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VoiceSpin: Best PhoneBurner Alternative to Boost Sales Conversions

VoiceSpin - Best PhoneBurner Alternative to Boost Sales Conversions
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With plenty of auto dialing software providers on the market, choosing the best fit for your business might seem like a daunting and challenging task. Some dialer software vendors offer straightforward auto dialing capabilities that simply eliminate the need for manual dialing for call center agents. Others offer multiple dialing modes and advanced features to help businesses maximize the efficiency of their outbound calling efforts. 

While PhoneBurner is one of the most popular dialer software tools for outbound call centers and one of the key players in the call center market, there are also many PhoneBurner alternatives, such as VoiceSpin AI auto dialer software, that offer a competitive set of features for outbound sales teams at much more affordable rates.

Why are Auto Dialers Essential Tools for Driving More Sales Conversions?

Before diving deeper into comparing VoiceSpin vs. PhoneBurner and their auto dialing capabilities, let’s talk about why auto dialers are must-have tools for modern outbound sales teams. When it comes to outbound sales, it’s all about the numbers, i.e., the more outbound calls an agent can make over a certain period, the more conversions can potentially happen. 

Provided that the quality of leads is high, automation can make a huge difference, which is why auto dialing tools are critical for driving more sales conversions. With an auto dialer, agents don’t have to dial each number manually, as they used to do before the widespread adoption of auto dialing tools.

The software does it automatically, enabling them to handle more outbound calls in a shorter time and helping them increase sales conversions.

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VoiceSpin Vs. PhoneBurner: Which Auto Dialer is the Best Fit for Your Business?

VoiceSpin Vs PhoneBurner

Though the two systems aren’t identical, they do share some advanced features like workflow automation, automatic lead distribution, campaign management, local presence dialing, pre-recorded voicemail drop, real-time call monitoring, call whisper, call recording, reporting tools, text messaging, and number reputation management to protect your numbers from being flagged as ‘Scam likely’. 

In addition to that, both dialer software providers offer extensive integration options with CRM systems such as Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, and other business apps. These integrations allow for instant data synchronization between the systems, enable workflow automations, and help improve agents’ productivity.

The key distinctive difference between the two auto dialing tools is the dialing mechanism used. PhoneBurner is basically a power dialer, which means the dialing system calls numbers one by one and dials the next number on the list right after an agent completes their current call.

It enables agents to make anywhere from 60 to 80 calls per hour, increasing sales reps’ productivity. VoiceSpin’s auto dialer incorporates AI and predictive dialing capabilities that go beyond automated power dialing. 

What Makes VoiceSpin a Great PhoneBurner Alternative?

1. AI predictive dialing

For some businesses and organizations, VoiceSpin AI auto dialer might be a better Phone Burner alternative specifically due to the AI-powered predictive dialing mechanism that PhoneBurner’s system lacks. 

VoiceSpin’s AI auto dialer dials multiple numbers per agent even before an agent becomes available. The system predicts agent availability based on the number of available agents at any given time and real-time and historical metrics, such as the average call duration, the average waiting time, call abandonment rate, and other call metrics.

The dialer then adjusts the dialing rate accordingly to ensure that the moment an agent completes their current call, they are instantly connected to the next call. That helps minimize agent idle time between calls, boosting sales reps’ productivity.

2. Intelligent lead/ agent matching

Furthermore, VoiceSpin’s AI dialer has another distinctive feature. The system’s built-in intelligent lead/ agent scoring and matching system scores and prioritizes leads and connects them to the best-suited sales agents based on the probability of making a successful sale.

That means agents are engaged in more meaningful interactions and are more likely to generate successful conversions, increasing the efficiency of your outbound calling campaigns.

3. Number reachability scan

One more distinguishing feature of VoiceSpin’s AI auto dialer solution is the number reachability scan, which helps improve the quality of lead lists before an agent even starts running an outbound calling campaign. The dialer system scans and removes all the unproductive numbers from the lists, including the invalid ones and those out-of-coverage to ensure calling campaigns run smoothly and productively.

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4. Inbound calling

PhoneBurner offers rather limited inbound calling capabilities, which are, in addition, available only in the premium plan. VoiceSpin offers a wide range of inbound calling features, making it an efficient call center tool not only for sales agents but also for customer-facing teams.

These are, for example, IVR auto attendant, advanced call routing, inbound call queues, queue callbacks, missed call alerts, advanced reporting and analytics, and more inbound call handling capabilities. These features help ensure customer support teams can handle inbound call volumes quickly and efficiently while delivering excellent support to consumers.

5. Affordable plans

When comparing the pricing plans of both dialer software providers, VoiceSpin turns out to be a much more affordable solution. PhoneBurner’s plans start from $149/user per month, with rather limited features.

In contrast, the VoiceSpin’s plan, which includes an AI dialer and inbound calling features, costs $85/ user per month. That makes VoiceSpin’s dialer a more cost-efficient tool for call center teams.

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Wrapping up

Auto dialing software systems are essential tools for outbound sales teams, enabling agents to automate and optimize the entire dialing process, eliminate the amount of manual work, and improve the effectiveness of outbound calling campaigns.

While PhoneBurner is one of the market leaders among dialer software providers, there are many competitive and more cost-efficient PhoneBurner alternatives out there, such as VoiceSpin’s AI auto dialer solution.

Both auto dialer providers share a bunch of similar features, however, VoiceSpin’s dialer software incorporates several unique capabilities that PhoneBurner lacks.

The AI-powered predictive mechanism of VoiceSpin’s auto dialer predicts agent availability, minimizes agent idle time, and connects leads to the best-suited sales reps through the intelligent lead/ agent scoring and matching system, maximizing sales conversions.

That makes VoiceSpin’s dialer a preferred solution for high-velocity sales teams looking to streamline their sales processes and improve conversions.

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