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Lawrina: Brand Story by Yehor Melnykov (Co-Founder & CEO)

Images Source: Yehor Melnykov

My name is Yehor Melnykov, and I’m a co-founder of Lawrina, a living ecosystem for your legal needs, where users can explore our extensive database of step-by-step legal guides, utilize easy-to-customize templates, find the reliable lawyer near them and enjoy AI-driven contract review software.

At Lawrina, we are committed to changing the experience of law by:

  • Reducing legal services’ famed complexity; and
  • Connecting lawyers and building an innovative community around them; and 
  • Bridging the gap between legal expertise and everyday life, making it easier for individuals to access needed information.

So I wanted to share the story of Lawrina to spark the eyes of people who, as many of us, are trying to change the world but still are hesitant to start.

Spotted the Problem? Solve It!

This idea of creating Lawrina came to us not only out of need but also out of greater values. Together with my co-founders Bogdan Pol and Artem Fenkovskyi, we believed a great mission must be behind the business aims. 

That’s why we created our previous project, which aimed to fight plagiarism in students’ work (And it did! Utilizing our EdTech tool, the plagiarism rate in Ukrainian universities decreased from 90% to 14%. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?).

When we were in the process of selling it to a bigger American company, our lawyers faced the problem with access to American law, especially on the state level.

Inspired by the need for free access to valuable legal information, we embarked on a mission to combat inequality and increase legal awareness through Lawrina; an online portal offering free entry to essential legislative resources, transforming accessible justice from a distant dream into our present reality.

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Law = Love? How We Came Up with Lawrina Name

We have been asked this question a lot, but still. How we came up with Lawrina? The name “Law-rina” is a combination of two terms, “Law” and “Karina”. Karina is our powerhouse Head of Legal, the international law guru who guides us through all legal complexities. We’re honored to have a portal named in her honor — what an inspiration!

It reminds us that law is not just about the rules and regulations that govern our society, it is also about people… and that technology must be rooted in humanity and serve its purpose of protecting individuals’ interests and rights.

How We Came Up with Lawrina Name

Building a Living Ecosystem

I can proudly say that at Lawrina, we are open, innovative, enlightened, people-centered, and tech-driven. Every one of us!

Therefore, at Lawrina, we rose to the challenge of being a legal tech startup. Despite the constraints posed by lawyers’ traditionalism, we have made significant progress through our innovative approaches, strategic partnerships, and creative solutions. 

With legal tech, client management and the contracting process can become seamless and exactly any human-friendly, not something alien anymore. 

Therefore, at Lawrina, we have been actively working on its mission to build a living ecosystem for all legal professionals and their clients. Currently, our team develop the four constantly evolving anchor products:

  • Lawrina Match: an innovative marketplace that connects certified lawyers to their ideal customers. Lawrina Match offers advanced search as it is here to create what we call “a perfect match.”
  • Lawrina Templates: an online collection of up-to-date legal forms, whether you’re buying a property, starting your own business, hiring a wedding photographer, or whatever else life throws at you. All legal templates are professionally designed by experienced lawyers and easily customized to specific individual or business needs.
  • Legal Guides: a free legal database that offers resources covering all areas of law in each state, while our Lawrina blog provides informed answers to tough questions on current legal issues with insights from experienced professionals—so you can stay ahead of the game!
  • Loio: drafting and reviewing software powered by artificial intelligence, that enables you to write, manage, and analyze contracts faster and with greater accuracy, saving you time and money. Firstly being developed as an independent project, Loio has merged with Lawrina’s legal ecosystem of helpful products for lawyers and citizens seeking legal advice. 

Therefore, Lawrina is a professional, comprehensive resource for lawyers, their clients, and any customers without a legal background who seek answers to their legal questions and an understanding of US law as well.

Lawrina Team Building a Living Ecosystem

Our Key to Success 

There’s definitely not a single recipe to success, but here are the “behind-the-scene” strategies we are focusing on the most:

  • Firstly, dare to dream big and never be afraid to act (at least small). To create a comprehensive ecosystem, you must divide it into small parts and highlight the critical ones. From the long-term perspective, Lawrina is an innovative legal tech ecosystem ​​for discovery, collaboration, and growth. We have been carefully constructing and developing this system, step by step, to ensure that it meets the highest professional standards.
  • Secondly (but honestly, it never leaves the first place for me), it’s our team. From my experience, the success of a business always depends on its team. The key to success lies in having an A-players team that is highly motivated and driven to reach their aims. If the team members’ goals do not resonate with the business goals, it’s a pass.
  • And thirdly, innovations in everything. Legaltech can be a powerful tool for lawyers to maximize their productivity and effectiveness. But it’s not enough to simply create a tool — we need to ensure that Lawrina as a living platform is effective and has the solutions to any aroused issues faced by lawyers and their clients.
Lawrina team members

What’s Next?

Lawrina is a legal platform with Ukrainian roots, as its founders and core team are Ukrainians. In these unprecedented times, it’s even harder to make predictions. But here, at our living platform, we remain committed to our mission of providing maximum value to visitors. Lawrina is the ultimate destination for all legal needs. These are the directions we are currently focusing on:

  • Develop community and partnerships: it is crucial to build a platform for and around users, focusing primarily on their needs. That is why at Lawrina, we prioritize communication with our community. Partnerships are essential for driving faster growth and achieving our objectives. We are always open to exploring new opportunities and value the contributions of our community.
  • Try to make a difference: for legal professionals, business, and individual entrepreneurs, there are always a lot of tasks, limiting deadlines, and high demands from clients. People and their legal well-being are at our core. We are dedicated to ensuring professional guidance and support in every situation to empower individuals, families, and communities to realize their full potential through equitable access to justice.
  • Build a living platform: we also care about making the platform alive, with real communication between legal professionals and their clients. We are improving our marketplace to achieve a perfect match, attracting lawyers to share expertise on Lawrina Blog, and creating Lawrina Live with the possibility to host online legal events for education and networking.

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Final Words

Unprecedented challenges provide exceptional growth opportunities. Like the whole world, we are inspired by Ukrainian people who fight for what they love and believe in. We are now learning the most powerful lesson about loyalty to our values and flexibility in our plans. And the power gained during recent events enabled us to reach goals beyond what we originally thought was possible.

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