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6 Best MyFitnessPal Alternatives in 2023 (FREE Included)

Best MyFitnessPal Alternatives
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MyFitnessPal is the leading fitness mobile app that expertly guides you to track your diet and exercises. This app was launched in the market in 2005 and gained a large user base thanks to its features and ease of use. Although this app still maintains its pole position as a diet and exercise app, numerous challengers are giving it tough competition. Here is a list of 6 alternative apps to MyFitnessPal that you could try as your fitness app.

6 Best Alternatives to MyFitnessPal in 2023 (FREE):

1. Lifesum

Lifesum - MyFitnessPal Alternatives

Lifesum is a very popular exercise and diet tracking app that many fitness enthusiasts use as an alternative to MyFitnessPal. The interface of this app is very attractive and colorful, which gels well with the tastes of the Millenials.

Using this app is very easy as you can, with a few clicks, make your custom profile, choose your dietary preference, and set dietary goals. Once you create your profile, the app will make a diet plan for you.

The Lifesum app has a huge food database that comprises millions of food items and an integrated barcode scanner, making updating your dietary habits easier.

Key Features of Lifesum:

  • Simple tracking of meals, exercise habits, body measurement
  • Detailed nutritional information
  • Food and meal rating
  • Meal plans
  • Support for macros and net carbs

Lifesum App Download Links: iOS || Android

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2. SparkPeople

SparkPeople - Free alternative to MyFitnessPal

SparkPeople is is another great FREE alternative for the MyFitnessPal app as it has more than 3.5 million food items in its database, along with a barcode reader that makes tracking of food items that you want to buy easy and fast.

The SparkPeople app helps you configure your diet plan, paleo, vegan, keto, and others. It even offers you multiple recipes as per your diet plan to help you get the best meal suited for your body’s needs.

Key Features of SparkPeople:

  • Huge food database
  • Exercise videos
  • Water tracker
  • Fitness tracker
  • Access to health and fitness articles
  • Easy-to-cook diet recipes

SparkPeople App Download Links: iOS || Android (Not Available Now)

3. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecret - MyFitnessPal Alternatives Free

Another free MyFitnessPal alternative, the Calorie Counter app can be either used independently or synced with the FatSecret professional, which will allow you to provide data related to your food habits to healthcare experts.

It has an easy-to-use food diary that you can use to keep track of your food habits. This app also has an image recognition feature. You can use this feature to take a deep picture of your meal and analyze the nutritional content only to eat a healthy meal.

Key Features of Calorie Counter:

  • Food and water diary
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Dietary plans
  • Notification and reminders
  • Macro tracking
  • Recipes
  • Goals and challenges

Calorie Counter App Download Links: iOS || Android

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4. Lose It!

Lose It - MyFitnessPal Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to MyFitnessPal that would help you find the best food choices based on their nutritional values, you can bet on the Lose It! app. It gives you detailed information about your meal, including the percentage of carbs, fat, and protein content which could help you keep track of your macros.

You can also customize this app by setting macro goals, allowing the app to calculate the amount of nutrient intake you have, and if you cross the limit you have set, it will give you an alert notification. This app features a barcode scanner that could scan any food product and then give you complete nutrient information about that food item.

As a user of this app, you can get huge community support from other users to share recipes and workout guides.

Key Features of Lose It!:

  • Intuitive logging
  • Personalized weight loss plan
  • Smart camera
  • Advanced tracking
  • Community support
  • Meal and exercise planning
  • Sync devices

Lose It! App Download Links: iOS || Android

5. Cronometer

Cronometer - Free alternative to MyFitnessPal

Cronometer is the best FREE alternative for the MyFitnessPal app that allows you to track an amazing 82 micronutrients in your diet. The user interface of this app is clean and very modern, wherein you can find all the important data without much hassle.

This app supports multiple types of diets that include intermittent fasting with an integrated fasting timer and keto dieting with a keto calculator.

It has a big video exercise library. It tells you how many calories you have burnt and how much you have taken through your meals.

Key Features of Cronometer:

  • Time stamping data
  • Create custom Biometrics
  • Nutrient Balances
  • Longer timeframes for analysis
  • Food suggestions
  • Nutrient analysis chart

Cronometer App Download Links: iOS || Android

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6. Fitbit

Fitbit - MyFitnessPal Alternatives

Fitbit is a great activity-tracking fitness app that allows you to calculate how many calories you have taken in. It has a barcode scanner that can search its food database to determine the number of nutrients present in a particular food product.

The paid version of this app offers you personalized coaching to remain in good shape.

Key Features of Fitbit:

  • GPS tracking during exercise
  • Tracking sleeping patterns
  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Keeping track of oxygen levels in the blood
  • Call and text notification

Fitbit App Download Links: iOS || Android

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These are the top alternatives for the MyFitnessPal app. These apps offer you a range of features that allows you to maintain your weight, lose it or even gain weight, a food tracking feature, and many more. You can go through these top fitness apps individually to find out which one offers you the best features and is also available within your budget to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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