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How Many Companies Use React Native?

How Many Companies Use React Native

Many of us use social media platforms daily, but no one might have ever wondered how these apps are so successful. Most used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Pinterest are ahead among thousands of other businesses. The success story behind these platforms is that they have used the most advanced technologies in their business, i.e., React Native.

React Native is the first open-source framework that completely works in cross-platform mobile application development. It has redefined the mobile application development for both the platforms, Android and iOS. The advantage of React Native is that it provides a better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

So, the first question that comes to our mind is, how many companies use React Native?

The answer is, thousands of new startups to established fortune 500 companies are using React Native to develop their apps. But, in this article, we will talk about successful ones.

Top 10 Examples of Successful Companies Using React Native:

1. Facebook                                        

Facebook has to be at the top. As it was Facebook who developed React Native to support iOS, Facebook soon acknowledged that this cross-platform could support Android and Windows as well.

The primary purpose of developing this cross-platform was to bring advancement to run Facebook ads in every operating system. It was the perfect match to FB that performs extremely complex formats.

So, the credit of React Native development goes to Facebook. 

2. Instagram

It is also apparent that Instagram is among the top successful companies using react-native. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, and FB’s development team started re-writing a new app. After the launch of React Native in 2015, it was very well-known which platform they will use.

In 2016, the Instagram team started to implement React Native into the existing app. They first started with a simple view: Push notification, and they moved further to other parts of the app. Due to the easy UI of Instagram, the implementation process got done very smoothly.

3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a media company that delivers news of finance and economic updates. The company provides software solutions like extensive data analysis and market reports to various businesses. The main reason to update the mobile applications is to provide their users with the same level of information on every platform.

Implementing React Native into the Bloomberg mobile app was a tough challenge, but the development team has managed to finish it within five months. It was half of the development and implementation time for the new React Native implementation.

4. Skype

Skype is the product of Microsoft. It is famously known for connecting with people via video/audio calls, chats, image sharing. Skype Web has already gained a good user experience; therefore, Microsoft wanted to maintain the same experience with mobile applications as well. In 2017, Microsoft announced its new application, which was developed using React Native.

Its user across the globe enjoyed the new makeover of Skype in the mobile applications. Like other social media, Skype also has a huge demand with millions of users to date.

5. Walmart

Walmart is one of the world’s largest online retailers. It is constantly trying to improve the customer’s experience by testing new technologies. In every country across the globe, you will find a Walmart store for sure. To maintain its demand, Walmart has updated its existing mobile application with React Native.

The new transformation has proved to be beneficial for Walmart as it has improved the application’s overall performance on both Android and iOS. According to Walmart, they were able to share 95% of codebases between Android and iOS.

6. Myntra

Myntra is one of India’s largest online stores. It provides services related to lifestyle and fashion in the country with more than billions of sales records.

Have you ever wondered how easily one spends a couple of hours in Myntra’s app? It is because of the excellent user interface developed with React Native framework. Therefore, it gives a great user experience with multiple features like personalized searches with images, a flawless shopping process, brilliant design, etc.

Myntra is slowly dominating the online fashion market, and all the credit goes to the excellent application of React Native.

7. Wix

Wix is a cloud-based platform that provides hosting services with web analytical features. It is also a tool that allows non-technical users to develop a website for free.

In 2015, Wix chose React Native platform to develop its mobile applications. The development team has started from zero and has completed the work within six months only. The time was much less as compared to the development process of any applications.

Many top companies, including Wix, support the fact that React Native has proved itself a game-changer framework.

8. Discord

Discord is an application which works for communication purpose over the internet. One can send messages, images, audio/video calls, send files, etc. Gamers mainly used it. It is also one of the social media platforms.

The company had planned to use this technology for iOS in 2015, before the official release of React Native framework. 

At first, Discord attempted to go with React Native on Android, but the developers managed to go with both Android and iOS. 

Today, Discord allows to write code very easily, efficiently, and very quickly within two-person.

9. Soundcloud Pulse

Soundcloud Pulse is famous among music lovers. It was specially developed for musicians to share music with their communities. It is a dedicated app for artists to create an account and keep on engaging their communities.

The challenge that developers faced while developing the Soundcloud Pulse app was that they had a small team of only three members. But as React-Native was user-friendly with live code reloading, the process became very easy for the developers. This made Soundcloud Pulse most famous among React Native apps.

10. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms where people share images and short videos. The users further save it to their folders or share it on other social platforms.

To make the application more user-friendly, where users can quickly run the app on the go, Pinterest has decided to use the React Native framework for their mobile application. And the feedbacks were unbelievable; this way, Pinterest became one of the top companies using React Native.


The above top companies have proved that whatever the business idea, with React Native, it is possible to make user-friendly mobile applications quickly. If you, too, have an innovative idea that this platform can justify, check for React Native benefits. From Discord to Walmart, many start-ups worldwide have decided to leverage React Native in their mobile application, and they are constantly hiring dedicated React Native developers.

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