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10 Must-Have Mobile Photography Apps for Photographers

Mobile Photography Apps for Photographers

Smartphones began to rise to their popularity during the early 2000s and continue to evolve in the present day. It is no longer just a communication device but also a tool to entertain, do business, and exercise one’s creativity. This is proven to be true as many photographers today both amateurs and professionals, use smartphones as their go-to equipment to capture images. 

Along with the advancement of smartphones are also the rise of different applications that aid photographers in taking better pictures, outstanding albums, and galleries. Professional photographers always invest in acquiring the right mobile photography apps since their final output reflects their professionality and expertise in the field. 

Top 10 Mobile Photography Apps for Professional Photographers in 2021:

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is probably the most popular among all the photography apps for editing as it is the streamlined version of Photoshop. It is a cloud-based application that contains almost all the cool features you will look for in a computer editing app only to realize it is a mobile app. 

Lightroom is an app specifically built for photographers to create, edit, and share photos wherever they are among all devices. It showcases a wide range of power tools and presets that are always handy to turn every RAW image into anything photographers envision it to become. And no need to worry about being professional in using this because it’s free, easy to learn, and very convenient to use.

2. Snapseed

If you’re the kind of photographer who takes photo editing on a more serious note, then Snapseed is the best one for you. Snapseed is a free photo editing software tool developed by Google equipped with in-depth special and stack features. Your creativity is the only limit through its numerous selections of filters, brushes, curves, and color balance. 

Photographers crave its complexity but in a non-destructive manner of enhancing and achieving high-quality photos. Snapseed is available in more than 40 languages to cater to photographers worldwide who share the same passion for turning images into masterpieces.

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VSCO is one of the best go-to photography apps for photographers who like to maneuver their editing through a simple interface. Though its paid membership offers exceptional perks, its free version already comes with the basic presets and standard tools for editing photos and videos. From the vintage styles of do-it-your own editing, you can give a refined look to any visual with the help of VSCO.

And if you’re with VSCO, you are also with a community where you can share and find inspiration through the works of others. VSCO will let you see a different perspective of how editing should and can be. Either way, VSCO can make it anyway.

4. Removal.AI is not a mobile application but instead an online tool you can still access using your smartphone. is a free transparent background maker to help you speed up the process of dealing with the background of your photos. In just 5 seconds, way faster than the time you will spend using the standard editing tool, you can automatically remove the image background and change it to your preference. is also a powerful tool built to handle simple to complex images. It is a perfect background remover and photo editing tool for photographers speeding up workflow and achieving the highest quality of results. It is guaranteed because of the integration of artificial intelligence that makes everything possible. The simple process of uploading and removing makes it the perfect photography app for all types of photographers.

5. Sylights

From your camera to the lighting equipment, it’s quite a challenge to come up and recreate all the setup you’ll need for every shoot. Because if you’re into photography, you’re also very particular in the positioning of different gear that can help you achieve that perfect shot. But why burden yourself with the hassle of resetting and remembering it if you can instead use artificial ones to do the job?

Sylights is one of those applications that can provide creatable lighting diagrams that you can easily save on your mobile. It comes with detailed documentation accessible every time you’ll need those important photography notes. Photographers can now create and share diagrams with others in the most convenient way through Sylights.

6. Camera+ 2

Some may argue, but there is something different in the photos captured by DSLR compared to the images taken by phone cameras. Well, that was before Camera+ 2 entered the photography scene. Camera+ 2 has elevated the old perception of how camera photos were into the best they can be.

Camera+ 2 will let you shoot in different modes you can also experience using professional cameras. It gives the photographer the ultimate control from choosing the shutter speed, ISO, and other settings through the manual mode.  Slow shutter, Shooting, Macro and Action Mode, focus peaking and even Clipping Indicator, Camera+ 2 has it all. It also comes with Magic ML, a powerful tool for editing your RAW captures. Camera +2 is already great, and it’s just even getting better.

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7. Yr. No 

What a waste of time and effort to prepare for an outdoor shoot, only for it to be canceled last minute because of unforeseen events like the weather. Good thing that a Meteoritical Institute in Norway has developed an app to warn people of bad weather conditions and suggest to photographers the best possible day to schedule a shoot. 

This weather app has a GPS tracker for over 10 million locations to provide the most accurate forecast for your chosen site and with the help of Yr. No, you no longer have to deal with the trouble of postponing a long-planned shoot. And of course, Good weather also means natural lights that you need for your landscape and other outdoor photography.

8. Google Photos

You’re not a photographer if you don’t have a bunch of those pictures saved in your gallery for future reference. But the longer you are in this field, the stack of files keeps increasing your storage until there is no more room for new ones. As a photographer, you can’t limit yourself to take pictures only up to your phone storage, and that is why you will need Google Photos to act as the unlimited online storage for your photos and videos.

Google Photos was once claimed as the best photo product on earth as the home for your high-quality images. Through Google Photos, you will have free storage to automatically arrange your data and access to enjoy its other essential features such as shared albums and editing suites.

9. WI-FI Photo Transfer

Transferring photos from one device to another sometimes takes longer than how the actual shoot lasts. And it’s not a good thing because it interferes with productivity. So, we give WI-FI Photo Transfer as the best photo transfer hacked for you to answer this concern. Skip those long hours of transferring data. Because with the help of WI-FI Photo Transfer, you can quickly access your photos from your mobile and computer.

Whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have a WI-FI connection, you can download and transfer your photos among devices in a matter of seconds. It is a reliable transfer application that is also perfect for sending an entire album of camera rolls to others.

10. Instagram

It will be odd to spend long hours perfecting your craft then only keeping it to yourself after. It will be rare to be a photographer in this industry, and at the same time, you don’t consider having social media. Social media are already part of a photographer’s life, and Instagram is one of those.

Instagram is the largest social platform where photographers like you can share your work.  Instagram is the most creative way you can connect with people. It will help you inspire people and also get inspiration from others in return. After perfecting your photos, Instagram is the perfect way to showcase them to the world.

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It will be a lot easier to list down all the things that smartphones can do instead of what they cannot. Plus, with the help of the above applications, smartphones can become everything that photographers need. 

Photography apps that photographers can use together in achieving the best output. They are there not only to bring convenience to your work as a photographer but also to help develop your talent and skills. Chances are, you already have some of the above photography apps on your mobile, and now is the perfect time to install the others.

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