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5 Impressive Facts About Industrial Tents

5 Impressive Facts About Industrial Tents

If you know something about temporary buildings, you probably have heard about industrial tents. These are large and versatile structures made of metal frames and fabric covers. They are commonly used for industrial purposes.

They come in a variety of sizes and are mostly prefabricated, so all you need is to choose your suitable size and buy. However, you can still buy customized industrial tents that blend well with your existing business structures.

Does this sound interesting? Well, there is a lot to know about industrial tents, and the facts shared below will shed more insight on the subject for you.

Top 5 Impressive Facts About Industrial Tents

1. Industrial Tents Can Be Manufactured and Installed Rapidly

One of the main reasons why industrial tents are popular today is because they are fast to construct. Experts such as Smart-Space can confirm that it takes only a few days or weeks to deliver and install industrial tents on site.

It is even faster to construct these structures if you choose the modular options. The customized structures might take a few more days to be fabricated in a factory. Generally, these structures offer a quick space solution for factories and other businesses that need large spaces for operations.

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2. They Are Highly Customizable

By now, we have already hinted at how customizable industrial tents are. Whether you choose modular designs or bespoke designs, you will enjoy modern innovation and creativity to suit your needs.

Before fabricating the frames, the service provider can come to your site to look at the available space and overall current needs. After this assessment, the tents will fit in your available space and blend well with other structures. Industrial tents are the best structures if you need a space solution in tight areas. They are also ideal when you need a large facility in an open space.

3. They Are Budget-Friendly

Industrial tents are the most affordable among temporary structures because they are made of fabric covers and PVC roofs on metal frames. Therefore, your business can still afford them when it is on a tight budget.

Innovators have developed cheaper metal alloys that are still strong and durable. If you want to save more, you should compare offers from different reputable temporary building sellers to know your best pick. Generally, you will save a lot of money compared to permanent construction.

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4. They Are Durable and Maintenance-Free Structures

Most industrial tents are water-resistant because they are made of metal alloys that do not rust and heavy-duty PVC fabric. This is a combination of materials that is easy to maintain throughout the year and is ideal for surviving all kinds of weather and working conditions.

However, it is wise to take care of your industrial tents so that they can serve you for many years. According to experts, temporary industrial tents made and installed by professionals can last for up to 10 years when used appropriately.

5. Industrial Tents Are Eco-Friendly

Would you like your business to be environmentally sustainable? Then consider using modern industrial tents that are made of recycled materials. Additionally, many of them meet environmental standards in other ways too; hence, they are the best if you have an environmental code of ethics in your business.

Industrial tents require little to no excavation of the ground. However, they may necessitate a foundation depending on the type of factory you need to set up. Generally, they require less excavation compared to permanent structures.

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There are many facts about industrial tents, and knowing them will help in making informed decisions. This article has just covered the most popular facts about industrial tents. Whether you are setting up a new factory, a production unit, or just expanding your existing business, you can talk to industrial tent experts to know your options.

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