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Top Classic Card Games for You and Your Friends

Top Classic Card Games for You and Your Friends
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Are you looking for something entertaining to do with your friends? There’s no doubt that classic card games are a great way to get together and have a friendly competition! Whether you’re an experienced card player or just starting, there’s something here for everyone.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the top classic card titles that will entertain old-time fans and newcomers. From family favorites like Crazy Eights to more complex classics such as Rummy – this list covers it all. So, if you’re ready for exciting evenings full of laughter, strategy, and luck, don’t skip this list!

Enticing Card Games for Groups of People

There’s no question that classic card games have brought people from all walks of life together. They’ll never go out of style since they’re always amusing. Want to hear the best part? They don’t require fancy equipment or a lot of setup, making it the easiest way to entertain a group of people. If you want to know more, below are some of our top picks for four players and up!

1. Rummy

Starting our list of the best card games for groups is Rummy. It’s a family of meld-making card games that aims to create sets of three or more cards in sequence or of the same rank. It’s easy to learn and has straightforward rules, making it a popular choice for beginners and experienced players.

Two to six players are required when playing Rummy, using a standard 52-card deck. Here, the Kings are high, and the Aces are low. The number of cards each player receives depends on how many are playing. For three to four players, they get seven cards each. Five to six players receive six cards each.

The goal is to eliminate all cards as fast as possible, which can be accomplished through melding, discarding, and laying off. A meld can be achieved with three or more of a kind or three or more of a run. Each meld should be laid face up on the table.

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2. Hearts

Another game on this list that a group of four people can play is Hearts. It’s unlike other trick-taking card games since players will have to avoid taking tricks as much as they can, especially tricks with unwanted penalty cards.

How to play Hearts:

  • Players must avoid cards from the Hearts suit since they’re equivalent to one penalty point
  • The first trick is led by the player on the dealer’s left, and all subsequent followers must follow suit
  • The highest-ranking card of the lead suit wins the trick
  • The trick winner gets to lead the next one
  • The round ends once a player reaches 100 points

Players who capture a Hearts card in tricks get a penalty point. If you get all penalty cards, you can “Shoot the Moon,” which gives all players 26 points, while you get zero. It’s an alternative way of winning, and it’s risky. However, if you can do it, then it would make the game more interesting!

3. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights or Eights is a shedding card game where players try to get rid of all their cards. It’s ideal for two to seven players, each receiving five cards. The remaining ones are placed at the center of the draw pile. One card is flipped over and placed beside the pile.

Players can get rid of their cards if they place a card on top of the flipped-up card as long as they’re in the same suit or have the same number. As the name implies, 8s are wild cards. Anyone can play an 8 and state what suit or number they want the next player to place on the pile.

If they don’t have a card to play, they must draw from the pile until they get one. Drawing continues until the deck is exhausted. Some rules give a limit of up to five cards only. Once a player removes all their cards, the game ends, and scores are tallied for those who still have their cards left.

4. UNO

A popular party card game with the same gameplay as Crazy Eights is UNO. However, it has some wild features that make it more challenging and entertaining. It’s suitable for two to ten players, each receiving seven cards from a deck of 108 pieces.

Some UNO cards have special functions, such as:

  • Skip: Skips the next player, preventing them from playing a card
  • Reverse: Reverses the direction of play
  • Draw Two: Forces the next player to draw two cards from the pile and lose their turn
  • Wild Card: Allows a player to change the color that should be played next
  • Wild Draw Four: Has the same feature as a wild card but also forces the next player to draw four cards

The rule is simple – get rid of all your hand cards. To do that, players should match the card’s color or number before them. The special cards complicate things and can even break up friendships (like most people say). In the end, though, it’s all in good fun!

5. Old Maid

Last on our list is Old Maid, which was once a drinking/gambling card game played by two to 12 players. Here, the player who gets the Old Maid card must do a dare or buy their friends one round of drinks.

The game uses a standard deck of cards but with one card added (Joker) or removing a Queen card, leaving an odd number of cards. After that, the remaining cards are dealt to all players equally. All cards in the player’s hand must be paired and placed in front of them. The remaining cards will be offered face down to the player on their left, who will draw a card from it.

The last player to hold the last Queen card becomes the Old Maid, and they must do the dare or buy drinks. It’s a fun game with light rules and perfect for parties with friends!

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As you can see, plenty of card games are perfect for crowds. The next time you host a game night or have some friends over, why not try one of these exciting card games? They’re easy to learn, require minimal setup, and, most importantly, guarantee tons of laughs and enjoyment! Plus, you can try them on your PC or mobile device by accessing their digital versions!

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