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Why Email Recruiting Is a Must for Real Estate Brokerages

Why Email Recruiting Is a Must for Real Estate Brokerages
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Today’s digital spaces are dominated by viral videos, witty memes, and funny photos. When marketing your brokerage, these materials mentioned above can make email feel ancient and ineffective. However, email is actually one of the most important, practical, and powerful platforms you can utilize for marketing and, indeed, recruitment.

The key to effective real estate email recruitment is to know how to maximize its potential. You can check out the real estate agent recruiting email guide for some guidance. Follow the tips in the link to start seeing a boost in the performance of your email recruitment campaigns! If you aren’t using email for your brokerage’s recruitment needs yet, you’re missing out on many benefits. Learn why you should start today.

6 Reasons Why Email Recruiting Is a Must for Real Estate Brokerages:

1. Email Makes the Recipient Take Action 

When you see a funny video on the internet, what do you do after you’ve had a good laugh? Do you automatically share it with your friends? Maybe, but maybe not. Sometimes, you scroll onto the next piece of content on your feed. It’s safe to say that many of those who see other forms of content also respond this way.

The same is not the case with email. Indeed, one of the most interesting aspects of this communications platform is that it can make the recipient respond somehow. They can read your email, click on a link inside it, forward it to someone else, or delete it (but you don’t want this to happen, of course).

With a carefully composed email, you can drive potential candidates to apply, sign up to your talent network, subscribe to a newsletter, or visit your website, among many other actions. 

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2. Email Is Personalized

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times: to make people respond to your message, you should personalize it. The problem is that social media and other platforms are usually designed to reach as many people as possible at once. Thus, you’re compelled to create content that appeals to the general public. Even if you only post in dedicated recruitment groups, you’re still talking about hundreds if not thousands of individuals.

With email, you can personalize your message in multiple ways. The simplest and perhaps most effective is adding the candidate’s first name on the subject line and the greeting. Just this simple act can increase your content’s open and click-through rates.

You can also use email to segment your candidates based on where they are in the recruitment process. By creating separate campaigns for new applicants, returnees, interviewees, talent network registrants, and passive candidates, you can better address their unique concerns.

3. Email Is 1:1

Concerning personalization, another huge benefit of email recruiting is that it is 1:1. When you post announcements on job boards or a video on social sites, you can’t be 100% sure that your intended audience will receive them. When you send an email, as long as the address is correct, you know that the person will see it. The ultimate result of this is increased rapport, which can then increase the likelihood of conversion.

Email Is Mobile-Friendly

4. Email Is Mobile-Friendly

It’s common knowledge that real estate agents are always on the go, checking properties, meeting with clients, and taking calls. This means that they’re often checking their smartphones for messages and, indeed, emails. With the right format and a clear message, email can help you reach real estate agents wherever they are and get them to respond.

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5. Email Is Both Time and Cost-effective

Creating email campaigns nowadays is easier than ever. If you have a recruitment CRM, you probably have access to various templates that you can customize for specific purposes. You can also automate the sending schedules of your drip campaigns. Overall, your workflow for email recruitment campaigns is hassle-free and won’t take a lot of time.

Another benefit of email is that it’s cheap. Unlike job ads and other promotional campaigns, you don’t have to pay for every click or shell out thousands of dollars for increased visibility. Again, as long as you’ve sent your email to the correct address, candidates will be able to read your message.

6. Email Is Simple and Easy

Most of what you do online requires an email address: online banking and shopping, signing up for services, even using popular apps. This means that practically everyone is familiar with email and knows how it works.

You can expect real estate agents to be particularly used to email, as it’s their primary method of communication with clients. This level of familiarity can help with better reception. What’s more, the simplicity of email can make your message easier to appreciate. 

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Over time, some forms of communication will be overshadowed or completely replaced by new ones. However, in the case of email, it’s something you can expect to stay relevant for a very long time. Simply put, it’s an important component of any endeavor of your brokerage that requires specific messaging—including and perhaps most importantly, recruitment. 

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