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List of Commercial Grade Storage Containers Used By Manufacturers

Types of Commercial Grade Storage Containers
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Shipping industrial or commercial products or material handling in warehouses require the use of industrial-grade storage containers. These are designed to protect commercial products and materials against external elements such as temperature fluctuations, moisture, stress, jerks, etc. Let’s learn more about them.

7 Types of Commercial Grade Storage Containers Are Widely Used by Manufacturing Companies:

1. Thermoformed 

Thermoformed industrial storage containers are constructed of high-density polyethylene which makes them light in weight. Lightweight makes it easy to handle such containers. Thermoformed containers provide good protection against moisture and also prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Thus, such containers are suitable for storing pharmaceutical, agricultural, and healthcare products.

2. Vented Plastic 

Vented plastic industrial storage containers such as vented plastic boxes and crates are widely used to store and transport vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy products, plants, flowers, and agricultural products. As the name suggests, they allow ventilation through the numerous holes present on them. Air circulation prevents moisture build-up on perishable products such as fruits and vegetables, thereby keeping them fresh and hygienic. Vented plastic containers are highly sturdy which protects the products stored in them especially during long-distance transit.

3. Wire Mesh 

Wire mesh storage containers are widely used in industries for transporting and storing many kinds of products. Four latch bolts are present in wire mesh containers which makes it easy to assemble them. The drop gate of a wire mesh container can be of full, half or partial design. Many accessories such as dividers, casters, dollies, and security lids can be incorporated into the wire mesh containers. Wire mesh containers can also have attachments for forklift and pallet jack. The sturdy base of a wire mesh container ensures its long life cycle.

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4. Stack and Nest Totes 

Stack and Nest Totes are highly sturdy which makes them suitable for storing and transporting heavy products such as machinery. These containers are equipped with handgrips and handles which makes them easy to carry. Stacking is easy because they interlock with each other when stacked, thereby providing highly stable vertical storage. Even empty totes attach. Thus, a lot of storage space is saved and the available space is utilized efficiently by using stack and nest totes.

5. Crated Bulk 

Crated bulk industrial storage containers are available in light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty designs. They also come in collapsible, nestable, and strait-wall styles. They are highly sturdy and durable. Crated bulk containers are used for picking, assembly, storage, and distribution of a large number of products.

6. Metal Bins 

Metal bins are heavy-duty industrial storage containers that are widely used in the shopping industry for transporting goods. These containers provide high-grade protection to the products. Heavy products such as castings, metals, and machine parts can also be stored in metal bins. Metal bins are also used to store and transport chemicals safely without the risk of leakage or contamination.

Steel metal bins are widely preferred because steel can efficiently withstand temperature fluctuations and weather elements. Metal bins can be equipped with a drop bottom for easily transferring their contents. The walls can be solid or made of wire mesh.

7. Container Trucks 

Container trucks have a smooth body that is easy to clean and resists bacterial growth. The body has a rugged design suitable for rough industrial use. Wheels are present to easily transport the container. They do not require much maintenance. 

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Specifications of Industrial Storage Containers 

There are some specifications that need to be considered for industrial storage containers. These include the following.

  • Maximum volume which the container can hold is called volume capacity
  • Weight of the container when empty which is called tare weight 
  • Length, width and height of the container 

The use of industrial storage containers and crates is an essential component of any storage system. These are useful for storing items, particularly those that are smaller in size but larger in number. Bins and crates are useful for categorizing items that are similar but not identical.

If you want to store bolts of various sizes in separate bins, you may do so, but they should be grouped together in the same rack for easy identification and operational efficiency. Industrial storage containers are very helpful for inventory management, and they are often seen in work-in-progress stores, assembly plants, and stock units that keep small quantities of goods.

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Metal Containers for Industrial Storage

Industrial storage containers are built with long-lasting corrugated characteristics and a rectangular form. As a result, they are resistant to forces outside of nature, such as war or invasion. Because of this very effective construction, these kinds of storage containers will also be fire resistant, which may be particularly advantageous in areas prone to wildfires consistently.

Important items that have not been relocated before the arrival of flames may be safely kept in a metal box to keep them safe. The panels will also be constructed of strong metal, making them almost impenetrable to thieves.

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