure that you have different personalized product packages to offer to your enterprise clients and bulk order incentives to optimize the lead conversion ratio.
  • Create a product gallery to showcase the available design templates and showcase the recent client orders you have executed.

2. Direct Marketing Tactics

You can employ direct marketing tactics to ensure effective lead generation to increase the relevant traffic on your web platform and get more B2B leads to sell personalized product offerings for the trade shows.

To market your promotional products for trade shows directly, you need to:

  • Associate with various trade shows and try to become their virtual partner for optimum exposure
  • Create various PPC campaigns on and around the various trade shows happening in your target market.
  • Make sure that you leverage content marketing to employ the AIDA model of awareness, information, desire, and action and generate optimum leads.
  • Leverage your social media platforms for optimum reach with the help of organic and paid marketing
  • Create various content formats such as case studies, blogs, articles, and other content materials for effective event marketing.

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Marketing is not spontaneous. In the virtual world, marketing is your arsenal to cut the competition, and thus, you must plan elaborately to make the most of these events. Make sure; just like your products, your marketing efforts are also personalized and customized based on your business goals and customer expectations.

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